Mind of the Virtuoso

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[1/12 UPDATE: Jhin's champion reveal is up!]

Following those other mysterious teasers, an eerie new teaser video for our next champion is up!

Check out Mind of the Virtuoso !

"I will make you beautiful. I will make you perfect."
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In Mind of the Virtuoso, a masked man is seen firing an ornate gun and making his victims "beautiful". Worth mentioning that these four shots share what seems to be the same visuals and effects as the four shots on Zed, Sona, Garen, and Vi teased last week!

Here's a small gallery of shots from Mind of the Virtuoso:
[Click here for an imgur mirror of these screen shots.]

While we await a champion reveal in the near future, here's a few bits we know about the next champion:
  • Next champion is a male.
  • Next champion does not have a three hit passive.
  • Gypsylord- Vi, Ekko, Jinx, Gnar gameplay designer - is the designer.
  • Likely to be named "Jhin" based on files associated with mysterious teasers.
  • Next champion has a mana bar.

Utora has also been bouncing round reddit, teasing about this champion's voiceover:
"Oh maaaaaaan. I literally can't WAIT for you guys to hear his VO. Seriously, it's kind of hurting me." - [s]
"wait until you hear his voice!" - [s]
"yeep. wait until you hear the VO package - 100% pure psycho" [s]
"scary way. dude is super creeper. never before have i had to take some mental steps away from a champion due to their personality and demeanor before." [s]

Want to know more? Won't have to wait long! Following the video going out, Gypsylord tweeted:
"He's almost ready..."
[NOTE: 6.2 should start up on the PBE next week! Large content like new champions typically get revealed and hit the PBE at the start of a new PBE cycle.]

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