This Week in Esports [Post ALL-STAR 2015]

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With the 2015 season and ALL-STAR to our backs, we're back with another edition of This Week in eSports!
[Warning: This post contains event spoilers!]

Continue reading for a recap of the All-Star 2015 event, a smorgasbord of team/player news, and more!

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All-Star 2015

All-Star 2015 wrapped up this last weekend and we have our 2015 ALL-STAR champions!

After four days of 1v1, 5v5, and fun game modes, Team FIRE melted Team ICE victorious!
The took home more than a bragging rights and a plaque, the Team Fire regions (LCK, NA, and LMS) will also be receiving a IP boost at the start of 2016 season and a FIRE themed Diana skin, as per the player vote, will be created in their honor!
"With Team Fire's win, Diana will be getting a new Fire-themed skin, and the LCK, NA, and LMS regions will get a super IP boost at the start of the 2016 competitive season! 
Congrats again to Team Fire, winning with 1075 points!"
In addition to the Fire vs. Ice competitions, TSM's Bjergsen took the victory in the 1v1 ALL-STAR tournament after eliminating Doublelift in the final round in Vel'Koz mirror match.

Check out this Moments and Memories video for a quick look back through the action!

Check out these links for a recap of the action:

[REMINDER] For a limited time, we also have batch of in game ALL-STAR content available:

[REMINDER] Upcoming Season Schedule

With All-Stars wrapped up and the winter break on the way, Riot has posted up a reminder on the start dates for the various regional leagues!
  • LCK - January 13th 
  • LPL - January 14th 
  • EU LCS - January 14th 
  • LMS - January 14th 
  • NA LCS - January 16th

Team, Player, Event & Organization News



  • Natus Vincere announces their new LoL roster:
    • Jesper Jwaow' Strandgren (Top)
    • Amin 'Amin' Mezher (Jungle)
    • Hicham 'SozPurefect' Tazrhini (Mid)
    • Sébastien 'exork' Lamorte (ADC)
    • Patrick 'MounTain' Dasberg (Support)
    • Krystian 'Czaru' Przybylski (Mid Sub)
  • HUMA, a new EU team hoping to qualify for the EU challenger team has been formed by Werlyb, Santorin, GodBro, HolyPhoenix, and je suis kass.- .
  • Unicorns of Love have announced their roster.



  • KT
    • Fixer, Piccaboo, Nagne, and Edge leave.
  • Najin
    • Duke and Peanut leave.



  • Riot has announced their LCK Broadcast Agreement with OGN and Plans for 2016
    • From the announcement article:
      • "2016 LCK Spring season broadcast under the current status quo; split broadcast of a portion of the LCK Summer by another broadcaster (SPOTV)"
      • "The entire 2016 LCK Spring and Summer seasons to be covered by OGN (matches produced by SPOTV will also be broadcast by OGN in both English and Korean, through the spectator mode)"
      • "2016 LCK playoffs and finals, as well as global matches such as the World Championship, to be broadcast solely by OGN."

"TL;DR: As we promised last time we talked about changes, we’re back with more news on bigger format shifts to the NA and EU LCS for Summer Split 2016. 
We’ve weighed up a lot of factors closely over the last split and thought about what makes a good broadcast, tests the skills of players and teams and creates an entertaining experience for fans. As a result, we’ll be taking a big step in the summer split with NA LCS shifting to a double Best-of-3 format while EU LCS will transition to a double Best-of-2 format. The 2016 Spring Split will remain Best-of-1 as we staff up for the increased hours of the Summer Split. Read on for more details about how we reached this decision and how it’ll work."
  • Riot has announced the viewership information for the 2015 World Championship, which logged a total 360 million hours of live esports viewed from the start of the the group stages to the final! Check out the article for more information.

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