This Week in Esports [Nov. 2nd - 8th]

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With 2015 WC behind us & post season underway, we're back with another edition of This Week in eSports!
[Warning: This post contains event spoilers!]

Continue reading for more on upcoming events, various team/player news, and more!

Post 2015 World Championship

While the 2015 World Championship is behind us and SKT has been crowned our champions, here's a look back at the moments and memories from the tournament!

In the wake of the 2015, several other LoL Esports articles have went up on the event!

A 2015 World Winners' champions & skins bundle is also available through November 10th.

Team, Player, Event & Organization News


  • Few roster changes for H2K:
  • H0r0  "will stay in Korea to fix some personal issues."
  • PowerOfEvil "will switch to another team."


  • Team Dignitas is now accepting applications for Top Lane and ADC positions for the upcoming split
  • TheScore has reported that NA LCS team Gravity plans to sell their spot for the 2016 Spring LCS. 
  • While the news of Doublelift joining TSM went out last week, Doublelift has published a VLOG covering the reasoning (and drama) around the move.


  • [REMINDER] IEM San Jose is coming up on November 21st - 22nd! ORIGEN, TSM, Jin Air Green Wings, CLG, LGD, and FNATIC will be competing! More info here.


  • [REMINDER] The 2015 ALL-STAR event is coming up on December 10th! The event will be held in California! Check out this post for more information!
    • A new set of summoner icons (including new finisher and emblem animations) for the upcoming ALL-STAR 2015 Team FIRE and Team ICE have been spotted on the PBE!

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