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[NOTE: Many pieces of the upcoming Snowdown content are now on the PBE!]

With winter right around the corner and Riot has posted up a preview of all the new goodies that will be coming our way in the upcoming SNOWDOWN  patch - including new Bard, Gnar, and Syndra skins, a ton of new summoner icons, new ward skin, the return of The Legend of the Poro King,  Snowdown minions, personalized sales, new snowball icon & legendary snowball promotions, and more!
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Here's calisker with more information - Snowdown Preview:
"Hey everyone,

We want to make sure you know what’s coming this Snowdown season. We heard your feedback and made sure to include a few special things to this year’s Snowdown, like icons that you can pick up for IP, Snowdown minions, and an early announce of available Legacy skins.

Check out the info below to see what’s rolling out this Snowdown, which is headed down the chimney next patch. 

To kick things off, we’re launching these new snowy skins:
  • Snow Day Syndra (Legacy - 1350 RP)
  • Snow Day Gnar (Legacy - 975 RP)
  • Snow Day Bard (1350 RP)
Gnar and Syndra will be heading to the Legacy vault when Snowdown is over.
New Snowdown icons and wards are also joining the fun:
  • Icy Minion icon (Legacy - 1500 IP or 250 RP)
  • Bundled Minion icon (Legacy - 250 RP)
  • Penguin Skier ward (Legacy - 640 RP)


Snowdown minions are headed to Howling Abyss and Summoner’s Rift all through the Snowdown patch!

We’re also unveiling Your Snowdown Shop, an in-client destination outfitted with discounted Champs and Skins unique to you.

More info about the Legacy skins that’ll be on sale during Snowdown will launch on November 30, so keep an eye out for that.

Additionally, extra bonus RP is headed your way from November 29 at 29:00 PST through December 7 at 23:59 Pacific. You can check out all the details here.

We’re also launching four new Legacy “snowball” icons that you can toss to your friends (or enemies who you want to make friends) for 100 IP each. Anyone who gets a snowball icon to the face will get to keep that icy icon and will also get a one-win IP boost.
(Legacy - 100 IP) 
From December 23 through the end of Snowdown, whenever you grab a Legendary skin, you’ll unlock a free Mystery Box. If that Mystery Box contains a Legendary skin, you’ll get another Mystery Box, and if that one is packed with a Legendary, well… you get the idea. We’re calling it Legendary Snowball!

He’s big, he’s fluffy, and he’s here to preside over all poros once again! The Legend of the Poro King game mode returns to Howling Abyss all through Snowdown! The reward icons from last year were exclusive to Snowdown 2014, but we are bringing back the original Poro icons and skins.
(Legacy - 250 RP)
That’s all for now, but we’ll be back on November 30 with all the official sale dates and updated lists of Snowdown swag. Until then, don’t forget to bundle up (or at least put some pants on, yeesh)."

Calisker also commented on reddit that these specialized in-client offers will in part be based on champions you play:
"That's part of it, as well as a few other variables too. We want Your Snowdown Shop to be unique and relevant to you."

When asked about the new snowball icons and how it works, Wizard Crab noted:
That icon idea is just amazing! I must ask though, will we be able to choose which one to send, or even to send them all? Or will it be some kind of random icon you receive by being hit by snowballs?
It's kind of like sending a Mystery gift. You can send as many to a friend as you want provided they still have some unowned snowball icons. And you can send to as many friends as you want!"
He continued:
"Nope! You can't throw a snowball at yourself! 
So they're only sent as gifts. If you want one, best find a friend that wants to throw one at you."

When asked if Snowdown legacy skins from earlier years will be availble in bundles, WizardCrab noted:
"Yeah we didn't list out everything here. Past Snowdown skins will show up in bundles."
He also confirmed the legacy poro ward skins will be returning.

When asked why the new Snow Day Bard skin is NOT LEGACY, KateyKhaos noted:

"Snow Day Bard is not legacy because it's the first skin available after his launch skin. If we put Snow Day Bard as legacy, he'd only have one skin available for most of the year."


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