11/13 PBE Update: Balance Changes, New Summoner Icons, new ALL-STAR team ward skins, and more!

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The PBE has been updated! Today's update includes two new summoner icons, new ward skins for the ALL-STAR 2015 team ward skins, and several more tentative balance changes!
Continue reading for more information!

(Warning: PBE Content is tentative and iterative - what you see may not reflect what eventually gets pushed to live servers! Manage your expectations accordingly. )

Table of Contents

New Summoner icons

Two new critter themed summoner icons have been added in today's update! As usual, no release or availability details yet!

New Ward Skins

Two new ward skins have been added for the upcoming ALL-STAR 2015 event. There is one for each of the two teams, Team Fire and Team Ice.

Team Fire

 Team Ice

No release details on these yet but likely to release along with the ALL-STAR icons closer to the event starting on December 10th! Check out this post for more on the ALL-STAR 2015 event!

Balance Changes

Remember *: The PBE is a testing grounds for new, tentative, and sometimes radical changes. The changes you see below may be lacking context or other accompanying changes that didn't make it in - don't freak out! These are not official notes.


  • Movement Speed reduced to 340 from 345.
  • End of the Line (Q) mana cost increased to 60/70/80/90/100 from 50/55/60/65/70

  • Bio-Arcane Barrage (W) AD ratio reverted to 1.25% per 100 AD from 1.5% per 100 AD.

Miss Fortune
  • Strut (W) cooldown increased to 12 seconds from 8 seconds

  • Attack range lowered to 175 from 200
  • Mace of Spades (Q) - There are a few changes in functionality here! The first two Q hits now do the same same damage and the third hit does 2 times the bonus damage of first two strikes (so four times the damage listed total after 3 hits.) The Base damages & ratios of Q have also been changed:
"Mordekaiser's next three hits are empowered. The first two strikes deal 10/20/30/40/50 (.5/.6/.7/.8/.9 total AD) (.2 AP) bonus magic damage. The final strike deals 2 time the bonus damage of the previous strikes, up to  40/80/120/160/200 (2.0/2.4/2.8/3.2/3.6 total AD) (.8 AP) ."
    • First Two Strikes damage - 10/20/30/40/50 (.5/.6/.7/.8/.9 total AD) (.2 AP)
    • Third Strike Damage -  20/40/60/80/100 (1/1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8 total AD (.4 AP)
    • Total Damage after 3 hits -  40/80/120/160/200 (2.0/2.4/2.8/3.2/3.6 total AD) (.8 AP) 
[NOTE: Feral Pony with context: The base Q AP ratio will also be going up to .6 but not in this build!]
  • Harvesters of Sorrow (W) steal changed to [40-200] from [70-170]
    • [Steal Value is now listed as 40/95/120/145/200, which means only first and last value changed. This is unusual.]
  • Siphon of Destruction (E) maximum shield gain on champion hit now 15/17.5/20/22.5/25% from 15%

  • Blinding Assault (Q): [Reminder this has functionality changes from an earlier update!]
    • Damage increased to 25/55/85/115/145 from 15/45/75/105/135
    • NEW EFFECT: If primary target is not a champion it cannot attack for 2 seconds.
  • Behind Enemy Lines (R):
    • Renamed to Behind Enemy Lines from Tag Team

  • Attack range reverted to 125 from 175

Xin Zhao
  • Attack range reverted to 175 from 225

  • Living Shadow (W) [range up to 700 from 600]
  • Death Mark (R)  detonation damage % increased to to 30/40/50% from 20/35/50%.


Refillable Potion
  •  Now restores 125 Health over 12 seconds from 100 over 10.


[NOTE: These mastery changes are pulled from game side text, they do not seem to be reflected in the AIR client yet.]

Warlord's Bloodlust (Ferocity) 
  • Now only works on crits against enemy champions instead of against all.

Thunderlord's Decree (Cunning)
  • Cooldown lowered to 20 seconds from 30 seconds

Bond of Stone (Resolve)
  • Damage reduction down to 2% from 4%
    • [NOTE: Still 8% when near at least one allied champion]

Perseverance  (Resolve)
  • Now grants 200% base health regen if you are below 25% HP, up from 20% HP.

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