This Week in ESPORTS - Post WC Semifinals

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With the 2015 WC Semifinals all finished up and the grand finals are just around the corner,we're back with another edition of This Week in eSports!
[Warning: This post contains event spoilers!]

Continue reading for information and scheduling for the upcoming World Championship Grand FinalWorld Championship Semifinal results, various team/player news and more!

2015 World Championship

The 2015 World Championship Semifinals concluded this weekend with the following results:
  • SKT T1 defeated Origen  3 to 0.
  • KOO Tigers defeated Fnatic 3 to 0.

The tournament will continue with the Grand Final between SKT T1 and KOO Tigers on October 31st live from Berlin. The grand final matches will be played in Best of 5 format and you can find the full schedule here.


Here is an updated look at the bracket after the semifinal this last weekend. The final will be on October 31st between SKT T1 and KOO Tigers!

Champion Disable Reminder

As announced last week, GragasLux, and Ziggs are all disabled for the rest of the 2015 World Championship tournament due to an unfortunate bug,


While pick'ems are LOCKED in, it's interesting to note that only ONE player remains out of a total pool of over 2,600,000 players are on track for a PERFECT PICK'EM.  Here's the scoreboards as of the end of the Semifinals:

The single remaining summoner goes by the name of Dextcod, an EUW Silver III Swain main.
Dextcod's final prediction in order to achieve a PERFECT Pick'EM would be that SKT T1 win the Grand Final.


Be sure to check out the LoL Esports FLICKR for hundreds of pictures from the event, including the venue, cosplay, and more!

Team, Player, Event & Organization News


  • Cloud9:


  • A slew of 2015 World Championship content, including the new Championship  Kalista, 2015 WC Ward skin, and summoner icons + returning Legacy content, is available through November 5th!

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