Red Post Collection: Victorious Skins will not be sold, 5.13 Patch Rundown, and more!

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Good news! The missing red post collection was found! Take a look at some of the stories you might have missed over the past couple days.
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Patch Rundown 5.13 - The Itemocalypse

With Patch 5.13 soon finding its way onto the live platforms, we've got Rioters Scarizard, Zirene and CertainlyT here with the Patch Rundown 5.13 showcasing the major changes.
"5.13’s all about items! This rundown, Scarizard, Zirene and CertainlyT join forces to chat about the changes hitting Runeglaive, Righteous Glory, a whooole bunch of AP items, and… oh. Kalista. I guess we have some champ stuff in there after all."

"We're Not Selling the Victorious Skin"

Over on RedditRiot Socrates responded on some concerns about a survey sent out hinting that Riot could sell Victorious skins as well as the possibilities of chromas for them. 
"Hey all, last week we ran a survey where we asked players questions around how they would feel about adding chromas to victorious skins based on tier achievement and selling the non-chroma versions. I want to reassure everybody we aren't going to sell the victorious skin. We may or may not do chromas for tiers, that's still TBD. 
This is a good opportunity to talk about why we run surveys like this. Pretty much everybody at Riot is an active league player. There are players of all skill levels and types (casuals, hardcore, etc). Sometimes, features or changes we should make are obvious. Sometimes there are issues we disagree about or feel are contentious enough that we should ask players about directly. Rather than building the wrong stuff, we just ask you guys directly. Surveys like this help ensure we're making the right changes and moving the game in the right direction. Keep in mind that just because you see a survey doesn't mean we're going to take that course, even if sentiment is good around a change. 
This aside, we've got some cool stuff lined up for the preseason that we can't wait to share with you guys. Good luck in your ranked matches until then. 
ps. It's a marksman."
What are your thoughts on who the next Victorious skin could be? What marksman champ would you pick?

Riot on Traditional Skins

Riot KateyKhaos answered a question on traditional skins, bringing up an old post on them from Ququroon about why they are moving away from them for the forseeable future.
Ququroon made a great post when Sion was updates that explains why we're moving away from traditional skins - 
As you've said, we did create three traditional skins a while back. In the past, we used Traditional skins as a way of allowing players to represent the older merits of a character that we may have glazed over during the creation process. We weren't always confident in what we were shipping, and in extreme cases, necessitated a traditional skin to execute on them in a way they should have been done. This is shown to an extreme in the case of Karma's fans, something that we know we could have done better. 
The team has been doing updates for two years or so now, and we have a bit more moxie as to how this whole rodeo goes. We feel we're able to better respect the old, while pushing the bar as hard as we can. We didn't up and change Sion from an undead to a frozen warrior. He's still the same exact fantasy he was before, just executed in a way that he was originally meant to be. 
If the team as it is now existed in the past, there are mistakes that we wouldn't have repeated. Karma wouldn't have lacked her fans. Trundle would have better enveloped the 'leper jesus' he was so affectionately known for. Sejuani would have just realized that a bikini wasn't appropriate snow wear. These are things that could be fixed in the future, but we prefer to continue moving forward, as there are still a large amount of characters that need some love coughpoppycoughevecough. 
Essentially, we don't feel like traditional skins are the correct answer- the only way to show our love for older content. We still push for constant and continuous improvement in our updates, but we want to do so in a way that best shows respect for older content as a whole package. 
Hope this explains the situation a bit better. :3"

[Lore] Hextech Guns

When asked if Hextech guns are a common sight in Runeterra, Jaredan noted:
Graves' gun Destiny is hextech, but how about the others, and in Bilgewater in general? In the lore, are their guns able to shoot crazy volumes of bullets like MF's Bullet Time in the game? How common are magical weapons in Bilgewater/Valoran anyway?
Magical weapons are not common at all. You wouldn't see everyone carrying a hextech pistol on their hip. In fact, walking around with such a weapon for everyone to see would quickly garner the sort of attention you don't want. Unless you're Graves, who is perfectly happy with that sort of attention. Destiny is a unique gun that very few smiths in the world would have any hope in replicating. In the story world, you wouldn't necessarily see the exact type of effects as you see in-game. 
I hope that helps."

Pool Party Rewards Distribution is Complete

dArtagnan has updated the Pool Party Rewards Distribution thread to note that all Mystery Champions & skins for linking to the Friend Discovery feature have now been distributed.
"EDIT July 6th: All Mystery Champions and Skins have now been awarded! If you are absolutely certain you met the requirements, but did not receive one, make sure to submit a ticket so we can investigate further! 
For those who did not have enough Champions available or skins available for a Mystery Gift, you will be receiving RP equivalent to a Mystery Gift in the near future! We'll update this thread when this has been completed."
If you have questions or concerns, please see this thread.

AP Xin Zhao and Sated Devourer

Here's Meddler on Sated Devourer and AP Xin Zhao's W AP ratio being reduced in a previous patch.
"Just checked and it sounds like we decided to pull the change but it hasn't been stripped out of the upcoming patch. Going to investigate tomorrow once back at work to see if we can still get the nerf pulled, it may be past the point where that's possible however. If that's the case we'll have to correct in a later patch or, if we're hotfixing for some other purpose, possibly bundle the correction with that change."
As of 7/8, this is still the case and the ratio is still at .5.

Improve your last hitting

Curious about how important last hitting minions is? Take a look at this post from RiotOpti about Jeremy GamingCurios and how he became better at last hitting!
"Last hitting minions is massively important to gaining an advantage over your lane opponent -- being up by just 30 cs is nearly equivalent gold-wise to being up two kills. This kind of advantage directly translates to your ability to snowball the lane, and ultimately the game. 

In this video, Jeremy GamingCurios demonstrates a last hitting practice regimen originally developed by Diamond ADC Elyndar and turned into an infographic by bruzabrocka. As he notes in the video, this regimen helped him increase his last hitting accuracy from 60% to 80% -- an improvement that results in an extra 21 cs (~420 gold) at the 10 minute mark of a match. 
Jeremy is a Gold 1 (Plat S4) support main on NA, and is the creator of the Jeremy "Gaming Curios" - Guides and Top 10's channel on YouTube
Here are some of the highlights:
  • [1:25] Drill #1: General last hitting
  • [1:52] Drill #2: Movement and map awareness
  • [2:21] Drill #3: Wave management
  • [3:01] Drill #4: Simulating pressure
  • [3:39] Drill #5: Challenge mode
  • [4:25] Results and observations
Have you ever attempted a training regimen to level up your League mechanics? Let us know in the comments below, and please recommend your favorite community guides or videos! 
Jeremy has been playing LoL since Season 1, reaching Platinum in Season 4. He began making League videos as a high schooler in August 2012, amassing over 26 million views across his 350+ videos since. 
Learn more about Jeremy GamingCurios through the links below! 

Cosplayers spotted in the wild!

Check out this Community Creations post from Riot Mhija featuring cosplayers from all over converging on Anime Expo!

"Looks like a bunch of talented League cosplayers were spotted at the 2015 Anime Expo! Check out this great compilation video posted by MLZ Studios, and see the links below to learn more about the cosplayers featured.

Jessica Nigri (Veigar)
Shroomu (Lulu)
Meagan Cosplay (Gnar)
Lyz Brickley Cosplay (Firecracker Jinx)
Kaduout (Ekko)
Missyeru (Diana)
Kohalu Cosplay (Morgana)
Krooked Kev Cosplay (Diana)
Yashafluff (Ahri)
Hexgirl (Battlebunny Caitlyn)
Akemi (Vi)
Lilith Phaedra (Caitlyn)
Yumeiko (Rococo Orianna)
Thien Cosplay (Riot Graves)"

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