Red Post Collection: Team Up and earn Pool Party Rewards all week, Context on Caitlyn disable, and more

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[Reminder: You can check THIS SITE every day to see the community's progress during Team Up week!]

This morning's red post collection includes the kick off of the Team Up week  where the community will start earning points towards the Pool Party rewards, Meddler commenting on the issues currently keeping Caitlyn disabled,  a heads up that the recent trinket and FotM PBE changes were unintentional, and more!
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Team Up and earn Pool Party Rewards all week

As previously announced, the TEAM UP event is now live plus a Team Up & Pool Party Hub has been launched! This new promotional page will track the communities progress through the week of June 15th to June 21st as everyone works together to earn  POOL PARTY rewards for participating players!

Hold your breath and let's dive in for a better look at what Team Up & Pool Party have to offer, as well as preview of the five Pool Party skins scheduled to be released in 5.12.
"Welcome to Team Up Week! League’s better with a party, so from June 15-21, team up with friends and earn points by winning games in five-player premades or sending gifts to friends both new and old. These points pool together to unlock levels of rewards for the whole community to enjoy. 
When patch 5.12 launches, the Pool Party begins with the splashdown of five new Pool Party skins and the rollout of all the rewards the community teamed up to earn the week before. Snorkel on down to see the rewards and learn the details!

We'll update this page every day at 9 AM PST with community's latest prize level progress
**Players who exhibited excessive negative behavior since February won’t unlock Pool Party Mundo or the Pool Party icon. Only team players get to pool party.


Is there any where I can find other players to team up with?
For starters, you can head on over to the Boards to find other players looking to team up. If you still need more for a premade, try out the Facebook friend discovery feature on your friends list or “suggested friends” in the pre-matchmaking lobby.

Who’s eligible for rewards?

Everyone, but there’s a little fine print:
  • For the Pool Party icon and Pool Party Mundo, you’ll need to contribute points during Team Up Week.
  • For the Mystery Champion, you’ll need to connect League and Facebook.
  • For negative players who won’t unlock Pool Party Mundo or the Pool Party icon we took a look at an accounts recent history (February to now) with LeaverBuster, bans, and chat and ranked restrictions to make the call. We expect the vast majority of players to be eligible for the rewards.

If I connected my account to Facebook before Team Up and Pool Party, will I still earn a mystery champion?


When do I have to connect to Facebook by?

By the end of Pool Party. You must connect from 11:59PM PDT on 6/28 through 11:59PM PDT on 6/29 so we can unlock your Mystery Champ.

Do I have to keep my League account linked with Facebook to unlock the Mystery Champion? 
Not forever, but the link between accounts needs to stay active for at least 24 hours to unlock the award.
If I have all the champions, do I still get a reward for connecting my account with Facebook?

Yep! We’ll kick a mystery skin your way instead.

Wait, what’s a Mystery Champion?

It’s just like a Mystery Skin, except you unlock a random champion you don’t own instead of a random skin you don’t own.

Other territories get a Mystery Champion for connecting to Facebook. That feature isn’t live here. What gives?

Yeah, sorry about that. We’re working on flipping the switch on this feature for your territory and plan to offer all the associated rewards when we do.

When exactly do I get stuff during Rewards Week?

It’s a little tricky to turn all this stuff on at once, but everything should be granted by 6/27. The only exception is the Mystery Champion, which will roll out by 7/1.

Will Pool Party Mundo be on sale regularly?

Whether or not the community racks up enough points to unlock Pool Party Mundo, he’ll go on sale for 975 RP.

What are the prices for the new Pool Party skins?
  • Pool Party Draven: 975 RP
  • Pool Party Mundo: 975 RP
  • Pool Party Lulu: 1350 RP (on sale for 975 RP at launch)
  • Pool Party Rek’Sai: 1350 RP (on sale for 975 RP at launch)
  • Pool Party Zac: 1350 RP (on sale for 975 RP at launch)

For the five-player premades, which maps and game modes earn points?

Summoner’s Rift, Howling Abyss, and the Crystal Scar. Remember, only matchmade victories rack up points. No customs. No bots."

The progress meter on the site will be updated every day at 9 AM PST so be sure to check back to see how the community is doing as we move through the week!

As it's a little foggy up there, he's what the Pool Party Summoner icon will look like:

For a closer look at these upcoming Pool Party skins and minions, check out our PBE megapost!

Skill Shot Ability SFX missing in FOW

When asked about missing SFX for abilities when casts from the fog of war, Meddler noted a bug fix is in the works:
"We've got work underway on this issue at the moment, though until we've got a fix verified we won't know when we'll be able to roll it out. Thanks for the report."

Context on Caitlyn Disable

Speaking of bugs, Meddler also commented on the problems with Caitlyn that have left her disabled since the launch of 5.11 and after the June 11th patch update:
"To give you some context on Caitlyn we originally disabled her due to a bug with her ult, where it would grant permanent vision against targets with spellshields. We got a fix for that in, but the fix for that ended up introducing a different, more serious issue that could cause games to crash. We disabled Caitlyn again as a result, and are working on a fix for that second problem. 
As a side note this sort of occurrence is the reason we don't hotfix more than we do. Hotfixes are a great tool for addressing something quickly, but they don't have a full patch development cycle's worth of time to get tested however. As a result there's the risk of introducing something as serious, or more serious, as the problem you're trying to address. Because of that there's a certain threshold of problem needed before we feel a hotfix is worth the risk. Some bugs that we've got a fix for therefore get addressed in the next scheduled patch, rather than in an immediate hotfix."
When asked if this means Caitlyn will remain disabled for 5.11, he continued:
"Hopefully not. We're working on a fix still, leaving a champion disabled for a significant period of time is something we do our best to avoid, so if it's practical to we hotfix for disables. The exception to that is we know the fix has a high risk of breaking other things we avoid hotfixing and put the fix through a full testing cycle (e.g. if modifying code that affects a number of other game elements too, which is what lead to Viktor/Rumble being disabled for an extended period)."

Tentative Elise Changes on PBE 

 Following the 6/12 PBE update and the introduction of a set of Elise changes, Meddler commented a bit on the changes and reminded that they are indeed tentative:
"In this set of changes, which aren't necessarily final yet, the damage on auto attacks isn't changing. The 5/10/15/20 +.15 AP number you're looking at there is the heal per auto attack, not the new damage value (we're considering shifting the healing from the W to the R). The post Rappel bonus is then a multiplier to the 10-40 damage, boosting that to 20-80 and the heal (which is half the bonus damage) to 10-40."

Xypherous on Incomplete PBE Trinket Changes

Speaking of the PBE, Xypherous commented that the trinket and Face of the Mountain changes originally introduced in the 6/12 update are NOT being released any time soon and went up on the PBE by mistake - expect them to be reverted soon.
"Trinket Changes and FoTM changes aren't going out any time soon. They're just some accidental strings that I put on the wrong environment. Sorry to freak you out guys. :P"

As for commentary on the Sweeping Lens changes, he noted:
"Sorry - that's not going in any time soon. Accidentally pushed some strings for a prototype of a far off project.

But, if you guys want to theorycraft and speculate - I'm thinking that X will probably be 180 seconds or so and it's a display on the trinket itself. I'm also puzzling over whether how severe a severe time delay - similar to how spectator works. AKA - Every minute, you see how many wards there was 3 minutes ago.

Trying to convey a general sense of coverage in phases without giving information away about the coverage in the current phase."
He continued:
"Just some prototype strings that I accidentally pushed into the wrong environment. I'm just playing around with mechanics for a future project.

The general goal is to give you an sense of how lit up the map is for both sides, like an area control stat - I probably have to incorporate some kind of time delay like (Every 2 minutes, gives you a readout of how many active wards there were 2 minutes ago.) or something."
When asked out the Warding Totem change, he explained:
Question: Will these trinket changes make Sightstone obsolete?
I kind of hope not - these are part of a larger set of changes. It's going to be part of a larger future project.
against "build diversity", as every Support is obligated to get it.
There will always be core items for a specific type of role or function that you want to perform.

We've taken the stance that a Supportive style class should be able to have a stronger contribution to the vision game somehow - but not to the extent of being forced to dump all their income. Still in a heavy prototype phase - so we'll see as we iterate."

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