[Updated] Red Post Collection: July Sales Schedule, 6/20 Team Up Week Update - Level 2 reached, 5.13 Syndra E(Q) fix, &more

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[~9 AM PST UpdateTeam Up page updated for 6/20 - we've passed 25 million points to unlock the Pool Party Summoner icon and Mystery Champion for linking up with the FB friend discovery feature!]

Tonight's red post collection includes a look at the July Sales schedule, the release of International Wild Card region summoner icon bundles, an update on community's Team Up week points now that we've surpassed the third reward level, Riot Exgeniar with info on a Syndra E(Q) bug fix  in the 5.13 PBE, and more!
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July Sales Schedule

Just as we had for June, Riot has released a list of all of the champions and skins that will be on sale in the weekly sales during the month of July.
"Check out all the champs and skins that’ll be on sale this July. Like previous sales schedules, we’re not posting the exact dates for each champ and skin, but they’ll all be on sale sometime next month, so keep an eye out. 
Just a heads up – since we’re publishing these in advance, we won’t offer partial refunds on content bought before it’s on sale."

Support International teams with IWC Icon bundles

Speaking of the shop, several summoner icon bundles for each of the International Wild Card regions - Brazil, CIS, Oceania, Latin America, & Turkey - are now available through September 1st.
"We’ve all seen the impact an International Wild Card (IWC) region can make at international events, and now you can show your support for these emerging teams on the Rift! Cheer on your favorite region with an IWC team icon as they battle to be the best in their region and to join the fight at 2015 Worlds in Europe. 
Support your favorite IWC teams and leagues with our new esports icon bundles. Our IWC League Bundles include 2015 team icons from Turkey, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Brazil and Oceania for 1600 RP and the Latin America bundle for 2400 RP. Each IWC League bundle will unlock all the 2015 team icons for that region. All bundles will be available until September 1. 
With the march to Worlds on the horizon, we can’t wait to see which teams will advance to the IWC Qualifiers. Head on over to Lolesports to stay updated on all the IWC esports action."

[UPDATED] Team Up Week Update - June 20th - Pool Party Icon and Mystery Champion Unlocked

Between June 15th and June 21st, the community is participating in TEAM UP WEEK! This week, each server is earning points by playing matchmade games with five player premade groups and sending gifts to other players to earn various Pool Party rewards for all participating players next week!

The current community point total, as of June 20th, we've surpassed 25 million points to unlock a Pool Party Summoner icon for all contributing players and a free MYSTERY CHAMPION for any player who has signed up for the Facebook Friend discovery.

The Pool Party Summoner icon that we'll be receiving in 5.12 looks like this:
To qualify for the free Mystery Champion, you must link your LoL account and the Facebook friend discovery feature prior to 11:59 PM PDT on June 28 to get the reward.  To do this, click "ADD FRIEND" in the client then follow the prompts. If you've already signed up you are fine.

 The mystery champion unlocks will be handed out to eligible accounts by July 1. If you have less than 10 champions left to unlock, you will receive a mystery skin instead. See the Pool Party FAQ for more info, as well as the Friend Discovery announcement.

As a reminder, here are the Pool Party Rewards the community is working towards and what we've achieved:
  • [ACHIEVED 6/17] At 5 million points, we'll unlock Team UP IP rewards, granting +100% bonus IP for playing with a five player premade group.
  • [ACHIEVED 6/19] At 15 million points, we'll earn a ton of sales including the champions, skins, tshirts, ARAM skin boosts, and more! These will start up on 6/26.
  • [ACHIEVED 6/20] At 25 million points, we'll unlock a Pool Party themed summoner icon & a free Mystery Champion for anyone who has connected to the Facebook Friend discovery feature
  • At 35 million points, we'll have Pool Party themed minions enabled for the duration of patch 5.12
  • At 45 million points, we'll unlock a Party IP Weekend at the end of June
  • At 55 million points, everyone who contributed during Team Up Week will receive the upcoming Pool Party Mundo skin for free

Be sure to check the Team Up & Pool Party Hub for more information on the event and the upcoming rewards! That page will be updated each day at 9 AM PST with an updated point total!

[5.13] Fix Candidate for Syndra E(Q)

Riot Exgeniar has posted on the PBE boards about an upcoming bugfix for Syndra's E(Q) combo that will be included in the 5.13 PBE (not 5.12, which is currently testing):
"Hellow Summoners, 
When the PBE rolls over to the 5.13 patch, we have a potential fix for Syndra's E(and EQ combo) where Units are sometimes not stunned or knocked back. The fix itself is kind of complicated, and I am looking for feedback on it when it comes around. 
For comparison, here is two images: 
Please let us know if you have any feedback, or notices any issues."
Over on reddit, he clarified:
So basically...the one's in the centre get pushed back more?
No. They used to not get pushed at all. Now they are. If an unit gets hit by the wave first, then by a moving sphere, they get knocked back then stunned."
When asked about the process to go through fixing a bug like this, he noted:
"I can give a bit of context into this, now, please remember that I do not work on the champion team. So I don't know what or when it was broken. 
What makes a bug like this so difficult to fix:
  1. I need to first get a detailed understanding of how to spell functions - how does data flow, what causes what, what dependencies are, etc.
  2. I need to understand what the bug actually is - the mechanics of the bug
  3. Identify where in the spell the bug is
  4. Identify a way to fix the spell without breaking anything else - Sounds, particles, animations, skins, and designed functionality. It also needs to be maintainable and robust.
  5. Actually doing that fix, and ensuring nothing is actually broken. This is like the analogy we often use - reassembling an airplane in midair.
  6. QA testing. Usually stubborn bugs are also very high risk changes, so a LOT of testing.
About the Ahri Q, I actually didn't know about that! I suspect it is not same issue, but it is worth taking time to look at when I have free time. Do you have a video or a reproduction steps for this? Having reproduction steps helps way more than just having a video of it happening."
Exgeniar continued:
"For this case, I think I have a good gasp of whats happening with Syndra's E, so it's mostly about working on the code. 
In terms of bug reports, having multiple reports about bugs helps. A single instance of a bug are useful, but often don't give leads to whats happening. Sometimes is just hard to understand what the bug being reported is in a video that doesn't have explanation. 
The most helpful things are videos with clear and reliable reproduction, or technical explanation of the bug. They usually grantee the bug to get fix."

On the subject of the upcoming 5.13 PBE cycle, don't forget to read up on Xypherous' tentative list of core AP item changes!

IronStylus & Scruffy on Gangplank Rework

In a reddit thread discussing IronStylus's recent comment about  making Gangplank not so "pirate-mcpiratey" in his upcoming visual update, IronStylus briefly popped in to note:
I think what he is trying to say is he wants to give GP some character. No longer have him be "I'm a pirate BECAUSE I AM A PIRATE, DEAL WITH IT, YARG!" But actually have character, y'know? I doubt they will be toning down how much of a pirate he is, because as you mentioned, that is GP to the core.
Pretty much this. "
Riot Scruffy also added in: 
"Yea, this is more of what he meant. We are trying to focus on a more +1 style of character development where he gets to keep the charming and fun things that we love about him today and gain some new depth that he didn't have before. 
GP is all about the crazy fun and spectacle, you won't be disappointed I think."

Community Collab | Summoner Showdown 5: The Final Level

Last up is a community collaboration video between Summoner Showdown and Hyun's Dojo!

"Summoner Showdown and Hyun's Dojo present The Final Level. Select your player. 
**Created in collaboration with Riot Games**"

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