Red Post Collection: Cross Map Consitency Pass on PBE, Hexakill: Twisted Treeline returns, LCS icons, and more!

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This morning's red post collection includes a reminder that Hexakill: Twisted Treeline is headed back to live in patch 5.10, information on new LCS summer split team summoner icons returning to the shop, discussion on the PBE Cross Map Consistency Pass for Twisted Treeline &Crystal Scar , and more!
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Hexakill's heading back to the Twisted Treeline

As mentioned in the 5.10 patch notes, Hexakill: Twisted Treeline is heading back to live for more 6 on 6 brawls on the normal 3v3 map!
"After trying a few new modes out, the Featured Game Mode team’s turning back to an old favourite for their next incarnation: Twisted Treeline’s Hexakill mode! Alongside the usual compressed carnage that lots of champs on a smaller map brings, this version of the mode brings about bans."

Celebrate Summer Split with LCS team icons 

With 5.10 out on live, the Summer Split LCS team icons are now available - both individually or in a discounted bundle.  In addition to the returning teams from last split, we also have new icons for the new teams entering this split!
"Summer is here and it’s time to kick-off another exciting LCS split. Celebrate the start of Summer Split by grabbing your favorite team icon from North America and Europe for 250 RP each. Unlock an LCS team icon to cheer on and support your favorite team from the Rift. 
Want to support the entire League or can’t pick a favorite team? Unlock all 10 of the NA LCS or EU LCS icons as a bundle for 2000 RP. These bundles and all LCS team icons will be available throughout Summer Split. 
Elements recently redesigned their team logo and Enemy Esports requested some color adjustments so their team icons will be updated by Patch 5.11. 
As with Spring Split, when you purchase a team icon, 20% of the price goes directly to the team and 80% supports esports (prizes, broadcast, events, etc.) 
You won’t want to miss any of the epic LCS match-ups especially with spots at the 2015 World Championship on the line. Catch all the LCS Summer Split action starting on May 28 over on Lolesports."

As mentioned in the post, the new ELEMENTS logo will be included in patch 5.11, as well as colo changes to the ENEMY ESPORTS icon.

Community tournament support levels up 

The League of Legends community tournament page has been updated!
Here's Undangerous  with more information:
"TLDR: We’re releasing an update to the Community Events pages today that makes community-run tournaments easier to create, easier to find and easier to run. Read on to learn more! 
Whether you play League to satisfy your competitive cravings or to just relax and have some fun with friends, taking part in community-run tournaments makes League enjoyable in a whole new way. This latest site update makes make finding and getting together with like-minded League aficionados easier than ever. 
The first thing you’ll probably notice, besides the shiny new graphics, is how easy it is to find the events you’re looking for. Use the filters to find the type of tournament that fits your style and location and click Register. There’s another step or two, but it’s pretty much is that easy. 
Check out the updated site and sign up for a tournament or create some new events of your own today!"

Cross Map Consistency Pass on PBE & Discussion

As you may have already read in our 5/27 PBE post, here's JxE with a look at a ton of changes coming to Twisted Treeline and Crystal Scar maps this PBE Cycle:
"Hey all! 
We have some more updates to our other maps to conclude our Cross Map Consistency Pass. Here’s some of the changes you’ll see going up on PBE soon. 
Gameplay Changes; The Black Mist Arrives: 
After chatting with some of the most dedicated Twisted Treeline players (shoutouts to Koella and everyone else for their awesome posts!) we found some opportunities to make some phantasmic gameplay changes to Twisted Treeline to improve the experience. 
Jungle; Smite & Ignite: 
The meta currently favors a duo lane, because it’s too easy for them to fast push and invade the jungler to deny their farm. Camps now spawn 5 seconds sooner, start at level 2 and have slightly less health and deal less damage. Yes, this means you can jungle again. 
Vilemaw; Like a Spiderboss : 
Currently Vilemaw is undervalued and only taken when there are no other available objectives. He can also be solo'd through some loopholes. To solve this problem we’ve increased Vilemaw’s health and decreased his damage. Damage over time should remain roughly the same, but this will create a window for other teams to react. 
Killing Vilemaw now lets you summon the darkness and lead a legion of ghost minions to swarm the enemy base. Players will enhance nearby allied minions (allied minions gain increased combat stats, MS, and briefly terrify enemy minions) Champions will also cross over to an other realm and become “ghosted”. 
Finally, we added a Vilemaw timer to the tab menu and an epic monster healthbar to Vilemaw. 
Altar changes; Only Spirits Should Be Hidden: 
We’ve changed a few of the altar buffs to be more meaningful and to have more visible power. The first altar buff will give a movement speed bonus to your team, the second one will restore player’s max health on minion/monster kills which should help teams siege towers for longer and end the game faster. 
Tower changes; More Things To Kill! 
We’ve added a third low health turret to lanes to give teams an early treat to grab. This should also help reset minion waves sooner and smooth out early game flow. We’ve also tweaked the health and damage of all turrets. Early turrets should be easy to destroy while your Nexus turret won’t die from a couple of sneaky super minions in your base.\ 
New Trinket; Call Down The Reckoning: 
Not having wards on Twisted Treeline adds a level a fear you would expect from the shadow isles, but it also means squishier champions have a hard time taking objectives without knowledge of enemy locations. We’ve taken the Hextech Sweeper active and turned it into a trinket (Note, not the passive, so traps won’t be revealed) We’re hoping this gives our players who are sensitive to hidden presences a chance to uncover the enemy so they can safely get objectives. 
Because of that we’ve removed the Vision items on the map as they’re not needed anymore: 
Grez’s Lantern, Hextech Sweeper and Lightbringer have been removed 
Item changes to both Dominion and Twisted Treeline; Make Them Bleed: 
Lord Van Damm’s Pillager now has Lightbringer’s passive and no longer has IE crit bonus 
Overlord’s Bloodmail - Builds out of Crystalline Bracer, price has been reduced and now has HP regen 
Map & Art Changes; Gnomes Weren’t Spooky: 
We’ve continued to skin some of the art from Summoner’s Rift to match our other maps and bring some consistency between them. Check out these screenshots for more details. 
New structures on TT: 
New Minions on Twisted Treeline and Crystal Scar:
Golem Retexture:
Crystal Scar Texture and Color Update:
Loading Screens:
If you discover any bugs, please post them here!
~Riot JxE"
Following the PBE debut of the changes, Nekomaru and ManWolfAxeBoss took to reddit, twitter, and the boards to answer questions.

Over on twitter, Riot Nekomaru commented that all the minions and monsters on Twisted Treeline have had their gold reward increased by three as compensation for the altar changes:
"For context, all minions and monsters on TT had their kill gold increased by 3, which is what you used to get for having an altar."

On the dedicated Twisted Treeline subreddit, Riot Nekomaru posted:
"Hey guys, wanted to swing back in here now that our changes have been announced. We're hoping to have everything up and running on the PBE by the end of the week for testing and feedback. We'll be around on the boards and here on Reddit collecting all the feedback so that we can tweak these changes so that they're the best they can be. Ghost army hype!"

When asked to elaborate in the inclusion of Hextech Sweeper as a trinket, Riot Nekomaru noted:
"Sure! As a disclaimer in general, we tried to take a lot of the feedback in the previous thread and apply it where we could, but some things (added tower and trinket for example) were to address what we felt were some underlying issue on Twisted Treeline. There are a lot of places for enemies to lurk around in on TT, which can lead to a lot of bush camping without significant player choice other than "Do I facecheck this or do I give up on impacting whatever is going on elsewhere," which isn't really much of a choice. The goal with the trinket is to give players a more meaningful choice when roaming around in the darkest corners of the map. It's on a fairly long cooldown, so using the trinket should be an investment into temporary control of an area, giving vision and allowing for trap clearing, but in doing so you're expending a valuable resource. It's pretty obvious when an area has been splashed, so I'd expect players to start keeping track of cooldown timers the same way you would for Flash or Teleport.

Also, if the trinket is too strong/weak, there are plenty of variables we can adjust. Trinket cooldown, duration, radius, spookiness, etc.

So I'm kinda rambling at this point, and I can see that you've got concerns about the trinket, so if you have any more specific questions or concerns I'm all ears.

tl;dr: Short term zone control and more player choice when running into scary bushes. Less Fnatic brush."
Nekomaru continued, elaborating more on the trinket and internal results of the jungle changes:
"We saw an opportunity with the trinket slot to try and help out champions who are unable to safely make movements around the map. Trinket effect is currently the same as the Hextech Sweeper item, with I believe a two minutes cooldown (don't quote me on that one, I don't have access to the numbers at the moment). The champions you listed (Maokai, Olaf, Kalista, OLAF) tend to have pretty high win rates, at least partially due to their ability to safely control the jungle area. We can't go throwing around ten second brush checks to everyone, but the addition of the stealth detection and the short-term vision cloud give everyone at least some sort of ability to gain control when attempting to set up objectives around an area of the map. 
The nerf of the deathbrush strat could be detrimental to teams that are behind, but I feel like in general this strategy is much more useful for teams that are ahead than those that are behind due to the confined nature of Twisted Treeline. A team that's behind can sit in the brush and hope for the enemy to slip up and facecheck into it, but really, there's not much of a reason for the winning team to do so. If there's nobody defending towers or Vilemaw, the leading team is free to walk in and take objectives while the team that's behind is suddenly out of position and have to engage from a bit of an awkward angle. A team with a lead, however, is free to set up wherever they please around objectives that the weaker team has no real choice to but check, such as their own altar, which is suddenly an incredibly deadly area to enter if you're behind with no safe way to check your entrance route. We'll be keeping an eye on how everything plays out, and I'd be interested to hear your opinion once you've had a chance to try it out. 
As for the jungle changes, our testing has shown that junglers are pretty reliably able to clear two camps with decent health remaining around the time that a support lane would be able to push up and invade, so they'll at least be in shape to respond to an invade without having to completely abandon their jungle. Clearing a camp as a support lane is a possible concern, but it comes at the cost of sacrificing some early pressure. The extra gold and experience a jungler brings thanks to the Smite items and allowing another solo-laner allows for a stronger mid-game as well, since the jungler is now able to get off to a moderately safe start. Again, we'll be keeping an eye on all of these changes and adjusting where necessary."
He continued:
"It's important to us to maintain both the jungle and support team comps as viable strategies. That flexible meta is one of the cool things about Twisted Treeline that Summoner's Rift doesn't currently have. Currently, however, a good support lane can completely shut the enemy jungler out of the game. Hopefully these changes will bring it to a state where the jungler can at least get on their feet with two or three camps before recalling, but a greedy jungler is still at risk to the threat of a roaming support lane. 
The trinket should be able to provide ADCs and other squishy scaling champs a bit of safety throughout the game when off cooldown so that they aren't quite as vulnerable to the type of jungle pressure you're concerned about. I would expect jungle comps to have a stronger mid-game due to the slight level and gold advantage they'll gain from a solo laner, as well as strong Vilemaw control through a higher level Smite. A support composition with an ADC will most likely still have an advantage in the later game, though, due to their ability to pressure down towers from relative safety with their range advantage. If one of these strategies becomes overwhelmingly predominant we'll try to adjust accordingly, but at the moment the goal is for the trinket and other changes to benefit both styles in slightly different ways."

ManWolfAxeBoss also noted that the trinket's active effect does also detect traps (like Teemo R!)
"It detects traps too. Thanks for reminding me to update the tooltip heh :)"

As for the positioning of the new third lane tower in Twisted Treeline, ManWolfAxeBoss noted:
"Won't be on until tomorrow, but yes towers are near the middle of the lanes and have slightly reduced range and stats."

Lyte on False Reports from Premades

In a reddit thread inquiring about being falsely reported by a premade, Lyte noted:
"Player behavior systems are not just based on reports. Even if a premade of 4 reported you, if the reports are false, you won't receive a penalty. All player behavior systems are backed by the Report System, which tries to validate every single report. If a report is false, the reporter loses "value" in his reports and the relevant player behavior system ignores the reports. If a report is accurate, the reporter gains "value" and his reports become more powerful. The current Reform System analyzes chat logs for negative behaviors, so it goes beyond just looking at false or accurate reports. 
I don't even remember a case where a player was punished because of false reports from a premade of 4."

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