This Week in eSports [MARCH 30TH - APRIL 5TH]

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The smell of Spring (playoffs) is in the air, we're back once again in This Week in eSports!

[Warning: This post contains spoilers! Click here for spoiler free NA/EU LCS links!]

Continue reading for more information on Spring playoffs brackets and semifinals groups for NA/EU LCS, Challenger Series finalists, and more!

Current Standings:

The NA & EU Spring Split quarterfinals came to a finish this weekend, and with this, 2 more teams from each NA & EU move forward to the Semifinals next weekend! The brackets below are updated as of Sunday, April 5th and as always, VODs can be found here.


  • Team Impulse defeated Gravity with a record of 3 - 1. Team Impulse moves on to Semifinals to face TSM on Sundary, April 12th.
  • Team Liquid defeated CLG with a record of 3-0. Team Liquid moves on to the Semifinals to face Cloud 9 on Saturday, April 11th.


  • UOL defeated Gambit Gaming with a record of 3 - 1. UOL moves on to the Semifinals to face SK Gaming on Sundary, April 12th.
  • H2K defeated CW with a record of 3-0. H2K moves on to the Semifinals to face Fnatic on Saturday, April 11th.

[NA/EU] Challenger Series:

  • The 2015 Challenger Series spring playoffs continue! Semifinals are now over and the battle for LCS spots will be held next week at the LCS studios!  

  • Enemy Eports defeated Final Five with a record of 2 - 0. 
  • TDK defeated Team Fusion  with a record of 2 - 1.
  • Final Five and Team Fusion will play for third place on Tuesday, April 7th.
  • Enemy Esports and TDK will face off on Wednesday, April 8th in the Finals.

  • Origen defeated Reason Gaming with a record of 2 - 1. 
  • CWA defeated Gamers2 with a record of 2 - 0. 
  • Reason Gaming and Gamers2 will play for third place on Tuesday, April 7th.
  •  Origen and CWA will face off on Wednesday, April 8th in the Finals.

[Korea] LCK:

  • Top four (W/L)
  • GE Tigers - (12-1) 
  • SK Telecom T1 - (10-3)  
  • CJ Entus - (9-4) 
  • Jin Air Greenwings (7-6)   

[China] LPL:

  • Top Four (W/T/L) - Points
  • EDward Gaming (14-4-1) - 46 Points  
  • Snake (9-10-2) - 37 Points  
  • OMG  (8-11-1) - 35 Points  
  • Vici Gaming (7-10-3) - 31 Points


  • The LMS spring playoffs begin on April 10th starting with AHQ E-Sports Club vs. Hong Kong E-Sports in the first round.
  • First round winners will then go on to face off against Taipei Assassins on Saturday, April 11th in the second round.
  • Second round winners will then go on to face off against yoe Flash Wolves on Sunday, April 12th in the final round.


  • Beşiktaş e-Sports Club have defeated Dark Passage, taking first and securing their spot for the International Wild Card Invitational.

[Brazil] CBLOL:

[OCE] Oceanic Pro League:

  • Top Three (W/L)
  • Chiefs (13-1)
  • Dire Wolves (11-3)
  • Legacy (9-5)

Team News


  • TL;DR from the full announcement:
"In accordance with our long-term suspension policy, we have reviewed Incarnati0n, DarkwinJax, Flaxxish, Shizoli, and the members of former Cloud9 Tempest. 
DarkwinJax failed his review due to ongoing toxicity and is having his suspension extended by 4 splits. 
Incarnati0n has displayed genuine reform over a prolonged period of time and passed his review, making him eligible for professional play starting May 11, 2015. Incarnati0n’s past permabanned accounts will remain banned. 
Flaxxish and Shizoli have made some progress, but still fall short of LCS standards of conduct. 
All of the former C9T members passed their review and will be eligible for competitive play starting May 11, 2015."

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