This Week in eSports [March 16th - 22nd]

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With the LCS season winding down, we're back with another edition of This Week in eSports!
[Warning: This post contains spoilers! Click here for spoiler free NA/EU LCS links!]

Continue reading for more information, including up to date standings from all the leagues, the location of the Mid-Season invitational & EU LCS Spring finals, the upcoming IEM event, and more!

Current Standings:

First up as usual, we have updated standings for each of the regional leagues! Note that these standings are accurate as of the articles posting on Monday, March 23rd! Remember, VODs can be found here.


  • Top Three (W/L)
  • TSM (12-4)
  • CLG - (11-5)
  • Cloud9 - (10-6) 


  • Top Three (W/L)
  • SK Gaming - (13-3) 
  • Fnatic - (11-5)  
  • H2K Gaming - (11-5) 

[NA/EU] Challenger Series:

  • Top 3 NA  (W/L):
  • Enemy Esports -  (7-1)
  • TDK - (5-3)
  • Team Fusion - (5-3)
  • Top 3 EU  (W/L):
  • Origen - (8-0)
  • Gamers2 - (5-3)  
  • LowLandLions White - (5-3) 

[Korea] LCK:

  • Top four (W/L)
  • GE Tigers - (11-0)
  • SK Telecom T1 - (8-3)  
  • CJ Entus - (7-4) 
  • Jin Air Greenwings (6-4)   

[China] LPL:

  • Top Four (W/T/L) - Points
  • EDward Gaming (14-3-1) - 45 Points  
  • OMG (8-10-1) - 34 Points  
  • Snake  (8-9-2) - 33 Points  
  • Vici Gaming (6-9-3) - 27 Points


  • Top Four (W/L)
  •  yoe Flash Wolves - (20-1)  
  • Taipei Assassins - (16-4)
  • Hong Kong Esports - (15-6)
  • ahq e-Sports Club - (12-8) 

[Brazil] CBLOL:

[OCE] Oceanic Pro League:

  • Top Three (W/L)
  • Chiefs (12-1)
  • Dire Wolves (9-2)
  • Legacy (6-4)

    Team News

    North/South America:

    • Final Five (challenger team) was recently merged with by Team Coast. The immediate roster swaps are below:
      • Sheep and Impaler join Final Five and have rotated off of starting positions on Team Coast.
      • heavenTime leaves Final Five.
      • KonKwon joins Team Coast as starting support.
      • WelcomeToHeaven moves to Team Coast starting jungler.
    • TSM Darkness was recently caught in a bit of a predicament after they were caught leaking CLG Black's scrims to Team Fusion. Subsequently TSM Darkness was released from the TSM brand and is now Team Darkness, citing poor performance as the main cause. 
    • Team Fusion hired CurryshotGG has a coach. 
    • Winterfox announced they were reversing their decision to move Altec and he would be starting as AD Carry and Gleeb would become starting support. 



    • Team WE hired a new coach this week - firebathero will be joining the team's day to day activities to help aid them as the 2015 World Finals draws close.


    • Rich Gang has had quite the week, ending in the removal of their team from OPL.
    • Earlier this week, player Rich Homie Dre was banned from competing indefinitely with a change to appeal for re-entry in 2017 due to extreme toxicity, hate speech, and abuse.
    • Following the fate of Rich Homie Dre, both Rich Gang and Dre took to social media to share less than savory words about the situation, including harassment, sharing lewd content, and more. Following this extremely inappropriate behavior, a competitive ruling  removing Rich Gang from the OPL was issued.

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