10/24 PBE Update: Preseason Back on PBE, Ahri splash revert

Posted on at 5:39 PM by Moobeat
The PBE has been updated! The experimental preseason changes are back with a few tweaks, Ahri's new splash art has been reverted, and we have tentative balance changes for Janna, Lucian, and Quinn!
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The Harrowing 2014

Posted on at 6:08 AM by Moobeat
[Note: The two new skins, Underworld Wukong and Ravenborn LeBlanc, are LEGACY skins and will leave the shop on November 4th!]

The Harrowing is once again upon us! This year's Harrowing features the release of Ravenborn LeBlanc and Underworld Wukong, the return of 16 legacy Harrowing champion skins and five ward skins, Hexakill: Twisted Treeline, new summoner icons, oodles of discounted bundles, flash sales, a new "Tales of the Black Mist" video, and much more!
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10/23 PBE Update: New Gragas and Graves splash art, Singed Ability icons, New Summoner Icons

Posted on at 1:28 PM by Moobeat
After over a week of silence, the PBE has been updated! We have new splash arts for Graves and Gragas, new summoner icons, new ability icons for Singed, and more!
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Champion and Skin Sale 10/24 - 10/27

Posted on at 7:00 AM by frostyNinja
A new champion and skin sale starts tomorrow! Between October 24th and October 27th, you'll be able to pick up Panda Teemo for 487 RP, Temple Jax for 375 RP, Totemic Maokai for 260 RP, Draven for 487 RP, Fizz for 440 RP and LeBlanc for 395 RP.
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Red Post Collection: Mysterious Facebook Teaser, Jinx & Vi Tidbits, No Live Patch This week, and more!

Posted on at 1:10 AM by Moobeat
[Update: The Ashe exploit has been fixed. See Riot Aether's post for more info.]

Tonight's red post collection feataures a mysterious teaser video that was recently added to the OCE League of Legends facebook page, Gypsylord sharing somre tidbits on Jinx and Vi, and Riot Feithen briefly commenting on the PBE, and more!
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Red Post Collection: Cone Abilities Hotfix, 2014 World Championship Winners Bundle, and more!

Posted on at 1:12 AM by Moobeat
[Note: There is currently an exploit floating around. Here's Riot Eglorian commenting that it is most certainly a bannable offense and that Riot is aware of the issue.]

Tonight's red post collection features a note regarding the recent hotfix for cone abilities, more discussion on Azir and Xerath's updated stories, and a look at the new 2014 World Championship Winner's champion and skin bundle, as well as a reminder on all the legacy content that is leaving the store on October 31st!
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This Week in eSports: 2014 World Championship Finals, Off Season Roster Swaps, and more

Posted on at 12:18 AM by Glyceroll
The 2014 WC finals have concluded and that means we're back with another edition of This Week in eSports!
[Warning: There will be spoilers after the jump! Check here for spoiler free World Finals Post!]

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Free Champion Rotation 2014 Season Week 40

Posted on at 10:00 AM by frostyNinja
The free to play champion rotation for this week features Braum, Corki, Lux, Malphite, Maokai, Orianna, Sivir, Udyr, Vladimir, and Zed.

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Champion and Skin Sale 10/21 - 10/24

Posted on at 7:00 AM by frostyNinja
A new champion and skin sale starts tomorrow! Between October 21st and October 24th, you'll be able to pick up Full Metal Rammus for 487 RP, Heartseeker Vayne for 487 RP, Renegade Talon for 260 RP, Elise for 487 RP, Trundle for 440 RP and Malphite for 292 RP.
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[2014 World Championship] Finals - Samsung White vs Star Horn Royal Club

Posted on at 10:30 PM by Glyceroll
[Check the comment section for a look at a few new splash arts that snuck into the Worlds broadcast! Beware of spoilers though!]

The 2014 World Championship concludes this weekend with the grand finals between Korea's Samsung White and China's Star Horn Royal Club! These two teams will face off in a best of five to decide who is our crowned 2014 World Champions and claims the Summoner's Cup!
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