Patch 6.24 Server Maintenance Announced

Posted on at 11:48 AM by Moobeat
[RECENT NEWS: Camille Champion Insights  / Fan Artist Spotlight: Shilin / All Star 2016 Team Fire/ice summoner icons in shop]

Good news everyone! Server maintenance for our next patch, Patch 6.24, has been scheduled!

On December 7th at 3:00 am PT for NA, 5:00 UK time for EUW, and 3:00 CET for EUNE, servers will go down for maintenance and the 6.24 patch will be applied!

Here's  NA version of the  Network Operations maintenance announcement:
"On 12/07/16, starting at, 01:30 Pacific Time (09:30 UTC), ranked queues will be disabled in preparation for patch 6.24. At 03:00 Pacific time (11:00 UTC), the servers will be shut down and all games currently in progress will end in a draw and stats will not be recorded. We estimate the battlegrounds will be unavailable for 3 hours."
Be sure to check your particular servers status page for your region's specific 6.24 maintenance times:


Until the official patch notes are available, check the  [ 6.24 PBE content ] for a tentative look at what is coming in the patch - including Camille, Snowdown content, Winter Summoner's Rift, and more! The 2017 ranked season (including soft reset) will also start with 6.24, look for more details soon!

Free Champion Rotation, Week of Dec 6th (Plus 10 Supports)

Posted on at 10:06 AM by Aznbeat
The free to play champion rotation for this week features Annie, Malzahar, Graves, Kayle, Kog'Maw, Nautilus, Poppy, Shyvana, Talon, and Udyr. This is also the final week that 10 extra supports will also be added to the rotation - Blitzcrank, Brand, Braum, Janna, Leona, Nami, Sona, Taric, Thresh, and Zyra.
Continue reading for these champions' regular store prices.

Champion & Skin Sale 12/6 - 12/9

Posted on at 7:18 AM by Aznbeat
A new champ & skin sale starts tomorrow! Between Dec 6th & Dec 9th you can snag PROJECT: Lucian for 675 RP, Night Hunter Rengar for 487 RP, Runeguard Volibear for 487 RP, Sewn Chaos Orianna for 260 RP, Gnar for 487 RP, Rek'Sai for 487 RP, Brand for 440 RP and Karma for 395 RP.
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Red Post Collection: There Will Be Mayhem, Meddler on Galio/WW Updates, Ask Riot, OfA in RGMQ Friday, & more!

Posted on at 4:36 AM by Moobeat
[12/3 UPDATE: Added in the latest /ALL CHAT, Elementalist Lux fan art, and more!]

This morning's red post collection includes the new There Will Be Mayhem video for 2016 All-Star Event with a new Pentakill track, a new Ask Riot, Meddler on Galio/Warwick champion updates, an update to the Piltover story site, One for All live Friday in the  RGMQ, several reminders on current promotions and upcoming events, and more!
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2016 IWC All-Star Event [DEC 1st - 4th]

Posted on at 9:25 PM by Aznbeat
[NOTE Dec 4 @ 10 AM PT: Day 4 complete, results added!]
As we gear up for 2016 All-Stars next week, this weekend hosts the the 2016 IWC All-Star Event!
Continue reading for a (spoiler free) look at team info, schedules, and VODs once they become available!

12/1 PBE Update: Winter Wonder Karma W tweaks & more!

Posted on at 1:27 PM by Moobeat
A small update has been pushed to the PBE! As we near the end of the 6.24 PBE cycle, tonight's update includes VFX tweaks for Winter Wonder Karma's W and a few balance changes.
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[UPDATE DEC 1] Piltover Story Page

Posted on at 1:26 PM by Moobeat
[12/1 Update: PROGRESS DAY story and THE MEDARDA HEIRLOOM map added!]

A new Piltover story page is up, including new stories and a bio for Camille!
Continue reading for more information, including a look at upcoming content on the page!

Champion & Skin Sale 12/2 - 12/5

Posted on at 7:16 AM by Aznbeat
A new champ & skin sale starts tomorrow! Between Dec 2nd & Dec 5th you can snag Popstar Ahri for 487 RP, Frostfire Annie for 487 RP, Ironscale Shyvana for 375 RP, Tango Evelynn for 260 RP, Jinx for 487 RP, Draven for 440 RP, Olaf for 395 RP and Jax for 292 RP.
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Red Post Collection: Queue health in patch notes, Meddler Grab bag on PBE & upcoming changes, and more!

Posted on at 3:55 AM by Moobeat
Tonight's red post collection includes a heads up that Queue health updates will be included in official patch notes, Meddler on recent PBE and upcoming changes including Azir, Garen, CotC, Krugs, and more, a note that the upcoming Snowdown skins on PBE are legacy, several reminders, and more!
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11/30 PBE Update: Winter Wonder Karma splash art, Snow Day Graves tweaks, LotPK HA Decorations, & more!

Posted on at 4:31 PM by Moobeat
[Update: Added pictures of new SG Poros and DS Poros on LotPK when using matching icons]

The PBE has been updated! As the 6.24 PBE cycle starts to calm down, tonight's update includes the splash art for Winter Wonder Karma, tweaks for Snow Day Graves splash art, Krug XP changes, & more!
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