4/22 PBE Update: Braum, Dragonslayer Pantheon, Blade Queen Lissandra, Return of Night Hunter Rengar

Posted on at 4:03 PM by Moobeat
To kick off the 4.7 PBE cycle we have a MASSIVE PATCH that includes: everything about our upcoming champion Braum, his release skin Dragonslayer Braum, brand new Dragonslayer Pantheon and Blade Queen Lisssandra skins, the return of Night Hunter Rengar and his new hood toggle, new VFX for Sunfire Cloak, and tentative balance changes for "Mage Fortune", Malphite, Jarvan, and Gragas!
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Braum, the Heart of the Freljord, Revealed

Posted on at 2:19 PM by Aznbeat
The official reveal for our next champion, Braum, the Heart of the Freljord, is here!
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Patch 4.6: Twitch Visual Update

Posted on at 3:46 AM by Moobeat
[ The Rat Pack bundle is available until April 28th! ]

Aged like a fine egg - Patch 4.6 is here and it includes the Twitch visual update! He's now stinkier than ever with a smelly new model, expanded voice over, and deadly new VFX.
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Red Post Collection: Third Party Add-ons, Buffs for Top Lane J4 and Malphite, Soraka rework discussion, and more!

Posted on at 2:24 AM by Moobeat
This morning's red post collection features Sargonas and Ghostcrawler discussing Riot's stance on third party add-ons, Meddler expanding on the 4.6 patch notes' comment on upcoming top lane buffs for J4 and Malphite, Vesh on the direction of the future Soraka rework, and Lyte with a status report on the Tribunal and his interest in some Chat Restriction experiments.
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Patch 4.6 Notes

Posted on at 2:18 PM by Moobeat

Patch 4.6 is on it's way and the official patch notes have been posted!
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Free Champion Rotation 2014 Season Week 15

Posted on at 10:26 AM by Moobeat
This week's, 2014 Season Week 15, free to play champion rotation includes Ashe, Irelia, Karma, Master Yi, Nami, Pantheon, Quinn, Vladimir, Zed and Ziggs. These champions will be available for free play starting tomorrow!
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Champion and Skin Sale 4/22 - 4/25

Posted on at 7:43 AM by Moobeat
A new champion and skin sale starts tomorrow! Between April 22nd and April 25th, you'll be able to pick up Obsidian Malphite for 487 RP, Frozen Terror Nocturne for 487 RP, Enchanted Galio for 260 RP, Hecarim for 487 RP, Galio for 440 RP and Twisted Fate for 292 RP.
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This Week in eSports 4/13 - 4/20

Posted on at 7:14 PM by Glyceroll
Another week has passed so we're back with another edition of This Week in eSports! Both the NA and EU LCS wrapped up after a grueling week of playoffs and the participants in next weeks Summoner Promotion matches have been decided!
(Warning: There are spoilers after the jump! For spoiler free info check out the playoff threads)

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Red Post Collection: Showdown and Hexakill back on PBE, Heal Nerfs in 4.6, and more!

Posted on at 3:10 AM by Moobeat
This morning's red post collection feature a notice the Showdown and Hexakill are back on the PBE for All-Star related testing, Riot Pwyff with a comment on the upcoming heal nerfs in 4.6, a brief discussion on visual updates, and Riot Seb answering some burning questions about Team Builder.
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[ Updated ] Red Post Collection: Let's Talk About Sona, Outdated Skin Splash Arts, PAX East Cosplay Round Up, and more!

Posted on at 6:15 PM by Moobeat
[ 4/20 - Update #2: Added in several more posts about Sona! ]

Tonight's red post collection features Fearless with a "Let's Talk About Sona" thread, IronStylus with a brief comment on updating out of date skin splashes,  RoamingNumeral with additional discussion following his "Making a More Human Bot" dev blog, Morello with a few notes on the direction of Soraka's rework, Riot Gradius with comments on the Heartbleed security bug, and an official community spotlight on some last weekend's awesome PAX East Cosplay!
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