Patch 8.4 Notes

Posted on at 11:06 AM by Aznbeat

Patch 8.4 is on the way and the official patch notes have been posted!
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PBE Preview: Resistance Illaoi + Chroma

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[Recent NewsQuick Gameplay Thoughts: February 21]

A PBE preview is now up on Riot social media for Resistance Illaoi! This video shows off the skin as well as several new chroma!
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Patch 8.4 Server Maintenance

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Good news everyone! Server maintenance for our next patch, Patch 8.4, has been scheduled!

On February 22nd at 3:00 am PT for NA, 5:00 UK time for EUW, and 3:00 CET for EUNE, servers will go down for maintenance and the 8.4 patch will be applied!

Here's NA announcement from the server status page:
"On 02/22/17, starting at, 01:30 Pacific Time (09:30 UTC), ranked queues will be disabled in preparation for patch 8.4. At 03:00 Pacific time (11:00 UTC), the servers will be shut down and all games currently in progress will end in a draw and stats will not be recorded. We estimate the battlegrounds will be unavailable for 3 hours."
Be sure to check your particular servers status page for your region's specific 8.4 maintenance times:


Until the official patch notes are available, check the [8.4 PBE content] for a tentative look at what is coming in the patch, including Dragon Master Swain, Dark Star Jarvan IV, and more!

Red Post Collection: Resistance Illaoi: The Final Update & More

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Today's red post collection includes the final update on Resistance Illaoi before she hits the PBE for testing, red comments from around the web, and more!
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Champion Reveal: Kai'Sa, Daughter of the Void

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The champion reveal for our newest champion, Kai'Sa, Daughter of the Void, is now available!
"To survive among predators, Kai’Sa became one. Stranded for years with no hope of rescue, Kai’Sa endured through sheer will and a symbiotic second skin adapted from a living Void creature. Now the Daughter of the Void emerges an apex hunter torn between two worlds: the one that birthed her, and the one that made her."
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Free Champion Rotation, Week of February 20th

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The free to play champion rotation for this week features Caitlyn, Jhin, Lucian, Lulu, Malphite, Malzahar, Morgana, Pantheon, Renekton, Sion, Skarner, Sona, Trundle, and Vladimir.
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Champion & Skin Sale 2/20 - 2/23

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A new 50% off champ & skin sale starts soonFebruary 20th thru February 23rd you can snag Deep Sea Nami for 675 RP, Gragas, Esq. for 487 RP, Atlantean Syndra for 487 RP, Warrior Princess Sivir for 260 RP, Vi for 487 RP, Jhin for 487 RP, Graves for 440 RP & Heimerdinger for 395 RP.
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2/16 PBE Update: More Tentative Balance Changes

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[2/17 News: Meddler tweeted out some additional 8.4 nerfs for Zoe - (changelist / context)!]

The PBE has been updated! As we come to the end of the the 8.4 PBE cycle, today's patch includes more tentative balance changes.
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Red Post Collection: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 16th, Narrative in 2018, & More

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Today's red post collection includes Meddler's quick gameplay thoughts for February 16th, a Nexus article on Narrative in 2018, and more!
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Red Post Collection: February Bundles, March Sales Schedule, and More

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Today's red post collection includes February bundles, the March sales schedule, a boards post from Riot Maple on the amount of active users vs. the vocal minority on social media, and more!
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