Red Post Collection: Preseason 2015 Increasing Strategic Diversity dev blog, Updated SR's new music, and more!

Posted on at 2:14 PM by Moobeat
This afternoon's red post collection features a developer blog on Preseason 2015's goal of Increasing Strategic Diversity, Praeco discussing the upcoming updated Summoner's Rift's music, and more!
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Red Post Collection: "We are vengeance", Vi's E bug, Sion Passive change in 4.19, and more!

Posted on at 12:31 AM by Moobeat
[UPDATE: Riot has put out a response on the Lucca concept art. For anyone who didn't believe the warnings, "It is not a concept sketch of a new champion.".]

This morning's red post collection features a new mysterious "We Are Vengeance" post on the League of Legends facebook page, Gypsylord commenting on a bug with Vi's E, Riot Scruffy on an upcoming change to Sion's passive, and more!
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10/30 PBE Update: Reaper Soraka splash, Wukong and Singed splash updates, new End of Game assets, SR Login Theme

Posted on at 1:52 PM by Moobeat
[UPDATE ~9:30 PM PDT: A second small patch, including a few mini map icon changes has been deployed! Check out the bottom of the post for more info.]

The PBE has been updated! Today's update features the splash art for Reaper Soraka, updates to the new splash arts for Singed and Wukong, minor tweaks to several of Singed's skins, new end of game victory and defeat assets, a new Summoner's Rift login theme, and more!
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Champion and Skin Sale 10/31 - 11/3

Posted on at 7:00 AM by frostyNinja
A new champion and skin sale starts tomorrow! Between October 31st and November 3rd, you'll be able to pick up Bittersweet Lulu for 487 RP, Viking Tryndamere for 375 RP, Valkyrie Leona for 260 RP, Jinx for 487 RP, Graves for 440 RP and Lux for 395 RP.

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Red Post Collection: Making of Featured Game Modes dev blog, Lyte on TBchanges, 2014 World Championship Sale Ending soon

Posted on at 11:25 PM by Moobeat
Tonight's Red Post Collection features a dev blog by L4T3NCY on featured game mode and Ascension, Lyte discussing upcoming improvements for Team Builder, and a reminder that the SKT T1FNATIC, and TPA skins, as well as Championship ThreshChampionship ShyvanaWorld Championship 2014 icon, and the 2014 Championship Ward skin, will be leaving the shop on OCTOBER 31ST. 
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10/29 PBE Update: Reaper Soraka color tweaks

Posted on at 12:36 PM by Moobeat
A small update, including additional color tweaks to Reaper Soraka and new store images for gifting, has been pushed to the PBE!
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Updated Summoner’s Rift nears open beta!

Posted on at 11:16 AM by Moobeat
Good news everyone - the updated Summoner's Rift will soon be pushed to live for an OPEN BETA!
Here's Riot Aeon with more information:
"For almost six months, we’ve had the updated Summoner’s Rift stewing on PBE as we made tweaks and changes based on your feedback. Although we’ll continue to refine and optimize, we’re pretty happy with where we’re at right now, so we’ll soon be moving onto the next phase: open beta! Once the 2014 season is officially wrapped, we’re going use a staggered rollout during preseason, pushing the updated map onto live in stages to help ensure server stability. Here’s the order for our planned rollout: 
  • Stage 1: Team Builder and Intro Bot games
  • Stage 2: All normal modes, custom games, and all other bot modes
  • Stage 3: Ranked 
We expect this rollout could take several weeks and we may delay stages if we run into bugs or server stability issues. That said, our plan is to push it out as fast as we can while making sure its appearance is toaster-friendly and doesn’t Lee Sin kick our servers into oblivion.  
Finally, while this is still technically a beta (we're planning to continue to update Summoner's Rift--for example, expect updates in the next couple of patches!), the updated Summoner’s Rift will eventually completely replace the old one, so there will be no separate queues to play on the existing SR. This’ll allow us to focus our resources on improving the updated SR, and avoid splitting the team’s focus by having to make the upcoming preseason changes on both.  
From the entire team that worked on this update, we truly wanted to thank you for your feedback! We can’t wait to face you all in-game on Summoner's Rift 
Riot Aeon"

Red Post Collection: Sion buffs planned for 4.19, Summoner Icon Distribution, Cassiopeia rework Follow Up

Posted on at 11:39 PM by Moobeat
Tonight's red post collection features Riot Scruffy discussing planned Sion buffs for 4.19, vladcole commenting on the lack of a 5 year anniversary celebration for League, a reminder on how long it takes summoner icons to be distrusted during events, Morello and Stashu on Cassiopeia, and more!
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10/28 PBE Update: Preseason changes removed, 2014 Ranked Reward Summoner Icons updated, and more!

Posted on at 1:37 PM by Moobeat
The PBE has been updated! First up the massive amount of experimental preseason changes HAVE BEEN REMOVED, although the Summoner's Rift update is still up for testing. Other than that we have updates to the 2014 Ranked Reward summoner icons, tentative balance changes for Sion, and more!
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Red Post Collection: Potential Soraka follow up changes, Nautilus' Size, "Is Lulu Evil?", and more

Posted on at 11:58 PM by Moobeat
[Update: Added in Vesh's plans to test normalized Q speed and W range buff for Soraka, as well as follow up posts from "Fabulist"]

Tonight's red post collection features Vesh mentioning some tentative changes he hopes to test for Soraka, Scruffy on Nautilus' size, Carnival Knights answering the question "is Lulu evil?", a mysterious message from the BR forums, and more!
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