Champion and Skin Sale 7/25 - 7/28

Posted on at 7:00 AM by frostyNinja
A new champion and skin sale starts tomorrow! Between July 25th and July 28th, you'll be able to pick up Infernal Alistar for 487 RP, Ironscale Shyvana for 375 RP, Samurai Yi for 260 RP, Ahri for 487 RP, Nocturne for 440 RP and Twitch for 395 RP.
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EU LCS Summer Split Week 10

Posted on at 6:59 AM by Glyceroll
The EU LCS returns for WEEK 10! Check out the action starting at 9 AM PST // 18:00 CET and don't forget to tune in a half an hour early for the LCS Preview show!
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Red Post Collection: Doom Bots Q&A, SRU Still in the works, Lyte on Restrictions, Leona & Diana, and more!

Posted on at 3:21 AM by Moobeat
This morning's red post collection features a recap of the Q&A with the team behind the Doom Bots of Doom, Lyte discussing the recent player behavior experiments, Riot JxE noting the Summoner's Rift update is still far from done, Leona and Diana paintings from IronStylus, and more!
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7/23 PBE Update: Debonair Vi and Ezreal updates, Sona Icons

Posted on at 11:39 AM by Moobeat
The PBE has been updated! Sona has a new set of ability icons, Debonair Ezreal and Debonair Vi have been updated, there is a new summoner icon, a mini map update for the SR update, and more!
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Red Post Collection: GPL Summoner Icons, Doom Bots Q&a on July 23, Morello Tweets, Zyra's W, Ghostcrawler and more!

Posted on at 10:34 PM by Moobeat
Tonight's red post collection features the arrival of 12 new GPL summoner icons, a heads-up that the Doom Bots team will be hosting a Q&A on July 23, Morello and Pwyff tweeting out regarding recent balance changes and goals, CertainlyT explaining why Zyra has cooldown reduction on her W, and Ghostcrawler chatting about the design team's philosophies and answering several summoner questions.
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7/22 PBE Update: Arcade Sona Hair + VFX Update

Posted on at 11:07 AM by Moobeat
The PBE has been updated with new hair for Arcade Sona and the return of her pixelated VFX!
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League of Legends Cinematic: A New Dawn

Posted on at 5:09 AM by Moobeat
The dawn has arrived - "A New Dawn", the latest League of Legends Cinematic, is here!

"Day breaks over a landscape consecrated by blood and steel. A battle begins as a new dawn rises."
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Red Post Collection: 7/21 Patch Update, Statikk Q&A, Aggressive punishments for the Extremely Toxic, Pwyff & ricklessabandon with Context on PBE Changes

Posted on at 10:03 PM by Moobeat
Tonight's red post collection features details on the 7/21 hotfix, a recap of Statikk's Q&A, Lyte with info on aggressive punishments being handed out to extremely aggressive players, Pwyff with context on the recent Elise PBE changes, ricklessabandon with his own set of PBE context changes, and much more!
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7/21 PBE Update: In-Client Match History Updated, Lots of Tentative Balance Changes

Posted on at 11:56 AM by Moobeat
[ Updated: Pwyff has mentioned that due to the hitbox changes, today's nerf to Elise's human Q range is closer to a 50 ( not 125 ) unit reduction and her E is closer to 100 ( not 225 ) . ]

The PBE has been updated! In addition to a new look for the in-cliet match history, we have a ton of tentative balance changes , including: Elise, Gragas, Janna, Kayle, Lissandra, and lots of items!
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Free Champion Rotation 2014 Season Week 27

Posted on at 10:13 AM by frostyNinja
The free to play champion rotation for this week features Blitzcrank, Dr. Mundo, Gragas, Kog'Maw, Nasus, Skarner, Trundle, Urgot, Xerath, and Ziggs.

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