Arcade 2016 Content now available!

Posted on at 3:16 PM by Moobeat
[NEWSChroma 1.1 - New Chroma now available // Chroma for IP sale // Ask Riot on Champ Riven, Jobs and Champ Roles // Hexakill: TT in RGMQ Friday - OfA added to schedule.]

The new Arcade content is now available for purchase, including Arcade Ahri, Corki, and Ezreal, the Game On ward skin, new summoner icons, bundles, Arcade Hecarim figure in merch shop, and more!
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8/25 PBE Update: Tweaks & more tentative balance changes

Posted on at 12:14 PM by Moobeat
The PBE has been updated! As we continue the 6.18 PBE cycle, tonight's update includes a few more Yorick and skin tweaks as well as another batch of tentative balance changes!
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Chromas 1.1 - New Chroma Now Available

Posted on at 12:13 PM by Moobeat
Five new sets of chroma for champion skins are now available -  Arcade Miss Fortune, Cottontail TeemoWarring Kingdoms Xin Zhao High Noon Yasuo, and  Shockblade Zed!
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Champion & Skin Sale 8/26 - 8/29

Posted on at 7:22 AM by Aznbeat
A new sale starts tomorrow! Between August 26th and August 29th you can snag Jade Fang Cassiopeia for 487 RP, Full Machine Viktor for 487 RP, Ace of Spades Ezreal for 375 RP, Sakura Karma for 260 RP, Elise for 487 RP, Yorick for 440 RP, Caitlyn for 440 RP and Fiddlesticks for 292 RP.
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Red Post Collection: Riot Pls on Ranked, August Bundles, Hextech Sion in shop, CS Riven Details, LCU Updates, & more!

Posted on at 3:29 AM by Moobeat
This morning's red post collection includes a new Riot Pls discussing ranked changes, new August bundles in the shop, a Hextech Sion & Sion skin bundle in shop to celebrate his new skin splash art, details on the upcoming return of and changes to Championship Riven, a new LCU Alpha changelog, and more! 
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Chroma for IP Sale [August 25 - September 8th]

Posted on at 12:27 AM by Moobeat
As previously announced, our first Chroma for IP sale is now live and a selection of previously released chroma are now available for 2000 IP each through September 8th!
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8/24 PBE Update: Yorick tweaks & tentative balance changes

Posted on at 2:01 PM by Moobeat
[NEWSAugust Bundles // LCU - .08 Changelog Prepare to test: Draft Pick Normals // Riot Pls: Ranked Pls // Hextech Sion + Sion  Bundle in shop // Chroma for IP sale starting soon! Up on some servers. ]

The PBE has been updated! Following the massive content drop in the 8/23 update, tonight's update includes additional tweaks to the Yorick update and more balance changes!
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2016 International Wildcard Qualifier [Aug 24 - Sep 4]

Posted on at 12:56 PM by Aznbeat
The 2016 International Wildcard Qualifiers are here, starting with six days of round robin matches.
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8/23 PBE Update: Yorick Champion Update, Chef skins, Championship Zed, and more!

Posted on at 12:33 PM by Moobeat
The PBE has been updated! As we kick off the 6.18 PBE cycle, we have a HUGE update including the Yorick champion update, Championship Zed, new cooking themed skins for Pantheon, Akali, Leona, and Olaf, tweaks to Championship Riven, and much more!
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Patch 6.17 Notes

Posted on at 11:10 AM by Moobeat

Patch 6.17 is on the way and the official patch notes have been posted!
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