Red Post Collection: URFitational Approaches, Context on Eve & Rek'Sai PBE changes, Riot Games API Challenge, &more!

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[10:20 AM PST Update: Added in information on the upcoming URFitational!]

This morning's red post collection includes a manatee worth of information on the upcoming URFitational,  Meddler on why Bard has been disabled and a comment on a counter for his W shrines, context on the recent Rek'Sai & Evelynn PBE changes, a look at the NURF-tastic Riot Games API Challenge, and more!
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The thrilling conclusion to the URFitational

Just in time for the launch of NURF, Riot Magus has put up information on the URFitational!
"Two rival League teams, not at all the same, in hallowed halls, where we broadcast our stream, from ancient grudge to grand final stage, where first blood makes for broken hearts and crushed dreams.

The moment we’ve all awaited longer than we even knew what it was we waited for... is upon us. We prepare to embark on a journey to the pinnacle of human endeavor. The two most prestigious clubs in gaming have clawed and clambered their way to the top of the most venerable, historic tradition of the modern age: the URFitational. 
Fighting in the azure corner, having made their name dominating checkers play in the early 1800s but with their current crop reaping years of careful seeding in the field of League of Legends, the Ye Olde League Organization looks to continue their success with an URFitational crown. 
And clad in crimson are the less-longstanding but not less-distinguished scions of skillshots, the Society of Worth Assessing Gentlemen. With their rugged history in stickball, they rely on the savage instincts that propelled them to just under the top. They’ll be looking to summit the mount with a victory in the final. 
Join a veritable who’s who from the expert ranks of shoutcasters and our esteemed hosts as they break down all of the action directly from the secret location of the honorable tournament itself. Aim your FM receivers to on April 1 at 3 PM PDT and experience all of the deep strategy, innovative tactics, and smashingly slow gameplay the  
New Ultra Rapid Fire update delivers in the Grand Finals of the 2015 URFitational!
In the words of the traditional opening Thoreau quote of the URFitational, “I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life, to put to rout all that was not life and not when I had come to die discover that I had not lived.”
This battle for the ages pits team  Team SWAG (Society of Worth Assessing Gentlemen) or team YOLO (Ye Olde League Organization)?
The Society of Worth Assessing Gentleman Starting Roster:
  • Stephen “Snoopeh” Ellis
  • Alex “Xpecial” Chu
  • Steve “Chauster” Chau
  • Brandon “SaintVicious” DiMarco
  • William “Scarra” Li
Ye OIde League Organization Starting Roster:
  • George “HotshotGG” Georgallidis
  • Andy “Reginald” Dinh
  • Brian “TheOddOne” Wyllie
  • Alexey “AlexIch” Ichetovkin
  • Clark “ClakeyD” Smith
More information on the event can be found in the LoL eSports Article - " OF WORTH AND URF: THE GRAND FINALS OF THE 2015 URFITATIONAL".

Context on Rek'Sai PBE Changes

When asked about the current Rek'Sai PBE changes, Meddler explained:
"We're looking to shift a bit of power from early game damage to mid game onwards mobility (hence lower Q ratio, but shorter re-use CD on tunnels by E rank)."

For reference, the current changes have her unburrowed Q's bonus AD ratio lowered to .2 from .3 and her E tunnels re-use CD is lowered to 10/9/8/7/6 from 10 seconds at all ranks.

Stacking Movement Speed back on Evelynn's W

In a boards thread inquiring on adding a minimum amount of flat damage to Evelynn's % of current health based R, Meddler stealthed in to comment:
Heya, I would like to suggest that, as it is with quite a couple of %healthdmg abilities, that a "minimum dmg" functionality would be added to Evelynss Ultimate Ability. Right now it does 15/20/25% (+1%/100AP) magical dmg of CURRENT HEALTH with no minimum damage. Which means that if an enemy is at 100 Health, it cant even be used to execute champions. I know it is supposed to be used as the first Ability to maximize damage, but it still feels odd to me that I cannot kill an enemy with 50 HP that is running away and I cant catch up to, to use Q or E, to finish them off with my ult (unless I have a Luden's Echo). 
Let me know what you think.
I'll check with a couple of people who've done work on Eve and get back to you about this one. 
While I'm at it, since we're talking about Eve anyway, I'll get their thoughts on how the 5.6 changes have gone as well."
He later popped back in with a follow up:
"So, looks like the team's a little split on the ult's damage paradigm, with whether or not Eve should be able to get a kill outside of her Q range the focus of the discussion. Will get back to you folks if we come to a consensus that'll result in any changes to the ult. 
As far as the 5.6 changes go those have been less powerful than expected. Current thinking is that we'll put the stacking movement speed back on."

As of the 3/30 PBE Update, Evelynn's W once again grants her 4/8/12/16/20 movement speed for 3 seconds stacking up to three times. 

Bard Shrine Counter

In a boards thread suggesting Bard could benefit from a counter showing the number of  his W's shrines he currently has placed on the map,  Meddler replied:
It would be a nice change for Bard to have an indicator (similar to how sightstone shows how many wards are placed x/3) for the number of shrines on the map. 
One immediate effect would be Bard's early game. If Bard places 3 shrines in the jungle to help the jungler clear, then the indicator would notify the Bard when he could start placing shrines in lane.
Seems useful. I'll bounce this on to Rabid Llama (who did the gameplay design for Bard and is doing initial post release follow up work on him too)."

[NoteBard's W already has a X/3 display on live. Unsure if this comment relates to having it added on the icon, tooltip, buff bar, or what. X/3 shows up on mouseover of ability and when placing. ]

In a different thread, Meddler also commented on why Bard was disabled for the last day or so:
"We've got a fix in testing at the moment for a bug where a Bard ult at particular time would leave towers permanently untargetable. Can't offer an ETA for that fix going out, depends on how that testing goes. Lot of focus on getting him fixed and re-enabled though."
Bard is now fixed up and ready for play once again.

Meddler on Taric's future Gameplay and Visual updates

Meddler also briefly commented on Taric's rework, noting that the visual side of his updates will "define when his update comes up"
"I'm not sure on Taric sorry. His timeline's much more defined by figuring out his visual and thematic details than gameplay. Figuring out how to perserve the key bits of his personality and tone, while upgrading his visual quality, is one of the key things that'll define when his update comes out. Improving his kit by contrast's simpler. Ironstylus has talked about the art side of things a bit previously e.g. and will be able to offer more details than I can."

Riot Games API Challenge

 Here's Riot Tuxedo with details on Riot Games API challenge - make something cool using all the NURF data!
"It’s been a little over a year since the release of the Riot Games API, and since then there’s been a lot of great stuff that we've seen from the community. We’re continually excited to see all the new creations that you guys put together, so in an effort to have a little fun and strengthen the developer community we’re happy to present our first API Challenge. 
Head over to the Developer Forums to find more information."

Check out the Riot API forum thread for more details!

Curious about the Riot Games API? Check out this dev blog for more information!

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