3/3 PBE Update: Bard Champ Select Quote, Elderwood Bard Tweaks, Kassadin/Varus/Veigar balance changes, and more!

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The PBE has been updated! Today's update includes Bard's champion select quote, another set of tweaks for Elderwood Bard, a fix for Irelia's W texture bug, balance changes for Kassadin and Veigar, and more.
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(Warning: PBE Content is tentative and iterative - what you see may not reflect what eventually gets pushed to live servers! Manage your expectations accordingly. )

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Bard Champ Select Quote

Bard's Champion select quote has been added:

Elderwood Bard Tweaks

Elderwood Bard, Bard's release skin, has received more tweaks in today's update. Compared to the version we took a look at in the 3/2 update, today's update includes teaks to his hood's color, his beard, his horns, and more!

Here are a few more up-to-date screen shots of Elderwood Bard.
Check out the comprehensive PBE post for a better look at Elderwood Bard!

Bami's Cinder Item Icon Tweaked

Bami's Cinder, a new component item for Sunfire Cape and the new Enchantment : Cinderhulk currently testing the PBE, has received tweaks to it's icon - the icon is now much brighter.


[BUG FIX] Irelia's W texture bug has been fixed - she now properly uses the correct updated textures while her W is active.

Balance Changes

* Remember *: The PBE is a testing grounds for new, tentative, and sometimes radical changes. The changes you see below may be lacking context or other accompanying changes that didn't make it in - don't freak out! These are not official notes.

  • Tempered Fate (R) missile speed reduced to 1800 from 2000

  • Riftwalk (R) range increased to 550 from 450*
  • [*Note: This change is only in the AIR client at the moment.]

Xin Zhao
  • Audacious Charge (E) [damage lowered to 70/110/150/190/230 from 70/115/160/205/250 ]
  • [Note: The current  live value is 70/105/140/175/210, so these PBE changes are still a small buff to E's damage relative to live.]
  • Piercing Arrow (Q) cooldown now starts at the beginning of his channel time rather than at the end.

  • Baleful Strike (Q ) missile speed increased to 2200 from 1750.
  • Event Horizon (E) now stops dashes early (such as Graves E or LeBlanc W) that come in contact with the wall. This does NOT work for Flash / Blinks (such as Ezreal's E or Kass R)
  • [Note: Here's a brief video showing the dash stopping of E on the PBE vs how it currently is on live. On the PBE, LeBlanc's W dash is stopped early and stunned when she touches the wall. On Live, she just jumps through it and then is stunned] 

  • Event Horizon (E) warning particle/delay now begins at the start of Veigar's E's .25 cast time seconds) rather than at the end.
  • [Note: While the warning particle/delay is still .75 seconds, the change in order makes the whole process .25 second faster.]

Check out THIS PAGE for a comprehensive list of the new content in this PBE cycle or catch up with the individual update links below !

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