Red Post Collection: February 12th patch update, Context on PBE Smite range changes, LoL Valentine's Cards, Champion Themed Poros, Kassadin Update in Production, & more

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This morning's red post collection includes a look at the February 12th patch update, Riot Feithen commenting on PBE access, Meddler & Pwyff on the recent PBE range reduction to Smite,  a set of LoL Valentine's from community creator inkiness, a round up of community Heartseeker & Sweetheart creations, and a look at champion themed poros from the Fiesta Da Máscaras / Semana da Folia event!
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February 12th Patch Update

The 5.3 patch notes have been updated to reflect a small hotfix that went out on February 12th, as well as an undocumented change to Oracle's Lens.
"Like we mentioned earlier, we've been working on an update with two notable changes: reverting Sona back to her original base stats and fixing Braum's El Tigre skin audio. 
We also wanted to take this time to highlight an undocumented change we made to Oracle's Lens - our specific goal here is tied to our previous trinket changes where we've been steadily increasing Yellow / Blue trinket power to a point where we now think the three have hit rough parity in terms of attractiveness (yes, they're all beautiful) and didn't want to have one at a different price point from the others. 
Oracle's Lens 
  • COST - 475 gold ⇒ 250 gold 
  • BUGFIX - Fixed a bug where Sona's base stats were reverted to her old stats a few months back. Sorry! 
El Tigre Braum 
  • BUGFIX - El Tigre Braum once again properly plays taunt, joke, dance and movement audio"

PBE Acess Only Removed for Bad Behavior and Inactitiy

With the recent surge of PBE application approvals going out,  Riot Feithen confirmed PBE accounts are now only removed for behavior and inactivity:
"There used to be a system that would deactivate accounts after a set period. That's no longer the case, and you can only be removed now for bad behavior, or going an extended time without playing. :) 

Smite Range Reduction on PBE

Here's Meddler with context on Smite's range changes from the 2/13 PBE Update:
"We're testing changing Smite to measure from edge to edge, rather than from center to center, and then reducing its range. That means that against big targets (like Baron or Dragon) it will have the same effective range it currently does (they've got enormous models, other monsters like Blue/Red it's very slightly shorter against, think half a step's worth). Against champions by contrast it will have a noticeably lower range. One of the reasons behind that change is the belief that Chilling Smite is making skillshot/free targeted offensive dash junglers (such as Lee Sin, Jarvan, Amumu etc), more reliable in early ganks than they should be."
Meddler continued:
This might well end up increasing the difference between mobile and immobile junglers. If so that's all the more reason to look at whether certain junglers are too strong (not sure about the Balance team's current thoughts there). 
The point I was looking to convey was that we don't feel 760 range is appropriate for a click to hit CC from an item that can be accessed really early in the game by any jungler. Regardless of who's too strong or too weak, what other changes should be made etc that's too high a range for that sort of effect. Balance changes to junglers, whether buffing the weak or nerfing the strong, should be made with that item in a better spot.

Pwyff also added:
[1] "RE: Smite change - we're switching it from center-to-center targeting to edge-to-edge targeting. What this effectively means is... [1/2]" 
[2] "... Chilling Smite range is effectively down by about 150, but vs. monsters it's relatively unchanged because monsters have HUGE hitboxes".
[3] "Quick mini-correction - maybe not "relatively unchanged" it'll be a case-by-case basis due to hitbox sizes but Dragon / Baron should be."
[4] "TL:DR for Chilling Smite range nerf - it's more an 'ideological' nerf than a 'solve junglers' nerf as it made a lot of ganks too reliable."
[5] "As an aside for the jungle as a whole, it's something we want to be tackling in the not so distant future, but more context in patch notes!"

Kassadin Champion Update in Production

When asked how the recently announced Kassadin champion update is going, IronStylus noted:
"He's currently in production. Animation primarily, and also getting his skins in order."

Heartseeker Ward is NOT Legacy

After a mix up in the in-game store, Riot Katey Khaos swung by the forums to confirm the the Heartsweeker ward is not legacy and is a permanent addition to the store:
"The Heartseeker Ward is not legacy, so it's not going anywhere. :]"
Check out this post for a better look at this new ward skin and the other Valentine's Day themed content!

Love is in the Rift

Rocket Baby Doll has posted up a set of lovely League of Legends Valentine's greeting-card designs from community artist inkiness!
"A blue and red minion sit next to each other, staring up at a full moon. Shyvana gives her friend, the dragon, a little cuddle. Galio does his best to woo a turret. 
Summoner’s Rift is usually a dangerous place, full of skirmishes and bloodshed. But, as Valentine's Day approaches, champions lay their bows, bolas, clubs or axes aside, take some time out from facechecking brushes, pushing lanes and melting faces and enjoy this time of the year when it's all about cuddles. 
We’re excited to announce a recent collaboration with the incredible community artist Inkiness, who designed five unique Valentine’s greeting-card designs for you to enjoy and share.
Spread the love this Valentine’s Day! 
Download the images for your printable postcards by clicking here ."
Check out more from inkiness on deviant art and Twitter!

Heartseeker Community Creation Roundup

Riot Jynx is back with heart-shaped box full of the communities Valentine's Day theme creations!
"Celebrate Valentine’s Day with some awesome Heartseeker and Sweetheart themed community creations! Click on the artist’s name to see more of their work.
We know there are a lot more heartfelt creations out there, so please share your favorites in the comments below!"

[LAS/LAN/BR] Fiesta Da Máscaras & Semana da Folia

Over the next several days, LAN, LAS, and BR servers are having a special event - "Fiesta Da Máscaras" in Spanish and "Semana da Folia" in Portuguese! The LAN/LAS/BR server exclusive event includes a set of special sales, the chance to earn two masked Teemo summoner icons, and more!

Even if you are from another server, be sure to check out the promotional page to for an a-poro-ble story, oodles of art, and more! For those who do not speak or read Spanish or Portuguese, fan translations of each page are available over on reddit.
The event page also features a fluft of poros dressed up like champions!  Visit THIS PAGE to check out the champion poros, including social media options, higher resolution versions for each, and a new set of poros unlocking each day!
Again, be sure to check back each day for more champion themed poros - twelve new poro champion arts will be posted each day through February 17th!

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