Red Post Collection: Preseason Q & A on Nov. 24th, End of Game Ceremony, "Smaller Scale"/MTU visual updates, and more!

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This morning's red post collection features a heads up on the Preseason Q&A that will be on November 24th, a note on the End of Game ceremony, IronStylus diving into a BIG discussion on "smaller scale" or MTU style champion visual updates, and more!
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Join the team for a Preseason Q&A

With preseason out on live, the team will be hosting another preseason AMA on November 24th!
"Now that you've had a chance to experience the preseason changes, join the team behind Preseason 2015 on the boards to talk everything from Dragon buffs to smiting champions and turret lasers. 
The designers will be on the boards on November 11/24 starting at 2 PM PST. We'll see you there!"

For more on Preaseason 2015, check out the preseason hub!

End of Game Ceremony & SR Music

In a reddit thread discussing the current end game ceremony for victory or defeat vs the animated one from the updated Summoner's Rift gameplay video, Riot Tokkelossie commented:
"The current in-game version is a placeholder. The one in the video is where we'd like to see it when it's done. Soon TM! ;)"

Riot Eno also commented that the new music for the updated Summoner's Rift is also coming in the next patch!
It's coming, we promise! New music for everyone's favorite Rift hits with patch 4.21 =)

The new Summoner's Rift music is already on the PBE! Check out a preview video here.

New LeaverBuster Discussion

Following the recent announcement of the new LeaverBuster system, Lyte popped into reddit to answer a few questions concerning how LeaverBuster interacts with client and server issues.
"When there are connection issues on the server, the LeaverBuster system does not apply any penalties for games during that time. 
Bugsplatting in the middle of a game will result in a first warning, but that isn't a penalty yet. If you continue to bugsplat, reconnecting to the game quickly is considered fine, but if you bugsplat consistently, don't connect until a large part of the game is over consistently, you'll get penalties."
He continued:
"If League is having connection issues, the system doesn't apply penalties for those games. 
If your connection is shaky, or your ISP is having issues, you should fix those before playing multiple games of League."
When asked if the new low priority queue penalties apply to normals, ranked, or both, he clarified:

"You can still play all matchmade queues, but the penalties apply to every queue you play. 
So, if you are a chronic leaver, you'll be put in a lower priority queue even if you queue for Ranked vs Normals."

"Smaller Scale" Visual Updates

IronStylus has posted up a thread regarding the community's thoughts on "smaller scale" visual updates, also referred to as Model and Texture updates (MTU), such as the recent updates for Renekton, Singed, and Maokai.

How's it going?

Good. Good. Glad to hear it.

Anyway, we all know the deal with certain visual updates, mainly of the larger scale variety. The Sivir 's, the Twitch 's, the Garen 's. Also, the biggun's like Sion .

Recently you may have noticed some more "smaller scale" VU's that the ChampUP team has been doing. Renekton, Singed and most recently Maokai .

Those last two types of projects are of interest because we didn't used to do them, but recently we've dug around and noticed that we can take some older champions that have relatively healthy rigs but replace models and even tighten/add animations. That's resulted in some "MTU's" which incorporate model and texture updates. While in the past we sort of worried that we'd be unable to keep up the pace that ChampUP wanted to burn at, we noticed a lot of opportunities in areas where we can get a lot of bang for the buck in, primarilly, the model/animation/VFX department without having to scrap an entire character.

SO! Onto my my questions.. Of course there's the BIG wish list. The VU's (or Gameplay & Visual Updates) that we're all frothing at the mouth to see someday. Champions like: Evelynn, Taric, Urgot, etc.

But with the prospect of MTU's and other "low scope" projects (I say that in quotes because that term is relative) we have some new options.

If you had to pick champions you'd like to see updated models with some possible animation/VFX/etc changes, who would it be?

Who do you think is in a place that could use some model love?

Who do you think has a solid design but wouldn't mind seeing a higher fidelity version of, or perhaps an updated look that incorporates some new design elements but stays true to the spirit of the champion?

Who's in a good spot thematically but could use some updating to match either their faction, region, allegiances, League's evolving style, whatever?

Do you think Leona could use some love? (say yes)

Just curious to see what you think. We have some ideas, we see some opportunities, but I'd love some input.

CLARIFICATION! This stuff has nothing to do with gameplay.

And as always with this sorta stuff.."
IronStylus has also posted this same thread on reddit, for anyone who may feel more inclined to interact there.
"Hey guys! I'm looking for feedback on potential Model and Texture Updates for the ChampUP team to take on. Such projects like Renekton, Singed and Maokai fit into this category. These EXCLUDE large scope projects that will eventually come along such as Taric, Poppy, Urgot, Eve, etc. 
Please check out this thread and post your feedback and ideas! The more comprehensive story is on there: 
On the TL;DR side, these projects include: 
  • Mainly model and texture changes, sometimes streamlining or updating the design.
  • The character is built off of a champion's existing "healthy" rig.
  • Some animation tweaks, potential medium scope changes (walk cycles, attacks, etc)
  • Possibe VFX changes.
What these DON'T include:
  • Gameplay changes aside from tweaks.
  • New or additional VO.
  • Large scale animation changes across the board.
  • Huge theme, story or lore revamps.
When asked why the team is working on these "low scope" projects instead of champions who still have triangle feet, he noted:
"We stagger large scope and lower scope. No one is not getting love because we're not working on a thing that needs love now.
Did that make sense? 
In other words, we got this."

As for if any of these type of updates will include voiceover work, IronStylus noted:
"With most MTU's, unless something bananas happens, we'll stick with the old VO. The scope of script writing, recording, hooking up, etc, is pretty intense."

As the thread filled up with responses, IronStylus swooped around to answer questions and share his thoughts on several champions that were being suggested by players:

As for Cho'Gath and future visual updates for him, IronStylus shared:

"Agreed on MF, Lux and Corki. Cho'Gath though.. we're a bit limited in what we can get with just a model."

He continued:
"Agreed, but chances are we'd go full VU on him. 
IMAGINE EXPANDING/CHANGING/GROWING/MORPHING MODEL on a proper rig! Could potentially be so epic.."

When asked if Fiddlesticks could possibly received some visual love for his VFX and base, IronStylus shared his opinion:
"I think he's a good candidate actually."

Belly flopping over to Gragas, IronStylus commented:
"I'm in agreement actually, though Gragas is in such a bad place with his rig that we'd probably do a tear down. Same with Nunu. Though I desperately would love to see both of them get some good treatment."

As for IreliaIronStylus noted:
"Oh I have. I've got a concept sitting all nice and warm on my hard drive. I've had a pretty good reaction from it, though as has been said, she's in need of a kit re-tune. If we're going to do something with her I'd really like to make her blades REALLY mean something than just being a floating skateboard that she thwacks you with. So any VU will be dictated by kit changes which are currently not on the schedule."
When asked about a previous Rioter comment explaining the Irelia was "more or less a lich", he replied:

"Ehhhhh I'm not really fond of the idea. I guess there's something in her story about cheating death or coming back from death or something. I'm a little lazy to look it up at the moment.. 
..however the core thing is that if that's a thing, currently there's nothing that indicates that she has some sort of death-cheating powers. I think there's enough cool stuff with Irelia, or could be with Irelia, that we can have some fun times without having to tack on that she's undead or whatever. 
Just from tightening her look around the current direction we can get a) military commander in Ionia b) badass floating blade manipulator. So I think we could add something tertiary that fits nicely into that space, such as maybe a young commander that defied odds, or someone who prematurely took up a mantle of command, etc. Even if we didn't have something crazy, we could make her the Garen/Jarvan of Ionia. Not saying that we'd limit ourselves to that, but that's still a solid place to start from. Slapping undead on top of that with no visual significance sort of seems like a waste to me. 
I wouldn't mind connecting her to Riven, Yasuo, Darius, whoever, that would enrich her world relations. I think we can find something more fitting than lich."
As for Irelia's "tentacle" hair, IronStylus commented:
"This is a legit problem. You sorta have to make hair into masses. That's why ponytails and consolidated shapes are popular. You sort of have to treat hair like cloth in a way, making flat planes of it if you want any sort of movement."

In response to a comment begging  him not to change Frostblade Irelia in the event she receives a significant visual changes, IronStylus noted:
"It's a skin, I doubt we'd alter it that much. I personally like the skin a lot and think all it needs is a fidelity upgrade."

As for Jax, IronStylus noted:
"He's not exactly at the top of The List at the moment. Lots of worse offenders as has been said."

Regarding Kassadin, he commented:
"I think the fact that he's.. well.. floating might help his potential as well. I also think he's a good candidate."

When asked about Mordekaiser, he commented:
"Like a lot of these, I think Morde needs to be rebuilt from the ground up."

As for how he feels about Malzahar and Dr. Mundo, IronStylus commented:
"I'm personally quite comfortable with Malz. I think he might be a good opportunity. 
I think Mundo would need a new rig though, there's lots of opportunities there if we had some fresh technical stuff under the hood."

When asked about Morgana and where she might be in the visual update line, IronStylus noted:
"Yeah, unfortunately Morgana is a tear-down if we want to improve her base quality drastically."
He continued:
"Morgana unfortunately needs a full-on VU. She lacks.. anatomy.. to do.. stuff.."
He continued on Morgana, noting:
"We have concepts, but we don't have her officially slotted or planned." 

As for Pantheon, IronStylus commented:
"Before Dragon Slayer Pantheon I would have said complete VU, but now that we have that skin, I think we miiiiiight be able to get away with a new model on that rig. Which is exciting because there's some cool ideas floating around for Panth!"

Regarding Swain, he simply noted:
"I think Swain needs the whole VGU honestly :|"

and Warwick:
"We'd probably have to do a full VGU on him, honestly. His current rig isn't the best."

Got thoughts, questions, or concerns regarding these types of visual updates? Be sure to stop by IronStylus's thread on the boards or on reddit and let him know what you think or who you would like to see!

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