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[Update: Added Kalista's "Invocation" short story and "The Pledge" video to the lore section! ]

"Death to all betrayers..." - Kalista is now available for purchase and play!
During her first week of availability, Kalista will be priced at 975 RP / 7800 IP, after which she will drop to the standard 6300 IP price point. Alternatively, you can pick up Kalista and Blood Moon Kalista in her limited time release bundle for 1462 RP through November 24th.

Continue reading for a better look at the spirit of retribution!

Kalista, the Spear of Vengeance

7800 IP on release, 6300 IP after one week // 975 RP // 1462 RP in Release Bundle until Nov. 24th

Abilities & Ratios

To get acquainted with Kalista's abilities, let's take another look at her champion spotlight:

Now lets take a closer look at her abilities and stats!

  • Base HP: 517.76 (+83 per level)
  • Base Mana: 231.8 (+35 per level)
  • Base Movement Speed: 325
  • Base Damage: 53.46 (+3.25 per level)
  • Base Mana Regen Per Second: 1.26 (+0.08 per level)
  • Base Attack Range: 550
  • Base Magic Resist: 30 (+0 per level)
  • Base Armor: 19.012 (+3.5 per level)
  • Base HP Regen Per Second: 1.2 (+0.11 per level)

As part of her kit, Kalista starts the game with a unique "The Black Spear" item, which permanently binds her to an ally.

The Black Spear 
Active: Bind with an ally for the remainder of the game, becoming Oathsworn Allies. Oathsworn empowers you both while near one another. "

As she rips it out of her self while using the item, the spear through her chest disappears after use.
[Before using Black Spear]
[After using Black Spear]

Martial Poise (Passive)
Kalista cannot cancel her attacks. If the target leaves vision, her attack will miss. 
If Kalista enters a movement command while winding up her basic attack or Pierce, she will drive through in that direction when she launches her attack, lunging a short distance. 
Dash distance scales with boot rank and is 25% greater when lunging backward.

Pierce (Q)
50/55/60/65/70 mana, 8 sec cooldown 
A fast but narrow projectile that deals 10/70/130/190/250(+100% total AD) physical damage. Triggers Martial Poise (P), Sentinel (W), and Rend (E). 
If it kills a target, Pierce continues onward, passing all stacks of Rend to the next target.

Sentinel (W)
25 Mana, 30 second cooldown 
Passive: When you and you Oathsworn both basic attack the same target within 1.5 seconds, you deal 12/14/16/18/20% of their max health as magic damage (minimum 100/125/150/175/200 damage to minions). 8 second cooldown per target. 
Active: Send a soul Sentinel to patrol an unseen area. Champions they see are revealed for 4 seconds. Sentinel lasts 7 laps.  
Kalista gains a charge of Sentinel every  90/80/70/60/50 seconds.

Rend (E)
35 mana, 14/12.5/11/9.5/8 sec cooldown 
While off cooldown, Kalista's spears pierce their target and linger there for 4 seconds. 
Active: Kalista rips the spears from nearby targets, dealing 20/30/40/50/60 (+60% total AD) physical damage and slowing their Movement Speed by 25/30/45/40/45% for 2 seconds. Each extra spear increases the damage by 25/30/35/40/45% , but not the slow.  
If it kills a target, Rend's cooldown is reset. 

Fate's Call (R)
100 mana, 90/75/60 sec cooldown 
Draw Kalista's Oathsworn to her. For up to 4 seconds, the Oathsworn is untargetable but pacified. 
They may mouse click to fly toward target position, stopping at the first enemy champion hit, knocking all enemies in a small radius back and placing the Oathsworn at their maximum attack range from the enemy. 
Kalista's Oathsworn must be within 1400 units for her to cast  this ability.

Lore & Voiceover

Here's her short form, in-client lore:
"Kalista is an eternal spirit of retribution, who possesses a cold-burning hatred for all betrayers, deceivers, and traitors. In life, she was a legendary warrior, but while trying to avert tragedy she was betrayed and slain by those she trusted most. Now, she is an undying entity that can be invoked to exact vengeance, but only at great cost: the supplicant’s soul becomes forfeit, bound to her for eternity."
and here's a longer form short story for her, entitled "Kalista - Invocation" with a brief intro  from Ant in Oz:
"Hey guys 
We are still running into some tech issues with putting up our new Champ stories where we want them to live going forward – on the website's champ info pages. However, we didn’t want this to mean Kalista’s story didn’t go out with her launch… so, we are putting her story up here on Boards for now. We hope you like it! 

The sword-wife stood amid the burnt out ruin of her home. Everything and everyone that mattered to her was gone, and she was filled with fathomless grief... and hate. Hate was now all that compelled her.

She saw again the smile on his face as he gave the order. He was meant to be their protector, but he’d spat upon his vows. Hers was not the only family shattered by the oath-breaker.

The desire to go after him was strong. She wanted nothing more than to plant her sword in his chest and watch the life drain from his eyes... but she knew she would never be able to get close enough to him. He was guarded day and night, and she was but one warrior. She would never be able to fight her way through his battalion alone. Such a death would serve no purpose.

She took a shuddering breath, knowing there was no coming back.

A crude effigy of a man, formed of sticks and twine, lay upon a fire-blackened dresser. Its body was wrapped in a scrap of cloth torn from the cloak of the betrayer. She’d pried it from her husband's dead grasp. Alongside it was a hammer and three rusted nails.

She gathered everything up and moved to the threshold. The door itself was gone, smashed to splinters in the attack. Beyond, lit by moonlight, lay the empty, darkened fields.

Reaching up, the sword-wife pressed the stick-effigy to the hardwood lintel.

“I invoke thee, Lady of Vengeance,” she said, her voice low, trembling with the depth of her fury. “From beyond the veil, hear my plea. Come forth. Let justice be done.”

She readied her hammer and the first of the nails.

“I name my betrayer once,” she said, and spoke his name aloud. As she did so, she placed the tip of the first nail to the chest of the stick-figure. With a single strike, she hammered it in deep, pinning it to the hardwood door frame.

The sword-wife shivered. The room had become markedly colder. Or had she imagined it?

“I name him twice,” she said, and she did so, hammering the second nail alongside the first.

Her gaze dropped, and she jolted in shock. A dark figure stood out in the moonlit field, a hundred yards in the distance. It was utterly motionless. Breathing quicker, the sword-wife returned her attention to the unfinished task.
“I name him thrice,” she said, speaking again the name of the murderer of her husband and children, before hammering home the final nail.

An ancient spirit of vengeance stood before her, filling the doorway, and the sword-wife staggered back, gasping involuntarily.

The otherworldly being was clad in archaic armor, her flesh translucent and glowing with spectral un-light. Black Mist coiled around her like a living shroud.

With a squeal of tortured metal, the spectral figure drew forth the blackened spear protruding from her breastplate — the ancient weapon that had ended her life.

She threw it to the ground before the sword-wife. No words were spoken; there was no need. The sword-wife knew what was being offered to her — vengeance — and knew its terrible cost: her soul.

The spirit watched on, her face impassive and her eyes burning with an unrelenting cold fury, as the sword-wife picked up the treacherous weapon.

“I pledge myself to vengeance,” said the sword-wife, her voice quivering. She reversed the spear, aiming the tip inward, towards her heart. “I pledge it with my blood. I pledge it with my soul.”

She paused. Her husband would have pleaded for her to turn away from this path. He would have begged her not to condemn her soul with this course of action. A moment of doubt gnawed at her. The undying specter watched on.

The sword-wife’s eyes narrowed as she thought of her husband lying dead, cut down by swords and axes. She thought again of her children, sprawled upon the ground, and her resolve hardened like a cold stone in her heart. Her grip tightened upon the spear.

“Help me,” she implored, her decision made. “Please, help me kill him.”

She rammed the spear into her chest, driving it in deep.

The sword-wife’s eyes widened and she dropped to her knees. She tried to speak, but only blood bubbled from her lips.

The ghostly apparition watched her die, her expression impassive.

As the last of the lifeblood ran from her body, the shade of the sword-wife climbed to her feet. She looked down at her insubstantial hands in wonder, then at her own corpse lying dead-eyed in a growing pool of blood upon the floor. The shade’s expression hardened, and a ghostly sword appeared in her hand.

An ethereal tether, little more than a wisp of light, linked the newly formed shade to the avenging spirit she had summoned. Through their bond, the sword-wife saw her differently, glimpsing the noble warrior she had been in life: tall and proud, her armor gleaming. Her posture was confident, yet without arrogance; a born leader, a born soldier. This was a commander that the sword-wife would have willingly bled for.

Behind the spirit’s anger, she sensed her empathy — recognition of their shared pain of betrayal.

“Your cause is our cause,” said Kalista, the Spear of Vengeance. Her voice was grave cold. “We walk the path of vengeance as one, now.”

The sword-wife nodded.

With that, the avenging spirit and the shade of the sword-wife stepped into the darkness and were gone."

Kalista is also supporting a voiceover that clocks in at over 9 minutes long!

As you may have heard, her voiceover includes: unique lines when starting a game on the different maps, special interactions when taunting Cassiopeia, Graves, Karthus, Lissandra, Twisted Fate, and Varus, numerous unique lines when purchasing items,  quotes for killing dragon and Baron, and more!

Here's a run down of her special taunts for enemy champions:

  • "You too shall have a blade in your back, snake"
  • "Serpent, we sense your disgrace"
  • "No such snake shall go unpunished"
  • "We taste your anger, Graves"
  • "Graves, you have only to speak our name"
  • "Give in to your hate, Graves"

  • "Death is not solely your purview, Karthus"
  • "Only a fool would embrace Death, Karthus"
  • "You toy with powers you do not comprehend, Deathsinger"

  • "We see through you, Ice Witch"
  • "We see the course of your deception, Ice Witch"
  • "Your duplicity ends here, Lissandra"

Twisted Fate
  • "Twisted Fate, your hour approaches"
  • "You are a vile betrayer, Cardmaster!"

  • "There is no loss greater than betrayal, Varus"
  • "You have pledged yourself to a false agent, Varus"
  • "Your retribution lacks aim, Varus"
If you'd like to listen to these lines individually, check out the LoL Wiki's BG page for Kalista!

Release Skin

Blood Moon Kalista

975 RP or 1462 RP in her release bundle through November 24th

Login Theme

As with any champion  release, Kalista has her own login screen animation and music!

Looking for more on Kalista? Check out these links for more from her development!

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