This Week in eSports: World Championship Quarterfinals results, latest team news for compLexity & SHC, and more!

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Now that the Quarterfinals matches have concluded and our Semifinals teams have been decided, we're back with another edition of This Week in eSports!
[Warning: There will be spoilers after the jump! Check here for spoiler free Quarterfinal Post!]

Continue reading for results of this weekend's World Championship Quarterfinals matches, the latest team news for compLexity & SupaHotCrew, and more!

World Championship:

  • The 2014 World Championship  Quarterfinals concluded this weekend! 
  • The four teams progressing to the Semifinals next weekend in Seoul, Korea are:
  • VODS for the Quarterfinals stage can be found here or here.

  • Group Stage One in Taipei, Taiwan from September 18th - 21st 
  • Group Stage Two in Singapore from September 25th - 28th
  • Quarter Finals in Busan, Korea from October 3rd - 6th 
  • Semi Finals in Seoul, Korea on October 11th - 12th 
  •  Finals in Seoul, Korea on October 19th.

Other News:

  • [NA] CompLexity recently made some roster swaps including removing both ROBERTxLEE and Pr0lly from the roster and moving them to the reserve squad. Goldenglue (formerly of Dignitas) will be filling the midlane position while the AD Carry spot is still vacant.
  • Several player and management statements on the situation can be found here:

  • [NA] Scarra recently stepped down as the coach of Dignitas. It's currently unknown what his current plans are but he does intend to stick around in the scene in some form or another. 

  • [EU] Supa Hot Crew released Impaler and Kasing. There's still no full announcement yet, just the information that they won't be playing with these two. 

  • [NA] Team Coast has brought in both Elementz and wewillfailer as coaches for the upcoming season.

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