Red Post Collection: Mysterious Facebook Teaser, Jinx & Vi Tidbits, No Live Patch This week, and more!

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[Update: The Ashe exploit has been fixed. See Riot Aether's post for more info.]

Tonight's red post collection feataures a mysterious teaser video that was recently added to the OCE League of Legends facebook page, Gypsylord sharing somre tidbits on Jinx and Vi, and Riot Feithen briefly commenting on the PBE, and more!
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Mysterious OCE Facebook Teaser

The Oceania League of Legends facebook page has posted up a short and mysterious video of a unknown banner blowing in the wind.

The background of the video seems to have the same smoke/fog with teal light as the recent champion page changes. The banner also looks a lot like both one of the new summoner icons that were added in patch 4.18.and the flag from the Harrowing login screen.

Jinx and Vi Tidbits

In response to thread titled "Jinx and Vi's Family Ties: Facts, Myths and Theories" where a summoner extensively reviews the lore behind Jinx and Vi, Gypsylord stepped in to share a few of his own tidbits:
"I love this thread. Really cool analysis you've written up here. 
Some tidbits for you :3
  1. Vi was orphaned at an extremely young age. A combination of her youth at the time and whatever trauma she suffered has left her with absolutely zero memories of her past and any family she may have had. I can't say whether or not Vi has a sister but I can say that if she did have one she would not be able to remember her.
  2. Vi's name is from her tattoo, not the other way around. She's had that "VI" on her cheek for as long as she can remember, and so when she was first on the streets and people asked her name and she had none to give them they just started using the most distinguishing thing about her: the tattoo. Whatever family she may have had might have given her a "real" name at one point but she can't remember it.
  3. It's important to remember that there is somewhat of a method to Jinx's madness. While at first it may seem that everything she does is crazy and random it's all with the underlying goal of entertaining herself and making things (currently Piltover) more "exciting".
    ---Example: If Jinx saw a Piltover citizen standing alone in a dark ally looking scared and all she had was a knife she WOULD NOT be at all interested in running up and stabbing him to death. Boooring. However, if that same Piltovian was sitting on a pile of fireworks and she had Fishbones on hand she wouldn't think twice about taking a shot at the firework pile with pretty much zero concern for the guy sitting on top. Those explosions are gonna be sooooo cool!
    ---This makes Jinx's antagonism of Vi all the more interesting. What type of entertainment is she getting out of going after Vi in such a targeted manner?"

No 4.19 This Week & PBE Updates "before end of week"

After no updates for a over week, several summoners have become antsy for their next PBE fix and tweeted Riot Feithen asking what the deal is!

When asked about the PBE seemingly "on hold" lately, Riot Feithen replied:
"Not really on-hold, but we didn't have any updates ready for PBE."
She continued, noting no update for October 22nd:
"Not today, but before the end of the week we should have some updates on PBE."
As well as confirming 4.19 will NOT be going to live this week:
"Yup, not this week."

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