Red Post Collection: Cone Abilities Hotfix, 2014 World Championship Winners Bundle, and more!

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[Note: There is currently an exploit floating around. Here's Riot Eglorian commenting that it is most certainly a bannable offense and that Riot is aware of the issue.]

Tonight's red post collection features a note regarding the recent hotfix for cone abilities, more discussion on Azir and Xerath's updated stories, and a look at the new 2014 World Championship Winner's champion and skin bundle, as well as a reminder on all the legacy content that is leaving the store on October 31st!
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Cone Abilities Hotfix

Over on the service status page, the Network Operations account has communicated a small hot fix aimed at fixing the bugs with cone targeted abilities, although certain problems won't be fixed until 4.19:
"Hi folks, We wanted to let you know that we patched out a fix that addresses the issues you have been experiencing with cone abilities not casting towards the correct direction (e.g. Kassadin's E, Darius' E, Annie's W, Nidalee's E). However, there is still one case that isn't fixed, were if you quick cast the ability right on top of your character's position the ability might not fire at the correct location. We know that this sucks, but we decided to go with a partial fix that addresses most of the issues, while we're working on getting a full fix with 4.19. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding."

[Continued] Updated Azir and Xerath Stories discussion

Following the updated Azir and Xerath stories that were shared over the weekend, Jaredan has continued to poke around the discussion thread and answer player questions:

When asked what happened between the time Xerath ascended and when he was sealed away with Renekton and Sivir's family history, Jaredan noted :
"Regarding the time between the Ascension ritual and Xerath's confrontation with Nasus and Renekton: I have one finger on my nose and with my other hand I'm pointing at LordHippoman.

We purposefully left Sivir's lineage as a mystery because, well... fun. Personally, I'm loving the discussion here and elsewhere about who survived. Though we don't want it to be an eternal secret, it's a fun part of having an on-going story. And it's a secret we want to tell though a story."

In response to a comment on Xerath's new story "not sounding like the old Xerath", Jaredan replied:
"The story, Unbound, is a key moment in Xerath's life, one that shows him at a certain point in his arc, not who he had been at every point of his life. He was definitely someone who gained great knowledge of Shurima's power. He knew more about the Ascension ritual, what was needed to disrupt it and the power that resulted from it than anyone else at that time. That didn't happen overnight, and it didn't just happen through the course of revenge.

Xerath's rise was self-made, not just through his involvement with Azir as a child—and how that elevated him from his low position—but also from his own aptitude and ability to gain knowledge that was lost to virtually everyone else. An understanding he sought while under the true and perceived boundaries of his station within Shurima.

Xerath's drive to gain magical power and knowledge are implied within the piece, but Unbound is focused on the moment that irrevocably changed Xerath, Azir and Shurima, as well as where the magus was in his mind at that time."
He continued:
"I'm not saying the Xerath who was known previously is 1-to-1 the same, but his search for knowledge, his impressive ability to figure out aspects of magic, particularly those bound to his society, and the importance to who he was and who he became are part of his journey."
As for what happened to Shurima after the story, Jaredan commented:
"Shurima was a vast empire, its capital city being an important part of it due to socio-political power structures and natural (with a bit of magic to help) resources that helped it flourish. When the capital fell, the ramifications were enormous, though not all, as you astutely surmised, immediate."

2014 World Championship Winners Bundle

With the 2014 World Championship wrapping up this weekend, a new flex price bundle of Samsung White's winning team comp has been added to the shop! The bundle features five champions and a skin for each of those champions for a grand total of 4220 RP if you need all of the content.

The champions and skins included are:
  • Corki and Hot Rod Corki
  • Janna and Frost Queen Janna
  • Kassadin and Harbinger Kassadin
  • Orianna and  Bladecraft Orianna
  • Rengar and Night Hunter Rengar

No word on the exact time this bundle leaves the store but the previous Worlds bundles have been available for about a week.

[Reminder] SKT, TPA, FNC, Championship Thresh, and Championship Shyvana leaving the store soon

Since we have had a lot of news lately, here's an unofficial reminder that the SKT T1, TPA, and FNATIC skins setsas well as Championship Thresh and Championship Shyvana are all leaving the shop on October 31st! Make sure you pick them up before they head off the legacy vault.

Check out these links for skin previews:

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