10/10 PBE Update: Rumble & Shaco splash arts, Team Reward Ward Skins, End of Game Gifting, and more!

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[Updated: Added information on the new End of Game Gifting feature!]

The PBE has been updated! We have new base splash arts for Rumble and Shaco, three new team reward ward skins for the 2014 ranked season, and much more!
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(Warning: PBE Content is tentative and iterative - what you see may not reflect what eventually gets pushed to live servers! Manage your expectations accordingly. )

New Rumble and Shaco Splash Art

Continuing with our recent surge of updated base splash arts, Rumble and Shaco both have new art!



2014 Ranked Team Rewards Ward Skins

The three unique ward skins that are part of the 2014 season ranked TEAM REWARDS are now up on the PBE! These reward ward skins will be handed out at the end of the season based on how many points you have earned by playing team ranked games. Read up on how to obtain them here.

(75 Points)

(45 Points)

20 Points

and here's a preview video (note that theses are a WIP and missing some vfx!)

Here's Riot KateyKhaos with a bugs & feedback thread for the Team Reward Ward Skins:
"There will be three wards for the end of season rewards this time around– which one will you be receiving? 
These wards are unlocked based on how many wins players earn over the season in ranked teams.
  • 3v3 win: 1 point
  • 5v5 win: 3 points
  • 20 points will earn you the Conquering Ward, which has one tier of 'wings', and is topped with a whitish orb.
  • 45 points will earn you the Triumphant Ward, which has two tiers of 'wings', and is topped with a light blue orb.
  • 75 points will earn you the Victorious Ward, which has three tiers of 'wings' that are gold white and blue, and is topped with a royal blue orb.
For more information about these wards and how to obtain them, click here!
These wards are now available for testing on the PBE! As always, we find bug reports and constructive feedback super helpful, so feel free to comment in the thread below! 
PS. The 2014 season ends on November 11th, 2014 at 12:01 AM PST, so you’ve still got plenty of time to earn these wards! :] 
NOTE: The particles for these wards are not in yet, but will be soon! Please hang tight!"

End of Game Gifting on PBE

Here's Saberprivateer with a heads up on the new End of Game gifting features now enabled for testing on the PBE!
"Hey guys! 
We’ve released end of game gifting to the PBE for testing. This is a new way for players to gift fellow Summoners via the post-game lobby. Now, whether you want to thank a friendly player or reward someone’s first Pentakill, you can show your appreciation after the match! Here are the details: 
• You do NOT have to be friends to send a gift
• You can send gifts to players on both teams
• Only mystery skins and mystery gifts are available at this time
• The prices will be the same as in the store
• Gifts will count towards the daily gifting limit. In other words, you can only send/receive up to five gifts each day (For example, sending three mystery skins from the store and two end of game gifts hits your limit)
• Available in all queues except for custom games 
The Unlock team is looking forward to your feedback so please respond to this post with questions and let us know what you think!"

Experimental Preseason Changes

[For the sake of clarity, I'm going to try to wrangle all the new or changes to the  preseason changes  into one convent  place in each update. Be sure to read up on the ROUGH NOTES from Xypherous or our earlier PBE coverage to get caught up on the massive amount of experimental changes they are currently trying out!]

There wasn't a whole lot of additional preseason changes following yesterday's big patch. However, several new icons have been added for the new preseason items. These are likely just placeholders.

Modified Testing Windows: Updated Summoner's Rift + Preseason 2015

Here's Pwyff with a heads up on the plan to swap between the SRU testing and the specific preseason testing  on the PBE over the next couple of weeks:
"Hey all, 
Just wanted to give a heads up about some... unique testing we'll be doing on the PBE.
Specifically we've got two big projects we want to throw onto the PBE - the 2015 preseason changes, and the updated Summoner's Rift - but both require very different forms of testing. Because of this, we're going to try something different: for the next couple weeks, we'll be splitting testing phases into separate sections. 
So here's what you can expect: On some days you'll be able to play the updated Summoner's Rift with most of what the live environment currently has (although the 2015 preseason champion stat changes will remain (but not items)). On other days, you'll be able to play on the updated Summoner's Rift along with all of our major 2015 preseason experimental changes, including the updated turrets, jungle changes, dragon changes, and more. We'll be flipping between the two for a few weeks to get extra testing coverage on both, so don't be surprised if things change on the fly.
It's also worth mentioning that stability is one of our core focuses here, so you may not see much iteration between 'phase' shifts. Currently we can't really pin direct PBE dates to when you can expect 2015 season changes + the updated Summoner's Rift vs. just the updated Summoner's Rift, but if you keep checking back here, we'll keep you posted on the switches. 
You'll see our testing schedules going back to normal roughly after October, but we just wanted to try something new for this month. We appreciate your patience and happy playing!"

Balance Changes

* Remember *: The PBE is a testing grounds for new, tentative, and sometimes radical changes. The changes you see below may be lacking context or other accompanying changes that didn't make it in - don't freak out! These are not official notes.

  • [Note: Her Range increase to 550 from 525 and Movement speed decrease to 330 from 335 has not been reverted.]

  • Mega Adhesive (W) tool tip cleaned up after yesterday's errors. Now includes only "If Singed flings a target into the zone, it will snare them for 1 second."
  • Fling (E) now also reads "If the target Singed flings lands in his Mega Adhesive, they are also snared for 1 second"
  • Rune Prison (W) .45% of max mana scaling removed. 
  • Spell Flux (E)  .1% of max mana scaling  removed.
  • [Context: No other changes just yet.]

  • Heightened Learning (Passive) now reads "Increases Experience gain of Zilean and nearby allied champions by 8% and grants Zilean bonus AP upon reaching level 6/11/16" from only increasing Zilean's XP gain by 10%
  • [Context: They've been fiddling with Zilean's passive on the PBE lately. His current passive on live gives 8% increased experience to him and his team mates globally. Today's iteration is only NEARBY allies.] 

Miss out on previous updates from this PBE cycle? Check out THIS PAGE for a comprehensive list of the new content in this PBE cycle or catch up with the links below !

Reminder: The Summoner's Rift update is currently on the PBE  for testing!

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