This Week in eSports: Group A&B results, Changes for 2015 Challenger series, and more!

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With the conclusion of the 2014 World Championship groups A and B earlier today, we're back with another edition of This week in eSports!
[Warning: There will be spoilers after the jump! Check here for spoiler free Group A/B post!]

Continue reading for the the results of Groups A&B, news for the 2015 expansion tournament, potential improvements for the challenger scene, and more!

World Championship:

  • The 2014 World Championships kicked off earlier this week with Groups A and B playing off against each other!
  • Group A & B  Results:
  • The top 2 teams in each group advance to the quarterfinals. For Group A this is Samsung White and Edward Gaming.
  • The top 2 teams in each group advance to the quarterfinals. For Group B this is Royal Club and Team Solomid.
  • The 2014 World Finals continue with Group C and D on September 25th - 28th!

  • Check out the final chapter of Riot's "Road to Worlds" series:
  • Chapter 3: The Road to Seoul

  • [2014 Worlds Pick'em] Riot recently launched a new section of lolesports devoted to predicting the results of the Group Stage and onward! Be sure to check it out and post your picks in the comments below! 

  • Group Stage One in Taipei, Taiwan from September 18th - 21st 
  • Group Stage Two in Singapore from September 25th - 28th
  • Quarter Finals in Busan, Korea from October 3rd - 6th 
  • Semi Finals in Seoul, Korea on October 11th - 12th 
  •  Finals in Seoul, Korea on October 19th.

  • [2014 Worlds- Reminder] Along with the above information, Riot also released the official Worlds Rule book! Check it out for information on prizing,  team member eligibility, and much more.

  • [2014 Worlds] A playlist including all of the music for 2014 World Championship has been published here!

Other News:

  • [NA/EU Challenger Series] Riot has announced a slew of considered changes to the upcoming 2015 Challenger Series. Here's the full post a a TL;DR of the possible changes/issues below: 
    • "DDoS attacks have been an issue this season. As such, we’re focused on enhancing our existing technical support for Challenger teams to make sure that the only thing that decides a match is skill.
    • "We are currently discussing multiple format changes for 2015 including a round-robin style season similar to the LCS that will allow the best teams to rise to the top."
    • "We are considering a new rule around auto-promotion and auto-relegation, which would mean the LCS 10th place team would automatically go to Challenger and Challenger Series champion would automatically move into the LCS after each split."
    • "We are giving Challenger Series its own day of the week and updating ownership rules to restrict ownership to two teams - one in Challenger and one in the LCS."

  • "The Expansion Tournament will take place from November 15 - December 21, featuring 13 teams drawn from the Promotion Tournament, Challenger Series playoffs, and Ranked 5s ladder. The top two teams to emerge from the tournament in NA and EU will secure an LCS spot in their region." 
  • "The ladder lock date for Ranked 5s teams entering the Expansion Tournament will be at 11:59 AM PST on November 2nd, 2014 for NA and 23:59 CEST on November 9th, 2014 for EU." 
  • "Both the NA and EU tournaments will feature two rounds of online competition, followed by an additional three rounds of competition which will be broadcast live from ESL’s studios in Burbank for the NA Expansion games and in Cologne for the EU Expansion games." 
  • "To prioritize in-game competition over acquisition gamesmanship, owners with a stake in one or more teams already playing in the Expansion Tournament are restricted from obtaining a stake in another Expansion Tournament team without divesting their previous stakes." 
  • "Players who played in the most recent split for a professional team that compete in the Expansion Team and gain entry into the LCS cannot be acquired by another LCS organization until the completion of the 4th regular season week in their respective regions."

  • [NA/EU LCS] Another new set of rules emerged for the 2015 Season this week including that coaches will officially be recognized by the LCS and subject to the same rules and regulations. For a full rundown of the new rule - check out the lolesports post

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