[Updated] Shurima: What Lies Beneath the Sands?

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[9/16 Update: Be sure to check out Rise of The Ascended and Azir's release thread!]

The Shurima event is upon us! Between now and September 21st, a sandstorm of content is blowing our way, including the Shurima storyline (starting with part one today), the Ascension featured gameplay mode, several unique summoner icons to earn during the event, all Shurima champions available for free to play and RP discounts for them + a select skin, and more! Guardian of the Sands Kha'Zix and three new Shurima themed ward skins are also now available for purchase!
Continue reading to part the sands and take a better look at all of the Shurima event's content!

The Shurima promo site

First and foremost, you should go check out Riot's dedicated promo site for the Shurima event!

It's big, beautiful, and features all the rest of the information included below in a sandy little package.

You'll also find new abbreviated lore entries to weak your beak in the Shurima story line, the first part of the Shurima story, an overview on our upcoming champion Azir, a look at all the new Shuriman spoils such as Guardian of the Sands Kha'Zix and new ward skins, details on how to snag several new summoner icons, an overview on ASCENSION, and more!

[Story] Descent into the Tomb

The story section of the Shurima promo page features a snippet of the story that is unfolding in the sands, a tale of a young emperor Azir and the fate of Shurima following Xerath's betrayal
"A thousand years ago, the glorious empire of Shurima shone like a second sun across the desert. Its emperor, Azir, was young but ambitious – and thus easily manipulated. Azir's magus, Xerath, whispered in his ear that the ancient rite of Ascension would give the young emperor the power he craved. But Xerath stole Ascension's power for himself, obliterating Azir and reducing the gleaming capital city to ruins in the process. Nasus and Renekton, brothers and legendary Ascended heroes, stopped Xerath – but the cost was high: at Renekton's urging, Nasus entombed his beloved brother with the mad magus, to keep Xerath doubly contained in the buried ruins of Shurima for all eternity. Or so he believed. For now two adventurers seek the legendary Tomb of the Emperors..."
It also features "Descent into the Tomb", the first part of the Shuriman story!
"Scroll after scroll in Noxian libraries chronicle the power buried within Shurima. Now Cassiopeia thinks she found the key."

and part two, Rise of the Ascended!
"As Sivir bleeds onto scorching sandss, she inches closer to a discovery that will change everything she knows about herself - and transform the course of history."

Azir, The Emperor of the Sands

The Shuriman promo page also has a standalone section previewing our upcoming champion Azir, The Emperor of the Sands!

Head on over for a look at at Azir's gameplay and abilities! You can also check out this post for more details surrounding his release!


In addition to details on the new Ascension featured gameplay mode, we also have a gameplay preview!

On to the info!

Ascension Basics

The sands of Shurima have shifted the Crystal Scar, rendering the outer circle of the map impassable. You'll need to use the Golden Transcendence trinket to teleport into the fray. Victory is earned through points and the first team to 200 wins the day.
Earning Points:

  • 1 POINT for kills
  • 3 POINTS for capturing one of the three Relics of Shurima on the Map
  • 5 POINTS for destroying an ASCENDED
  • DOUBLE POINTS - Ascended champions earn two points for each kill

Ascension Bonuses:

Claim Ascension by taking down Ancient Ascendant Xerath in the center of the map, but be careful, you'll need your whole team to battle him and claim the buff. The Ascension buff yields awe-inspiring power:
  • AD & AP

But the gifts of Ascension come with a price, as healing and regeneration effects are halved and the other team always retains vision of you. Once the Ascended falls, Ancient Ascendant Xerath will respawn shortly afterward, reigniting the struggle for Ascension!

Exclusive Rewards in Ascension
Claiming one, three and five victories in Ascension will each earn you exclusive Shurima icons showing your battle prowess. For the mightiest amongst you, we've added the Perfect Ascension challenge, where your team must claim victory, earn the Ascension buff at least once and never allow the opposing team to hold the Ascension buff. For your flawless victory, you'll earn the Perfect Ascension icon that won't be available any other way. All of the icons will only be earned through matchmade Ascension games, custom matches will not count toward the unlocks.

Ascension Tips

As the battle rages on, choosing the platform you teleport to becomes increasingly important. If the enemy team is a marauding death squad with an Ascended Rengar bounding after your team, teleport away from the baddies and nab a Relic of Shurima to put some numbers on the board.

Corralling your allies into a roving kill team is an excellent way to rack up points and keep the momentum headed your direction, especially when you control the Ascension buff.

Think of Ancient Ascendant Xerath as a big blue Baron, except even stronger. You and your teammates should almost always contest Ancient Ascendant Xerath when the opposing team moves against him. The five points and buff are too powerful to ignore. Best of all, managing to steal the kill away from the enemy team will knock everyone away and restore your health, making for an easy escape and an utterly satisfying play.

Guardian of the Sands Kha'Zix now available!

"This world is delicious!" - The new Guardian of the Sands Kha'Zix skin is also now available for purchase for 975 RP.
Itching for a better look? Check out our dedicated post for a better look at Guardian of the Sands Kha'Zix and all his evolutions!

Shurima Wards

We also have THREE new Shurima themed ward skins, each available for 640 RP!

Sun Disc Ward

640 RP

Armordillo Ward

640 RP

Sad Mummy Ward

640 RP

Shurima Icons

The event also features a total of five new icons, one that is available for purchase and four that you must earn by playing the new Ascension featured game mode!

Shurima Crest Icon

250 RP or 1500 IP for the duration of the Event

The following icons must be earned during the duration of the 12 day event, which ends on September 21st!

Shuriman Acolyte

One Ascension Wins Earns you the Acolyte Icon

Shuriman Master

Three Ascension wins earns you the Shuriman Master Icon

Shuriman Ascendant

Five Ascension Wins eanrs you the Shuriman Ascendant Icon

Perfect Ascension

Win a game of Ascension in which a member of your team ascends at least once and the opposing team never ascends to earn the perfect ascension icon.

You can track your progress to any of these icons by visiting your appropriate regions Shurima promo page.

Free to Play Rotation & Sale

Through out the duration of the event, all Shurima-related champions ( except Azir of course ) are free to play and have a 20% discount on their RP price! Each champion also has a 20% discount on one of their selected skins.

The list includes:

Rewards FAQ

Lastly, we also have an FAQ covering the end of the event, how to snag the sweet new summoner icons, and much more!

Why Do I need to sign in?
Signing in lets us know who you are, what you’ve accomplished and what you’ve earned. Remember, when you play Ascension, you’re earning rewards that you redeem on the Shurima site!

How do I earn Shurima rewards?
Sign in, play (and hopefully win) Ascension mode. By fulfilling these criteria, you’ll earn exclusive Shurima content:
  • Win one matchmade Ascension match to earn the Shuriman Acolyte icon
  • Win three matchmade Ascension matches to earn the Shuriman Master icon
  • Win five matchmade Ascension matches to earn the Shuriman Ascendant icon
  • Win an Ascension match wherein your team earns the Ascension buff at least once and the opposing team never earns the Ascension buff to earn the Perfect Ascension icon
How do I redeem my rewards?
Well, first you need to sign in. If you’ve fulfilled the listed in-game criteria, head over to the tracking section of the Shurima site. Note that you’ll need to hit the buttons in order. For example, if it’s your first visit to the site, but you’ve already won five Ascension games, you’ll need to click the buttons for one win and three wins before unlocking the fully restored icon you earned for winning five.

There’s a fifth icon, the Shurima Crest, how do I get that?
This one’s only available to purchase. For the length of the event, you can buy it for 250 RP or 1500 IP. It’ll remain available after the event ends, but will only be purchasable for 250 RP.

When does the Shurima event end?
September 21, end of day in your territory.

I clicked redeem. Where’s my stuff?
Your icons should show up within a day or two, but we have a feeling there’ll be a lot of ascending over the course of the Shurima event so you may have to wait just a bit longer.

What if I earn the rewards, but never click “Redeem”?
A few days after the event ends, we’ll do a sweep, rewarding everyone who’s earned the goods. You should definitely click the button because you’ll get your icons faster. Plus, clicking buttons feels good.

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