Red Post Collection: Azir disabled due to bugs, Ascension Q&A Later This Week, and status of SR Update

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[Update: Azir is fixed up and again available for play and purchase!]

Tonight's red post collection features Meddler with news on Azir and the bugs that caused him to be disabled after his release earlier today. You'll also find a heads up on the Ascension Q&A scheduled for later this week and Riot JxE briefly commenting on the Summoner's Rift update.
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Azir Disabled due to bugs

While Azir and the next part of the Shurima storyline were both released earlier today, Azir was quickly disabled and sent back to his nest due to some nasty bugs!

Meddler shared the reasoning behind Azir being disabled, saying:
We've disabled Azir because of a bug where his ult can permanently stop an enemy tower from shooting. We're working on a fix for that and are looking get him re-enabled as soon as we can. Apologies this has happened, realize it can be quite frustrating.
When asked if the team was aware of another bug that was granting the enemy team vision through Azir's soldiers, he noted:
"We've seen a couple of mentions, haven't seen it ourselves yet though. Do you have a link to a video or way to reproduce it by any chance? Would love to get that fixed too, either in a hotfix in the next patch depending on what's involved, how frequent it is etc."
As for a time frame for the return of Shurima's Emperor, Meddler commented:
"He won't be re-enabled tonight. Beyond that depends on how the potential hotfix patch tests."

In reference to the age old  joke "everything coded as minions", ZenonTheStoic commented on the bug over on reddit:
"Turrets are one of the very few things in the game that are NOT coded as minions. 
That said, this is exactly what happens. It attempts to move the turret and that breaks the turret's AI. I had a bug on Lucian where shooting a turret with the passive made the turret face away from Lucian. Why is it my guys always **** up turrets?"

Ascension mode Q&A coming on 9/18

With Ascension available on live through September 21st, the team who worked on our latest featured gameplay mode will be descending on to the forum to answers your questions!
"The Play team is stepping into the sunlight to host a Q&A session on the Ascension game mode at 8AM PST on September 18. If you’ve any questions about what went into coming up with the Ascension game mode, these are the folks to chat with. 
Learn more about Ascension and Shurima here:

Summoner's Rift Update will be ready when it's ready.

In a thread asking when Riot plans to release the Summoner's Rift Update that has been testing on the PBE since early June, Riot JxE stepped in to reiterate:
"Hey there! 
I want to assure you we're working hard on the visual update to Summoner's Rift. The skins/champs team are a completely different team and no resources are being lost on SR because of new skins/champs. 
We're currently spending a lot of time focusing on bug fixing and performance optimization to make sure the map runs awesome on everyone's computers. The last thing we want to do is release the map with major bugs/crashes and stop people from playing :) 
So all of that being said, when we feel like it's in a place where we can ship without causing any major issues on any computers we'll release it. I know it looks awesome and you're excited about it (we are too!) but we want to make sure everyone can still play without issues when we make the switch."

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