This Week in eSports: Gamescom 2014 roundup, Worlds Group draw info, and more.

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Following an exciting weekend at gamescom 2014, we're back with a recap of this week's eSports news!

[Warning: There will be spoilers after the jump! Check here for spoiler free NA and EU posts!]

Continue reading for a ton of information on the three EU LCS teams and the international team that qualified for Worlds 2014 this weekend, info on the World Finals group draw, and more!


  • [2014 World Finals] We've finally got our first batch of teams qualified for the 2014 World Finals!  Here's a current running list of the teams that will be competing:
    • EU (3 Spots)
      • Fnatic
      • Alliance
      • SK Gaming
    • NA (3 Spots)
      • TBD - PAX Prime
    • KR (3 Spots)
      • Samsung Galaxy Blue
      • TBD - Regionals
    • China (3 Spots)
      • TBD - Regionals
    • International Wildcard (2 Spots)
      • Dark Passage
      • TBD - PAX Prime
    • SEA (2 Spots)
      • Taipei Assassins
      • TBD - Regionals

  • [OGN] The OGN Summer Finals recently took place on August 16th! Here's the rundown on the placements:
    • 1st - KT Rolster Arrows
    • 2nd - Samsung Galaxy Blue
    • 3rd - Samsung Galaxy White
    • 4th - SKT T1 S

  • [GPL] GPL wrapped up this week as well, here's a rundown of the results:
    • 1st - Taipei Assassins
    • 2nd - ahq e-Sports Club
    • 3rd - Logitech G Fighter
    • 4th - Saigon Fantastic Five

  • [International Wildcard] Over the past week at Gamescom - Dark Passage beat out the heavily favored Legacy eSports to secure their spot for World Finals in the first half of the International Wildcard Tournament.

  • [2014 World Finals] Riot released information regarding the World Finals group draw - where they'll decide what teams are pooled with each other in the opening rounds. Due to the super late Chinese regional qualifiers - a live and promoted group draw would be a logistical nightmare, so they'll be having a private draw. After the announcement of the groups (which will have its own LCS-style show announcement) they'll be releasing a recording of the group draws. More information can be found via the announcement post

  • [KR/CLG Drama] Riot recently announced a set of fines aimed at CLG for account sharing during their boot camp in Korea during the final week of LCS. They were fined a total of $1,250 each and have the been banned from OGN and KeSPA events (OGN, NLB, Masters, etc) for two years. 

  • [Riot vs. Reginald] Riot recently announced a fine aimed at Reginald for announcing Lustboy prior to having him scoped out by Riot as potentially "harmful to the League of Legends image." Reginald was fined $2,000 but that wasn't the end of the drama. A back and forth blame game exploded on Reddit/Twitter after the fine was announced.  

  • [2014 World Finals - Reminder] The preliminary schedule for the World Finals were posted earlier this week, including dates and times for every event leading up to the grand finals in  Seoul Korea.
  • The days and locations for the  World Final stages are: 
  • Group Stage One in Taipei, Taiwan from September 18th - 21st 
  • Group Stage Two in Singapore from September 25th - 28th
  • Quarter Finals in Busan, Korea from October 3rd - 6th 
  • Semi Finals in Seoul, Korea on October 11th - 12th 
  •  Finals in Seoul, Korea on October 19th.

  • [2014 World Finals - Reminder] Along with the above information, Riot also released the official Worlds Rule book! Check it out for information on prizing,  team member eligibility, and much more.

  • [2014 World Finals - Reminder] If you have ANY questions or concerns regarding the upcoming 2014 World Finals, be sure to visit the details LoL eSports Intro to Regional 2014 site or ask in the comment section below.

  • [LCS - Reminder] NA Regionals are coming up soon! NA will be heading to Pax Prime in Seattle (Along with most of the S@20 Crew!).  Regionals will decide the region's representation at the 2014 Season World Finals

  • [Promotion Matches - Reminder] RiotNickAllen announced the schedule for the 2015 Spring Promotion Tournament for the challenger and relegated LCS teams:

Tuesday, September 9
10am PDT/7pm GMT – EU 8th Seed Promotion Match
~3pm PDT/12am GMT – NA 6th Seed Promotion Match

Wednesday, September 10
10am PDT/7pm GMT – EU 7th Seed Promotion Match
 ~3pm PDT/12am GMT – NA 7th Seed Promotion Match

Thursday, September 11
 10am PDT/7pm GMT – EU 6th Seed Promotion Match
~3pm PDT/12am GMT – NA 8th Seed Promotion Match

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