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Ready to get HYPER? At the end of the month ( the dates vary in each region ) , we'll be celebrating SUGAR RUSH! Sugar Rush will feature a double IP weekend, tasty new summoner icons, the return of 47 legacy skins, skin and champion discounts, a bundle,  increased chance of gifting legendary skins, and MORE.
Continue reading for more information on this SWEET event!

This event is live on every server except for TR as they had a similar event earlier this year!

Be sure to check out your regional thread for specifics on EVENT DATES and RP PRICES as they vary slightly from region to region.


Here's DontHassleDaHoff with details from the NA post:
"Candy-coated Cupcake Icons, Gingerbread Wards and Lollipoppies galore! Sometimes, you’ve just got to satisfy your confectionery craving with a tasty treat. So, from August 26 through September 1, we’re celebrating Sugar Rush, a sinfully sweet week of scrumptious surprises. Here are the details: 
  • Double IP weekend from 12am on August 29 until 11:59pm on September 1
  • The Legacy Vault will be temporarily thrown open during Sugar Rush and all 47 retired Legacy skins will be available at their regular price during the entire event, and will be 50% off for one day (details below)
  • Candy-coated Cupcake Icon – 250 RP 
  • Hextech Hard Candy Icon – Earn by sending a gift during Sugar Rush 
  • Double the regular chance of gifting a legendary skin in mystery gifts
  • Sinfully Sweet bundle – 30 % off at 3860 RP (6097 RP if you need the champions)
  • Each skin from the bundle is also available by itself during Sugar Rush for 15% off.
  • Champ skins – 829 RP each
  • Gingerbread Ward – 544 RP
  • Extra bonus RP during the entire week

Here’s a breakdown of how much RP you’ll receive for purchases during Sugar Rush: 
  • $5.00 – 650 RP
  • $10.00 – 1460 RP (1300 + 80 standard bonus RP + 80 extra bonus RP)
  • $20.00 – 3000 RP (2600 + 200 standard bonus RP + 200 extra bonus RP)
  • $35.00 – 5450 RP (4550 + 450 standard bonus RP + 450 extra bonus RP)
  • $50.00 – 7900 RP (6500 + 700 standard bonus RP + 700 extra bonus RP)
  • $100.00 – 17000 RP (13000 + 2000 standard bonus RP + 2000 extra bonus RP)
Celebrate Sugar Rush and satisfy your sweet tooth for an entire week! 
*Extra bonus RP does not apply to mobile payment methods, and because of the advance notice, there will be no refunds for RP purchases made prior to the announcement or the promotion. Extra bonus RP applies to prepaid cards (the $25 card is worth 3750 RP) redeemed during the period. 

Here are the details on the 47 retired Legacy skins*:"
Legacy SkinRP Price50% off Sale Date
Caterpillar Kog'Maw5208/26/2014
Emerald Taric5208/26/2014
Professor Ryze9758/26/2014
Shamrock Malphite5208/26/2014
Unmasked Kayle9758/26/2014
Workshop Shaco9758/26/2014
Angler Jax9758/27/2014
Kingpin Twitch5208/27/2014
Matador Alistar9758/27/2014
Molten Rammus9758/27/2014
Phantom Karthus4608/27/2014
Time Machine Zilean5208/27/2014
Butcher Urgot5208/28/2014
Crimson Akali5208/28/2014
Feral Warwick9758/28/2014
Frozen Shen5208/28/2014
Nightmare Cho'Gath5208/28/2014
Red Baron Corki18208/28/2014
Swamp Master Kennen5208/28/2014
Dragon Knight Mordekaiser5208/29/2014
Firefighter Tristana18208/29/2014
Highland Tryndamere5208/29/2014
Nottingham Ezreal5208/29/2014
Noxus Poppy5208/29/2014
Red Riding Annie5208/29/2014
Scuba Gragas9758/29/2014
Alien Invader Heimerdinger18208/30/2014
Muse Sona9758/30/2014
Sailor Gangplank7508/30/2014
Sasquatch Nunu5208/30/2014
Sonoran Kog'Maw5208/30/2014
Toxic Dr. Mundo5208/30/2014
Vizier Malzahar5208/30/2014
Badger Teemo5208/31/2014
Hextech Galio5208/31/2014
Hextech Sion5208/31/2014
Masquerade Evelynn5208/31/2014
Mr. Mundoverse5208/31/2014
Safari Caitlyn9758/31/2014
The Magnificent Twisted Fate18208/31/2014
Annie in Wonderland18209/1/2014
Blacksmith Poppy9759/1/2014
Desert Trooper Garen5209/1/2014
Leopard Nidalee5209/1/2014
Pharaoh Amumu5209/1/2014
Spectacular Sivir9759/1/2014
Yellow Jacket Shen5209/1/2014
[ * = I've added links to video previews for each of the sale and legacy skins! These obviously were not included in Riot's official post ]

Again Be sure to check out your regional thread for specifics on EVENT DATES and RP PRICES as they vary slightly from region to region.


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