Red Post Collection: Patch Rundown 4.14, Pando Media Booster Removal, Recent News Roundup

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In addition to a recap of the recent news from the last two days, tonight's red post collection features Riot's Patch Rundown for 4.14, a heads-up on the removal of Pando Media Booster, and much more!
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The last two days have been absolutely packed with news! Here's a handy list to make sure you didn't miss anything!

Patch Rundown – 4.14

With the new patch out on live, Ms. Pudding has has returned, along side sixtwo, Morello, and ZionSpartan, to discuss the changes introduced in patch 4.14!

"Patch 4.14 features a few competitive balance tweaks along with the sometimes adorable, sometimes terrifying bundle of fluff known as Gnar! This episode, MsPudding’s joined by sixtwo and Morello alongside ZionSpartan from Team Dignitas to chat about Gnar’s impact and League’s balance for the coming World Championship. 
As before, we’re looking for feedback to help us improve future videos, so add in your comments below!"

Upcoming Pando Media Booster Removal

Here's Bigbadabruin with more info on Riot's removal of Pando Media Booster and what it means for summoners.
"In a few patches we’ll be removing a defunct 3rd party program from our installer and patcher, called Pando Media Booster, which used to help us with peer-to-peer file delivery. As a peer-to-peer service, Pando previously allowed players to get the patch files they need from other nearby League players, instead of pinging our servers which may be farther away. Though we’re no longer using Pando Media Booster, we’re planning to develop our own peer-to-peer solution in the future to speed up the patching process and get you in game faster.

When Pando Media Booster is removed, League of Legends will display a pop-up giving you the option to remove the program from your computer with a single click. We recommend removing it when prompted (or manually removing it now) since we no longer use this service and are in the process of building our own solution.

Before then, some of you might see a different pop-up from your operating system when you launch League of Legends. This is an information-gathering step in our peer-to-peer development process. The pop-up will ask for permission to modify firewall settings from an application called “Riot P2P”. If you choose to allow this application, it will collect details on your network configuration while you patch (not when you’re in game) but will not record any personal or identifying information. Specifically, it will let us know which types of network configurations are most common and how many players are typically on the same area network (home, office, PC cafĂ©, etc.). We’ll use this information to guide development of our native peer-to-peer solution so LoL can eventually provide the benefits of peer-to-peer technology for patching.

We’ll continue to provide updates as we move closer to introducing our peer-to-peer solution. Keep an eye out for more details on the upcoming removal of Pando Media Booster in the Patch Notes!"
He continued:
"You can actually just delete it off of your computer right now if you want. As long as no other games you play depend on it you can remove through your "Add/Remove Programs" screen in the Control Panel. 
The future system we're working on will simply make it that much easier for players."

When asked if this change is of concern for Mac users, Bigbadabruin noted:
"We actually never used Pando Media Booster on Mac so, technically, yes the removal will only be for PC. 
As far the P2P system we're investigating it will be used by both Mac and PC gamers."

In response to concern about implementing another P2P system, he noted:
"That's a great point. As we're investigating different P2P implementations, how well it plays on big networks - especially college networks - are certainly on our radar. 
At minimum we'll give you all a way to opt out of it so that you can still download and play."
Bigbadabruin continued:

I don't get it. What's the difference between using Pando and using their own peer to peer software. Why reinvent the wheel?
Good question. Why would Riot want to move to a different system than Pando P2P to provide P2P downloads? First off, Pando P2P shut down a while ago which means that all of your LoL patches and installs have been using traditional download methods (like straight from a central server). 
We think that having a method to get patches from players near you is important because of two things: First, the latency between players on your local network or subnet can be faster than connections to a more centralized distribution system. Second, having many ways to download updates makes the system overall much more resilient against network errors and minor hiccups."

Soraka Rework and Grievous Wounds

When asked about Soraka's future rework and how it will fare against how Grievous Wounds ( the -50% healing debuff ) now that it is dedicated to healing, Vesh noted:
"I'm not going to subvert an entire game mechanic on a champion I design. Grievous wounds should be addressed, but we need to look at it comprehensively. Making the most powerful healer in the game that also says "I remove the one thing you can do to stop my healing" is probably not ok if we are letting people buy into grievous wounds or pick champions they think will be good against her.

That said, I think one of the core problems with it is that we applied the mechanic a bit too liberally on some champions (like varus) who had the intention of negating lifesteal in 1v1 but unintentionally destroy characters like Soraka. This isn't my expertise though. I'm sure someone on our systems team is already thinking about this problem and ways we can solve it.

Scarizard on Kha'Zix

In response to a reddit thread discussing giving Kha'Zix "variable isolation damage", Scarizard commented on Kha'Zix's isolation mechanic and share his thoughts on the idea:
"Hey Zanesbro,

Let me begin by saying that i appreciate the time you've invested took to write your thoughts here. I know this post has fallen off the front page, but this topic/suggestion in particular is one i've seen a number of times and so i hope you don't mind me outlining my beliefs on the subject below!

Isolation as a mechanic has constantly suffered from readability - not particle-wise, mind you, but in terms of understanding where the power comes from. Variable isolation damage not only muddies the counterplay (I thought i was supposed to be near my allies? Sorry dude, you're 23% too far from them so Kha'Zix hit you for 37% bonus damage with his Q!) - but also i think hurts the positive feedback loop for a learning Kha'Zix player (Catch them alone/out of position, massive damage). Q Evolution hits pretty damn hard now, but how would you really estimate your damage accurately? 'I think i can all-in this guy, but he's only 50 units away from his minions instead of 100 - wait, how much damage will i do again?'

It's very likely a change like this would necessitate a nerf to his high end Q damage. That satisfying end-game ~1k chunk of Isolation damage for finding their AD mid-rotation? Sorry, we're cashing that in so Kha'Zix can do slightly more damage playing sub-optimally. Kha'Zix's Q having no downside is part of what got us here in the first place (Q evo previously did % missing HP /even when not isolated/).

We expect Kha'Zix players to adapt just as the champion does. Part of the intended experience of KZ is embracing his variable nature whilst being savvy and opportunistic to cover for it. If you value consistency, we have 119 other champions for you to play. If you value ingenuity and exploiting mistakes to murder the hell out of your opponent with a xenomorphic rainbow scyther, i have a bug i'd like to introduce you to. As a Kha'Zix main myself, i've found the Isolation range nerf tolerable - i actually have to find ways to draw them away from allies (or in the laning phase, finding ways to eliminate/manuever the minion wave), but i'm rewarded with an insane amount of damage.

TL;DR - I'm not at all afraid to hard commit and say that Variable Isolation damage will never happen. If Kha'Zix needs love after his changes (and we did increase his Q damage at all ranks recently!) - he'll get it. I'm of the belief we don't have to break fundamental rules of his play pattern and core satisfaction to get there.

edited a bit for formatting/clarificationzz"
 When asked if this could be tested on the PBE anyway, he replied:
"I wouldn't consider that a 'crazy' change by any stretch, tbh - reducing or increasing the Iso range is just another balance change. 
That said, i'm not aware that the team feels he's out of line right now. Many people are having success with W max/Evo in the jungle (Diamondprox favors this build) - crazier folk like me like to take him toplane and snowball from there."

He continued, sharing the balance team's current thoughts on Kha'Zix now that the patch 4.9 changes have had time to sink in:
"We actually felt we went slightly too hard, so we added extra damage onto his Q at all levels in 4.11 i believe. Other than that, we feel he's in a good spot."

As for feedback regarding his current R feeling underwhelming and Kha'Zix now being  more situation, Scarizard commented:
"I can agree with your assessment that at the present moment his R is a little underwhelming - still very powerful, but much less 'sexy'. 
I understand people might be upset that he's more situational - but such is the life of Assassins. They're not consistent, they aren't always the best, but if you can play around your situation and do it smartly, you can always pull out a victory. 
I know this is anecdotal, but as someone that plays Kha'Zix in diamond as well (currently D2) i don't really understand the idea that isolation is somehow more infrequent ?_? 1v1s and chaotic fights are the norm as i see them - it's not like every game is 'LET'S STAND ON TOP OF THIS SUPPORT X100' or 'all fights take place in this crazy confined space where no one is isolated'. The champ's about stalking, exploiting positioning, and cleaning up fights. He can't 1v5, but with a little team coordination of your own you get quadras for days."

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