Red Post Collection: Update on Tentative Urgot Changes, Doom Bots Discussion, Sion Art Demo Clarification, and more!

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Tonight's red post collection features Meddler with a set of updates and discussion on his tentative Urgot changes, clarification on the Sion art demo from Arcade Con, a look at the new service status page, discussion concerning the DOOM BOTS OF DOOM,  and more!
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[ Continued ] Update on Tentative Urgot Changes 

Meddler returned to the forums to continue discussing his tentative Urgot changes!

When asked why he is making these changes if Urgot will be getting a full rework, Meddler commented:
"Not concerned about how much he is or isn't played, the important thing is what the experience is like for those that do choose to play him. At the moment Urgot's got a number of issues and, while the big ones will have to wait for a rework, there's a bunch of smaller things it is possible to address now. Given a full rework won't occur this year at the least I feel it's well worth the time to make changes like these."

As for the fate of Urgot's passive come rework time, Meddler noted:
"Highly likely we'll replace Urgot's passive come the rework. It's powerful but hard to appreciate and doesn't offer much in the way of interesting choices. You're going to auto attack and fire Acid Hunters regardless of its effects or not and Urgot prefers to focus down a target, or get into a position to do so, than try and spread damage around to tag everyone with it."
When asked for hints about what might replace it, Meddler noted:
"Nothing concrete yet. I've got some thoughts on directions that could be taken, final result will depend on how reworking the rest of his kit goes though, unless we hit on a passive the rest of the kit gets focused around."
He also dropped off a few extra changes to his eearlier tentative Urgot changelist, all which is aiming for release "around patch 4.15. "

[[ Read the initial change list & context post here ]]

""Just a small update this time.

  • Mana cost back to 40 (as per live). Current assessment (off very limited testing) is that the refund mainly offers power when Urgot's behind, given he'll last hit with AAs when doing well in lane. Cost increase probably unnecessary as a result, will go back to increase later if this proves problematic however.
  • No longer shifts the Urgot player's camera to Urgot's position on completion of ult
  • Now grants Armor/MR immediately, rather than after 0.25s
  • Urgot now ignores unit collision for 1s after completion of ult

Additional notes:
  • Turns out the W can already be used mid ult cast, was planning to add that in and found out it's already possible.
  • Still assessing mana scaling on W as a possibility.

New Service Status Page

RiotExLibris has made a post announcing the new Service Status page, where users can more easily find out if the game, in-client store, forums, or website are online or offline.
"Check out the nifty new Service Status page here:"
As for how helpful this might prove to be if the website goes down, jmccaffrey noted:
"The parts of the website are actually hosted in a way where one thing can go down and not another. This is why sometimes the forum goes down but the community beta stay up for example."

Cinematics Take a lot of time

When asked why Riot doesn't make many cinematic trailers like the Twist of Fate trailer , the "Get Jinxed!" music video or even the goofy "Season One Blooper Reel", Riot Sargonas noted:
"These videos are awesome, and we LOVE making them then sharing them with you all. The problem is, a video like this is surprisingly resource heavy and time consuming to make. The one above can literally take a team months to make between ideation, development iterations based on feedback, and finalizing. That's a lot of time and effort sucked up into something that we do know you love, but is sort of a "one shot" experience compared to in-game content we could be working on that you can enjoy long term  
I'm sure you will keep seeing the occasional video from us, but hopefully now you understand why they are so few and far between at times."


With Doom Bots of Doom, our next featured gameplay mode that pits players against a set of super powerful bots with new abilities, on the PBE for over a week now, Meddler popped on the OCE forums to answer a few questions:

When asked how long until the DOOM BOTS are unleashed on to the live servers, Meddler commented:
"On a serious note though, shouldn't be too long now. Can't give you exact dates though, non of our patches have guaranteed dates (though we certainly have strong target dates) attached to them until just before they're ready to go out, given there's a lot of final testing and bug fixing to be done every pat"

As for the amount of different doom bots, Meddler noted:
"Same number as on all the other servers with Doombots. 15 different possible bots I think? Not certain off the top of the head though."

He continued, commenting on the possibility of more bots being added if the mode returns on the future:
"Certainly a possibility if we bring the mode back, particularly if it goes well. Impression I've gotten from the team that works on these modes is that it's too early too make a call on that yet though."

No Evelynn skin until her eventual VU

As he has mentioned in the past, IronStylus again reiterated that Evelynn will not likely be receiving a new skin until her eventual visual update:
"Unfortunately most likely won't happen until her eventual VU. But it'll be for the best because she's a bit of a mess right now."

Sion Art Demo is NOT the new splash art

In response to the rumors of a new Sion splash  being drawn coming out of this weekend's Arcade Con in Ireland, Hi Geoffery ( formerly Xin it to Win it ) popped up on reddit to confirm it is only a live art demo and NOT THE NEW SPLASH ART FOR SION.
"I just want to hop in here and set expectations. This is a live art demonstration based on a prompt from the audience at an event, not new splash art for Sion."
He continued:
"I hate to be a wet blanket, but I don't want to see the hype train leaving the station fueled by poor information."

[ If you some how misunderstood, I'll reiterate: That image is not the new splash art for Sion ]

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