Red Post Collection: Continued discussion on Tentative Urgot Changes, Chat Systems Forecast, and more!

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Tonight's red post collection features Meddler with more discussion the upcoming and tentative Urgot changes, Riot Metasystem returning to the Chat Systems Forecast to respond to summoner ideas, WizardCrab answering more questions in his @Wizardcrab thread, and more!
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[ Continued ] Tentative Urgot Changes

Following his post on tentative changes for Urgot in the next few patches, Meddler returned to the forums to continue discussing the changes and other ideas for Urgot :

[[ Be sure to read up on the tentative changes Meddler posted yesterday! ]]

When asked why these changes can't be deployed now and have to wait until patch 4.15, Meddler explained:
"Few reasons: 
1. These haven't been tested yet 
2. This isn't necessarily a final change list, odds are high that more will be added and/or something will get removed 
3. We're currently focusing on things that will go into the patch or patches that the upcoming regionals, and then worlds, will be played on. As a result our priority when it comes to game balance/champion updates right now is to work on champions that are either too dominant and played all the time or close, but not quite, effective enough and just need a small amount of help."

He continued:
"Not trying to get Urgot to viable (however you want to define that) with these initial changes, that'll require a full on rework. Goal here is to get him to a better spot than he currently is in the meantime though.

Cost increase on the Q may or may not be necessary with the half refund mechanic. Gut reaction is that it will be, we'll see how it tests though."

As for why Urgot's Q can not proc on hit effects, Meddler noted:
"Allowing on hit effects on Acid Hunters would be a pretty sizeable power spike that I suspect would make Triforce or IBG mandatory, not just an option. As a result I'd like to investigate other ways of compensating for Muramana changes if needed."

Meddler also replied to a summoners feedback on the proposed changes, elaborating on the choice to add a mana return to Urgot's Q and his CD reduction on R:
"Nice post, appreciate the rationale provided for each statement (just quoting the TLDR here since it's a really long quote otherwise). To respond to a couple of specific things:

Q last hitting's often not necessary, agreed. It is however something Urgot sometimes needs to fall back on against ranged opponents unless he's really dominating the lane throughout and that's one of the cases we'd like to add some power to him. It's also possible the cost increase won't be necessary and we'll be able to get away with just offering the half refund on kill, my suspicion is it'll probably be a needed change however hence the first version to go into testing's going to try it out.

Range on the rank 1 ult does feel pretty poor, no argument, and the reduction to it made a while back was basically a band aid fix due to the problems the ult creates in lane in particular. Might be possible to at least synch it to his attack range, will give that a look, unfortunately this is a case where we need to rework the spell to really address the feel bad aspect of it."

As for the idea of increasing Urgot's attack range to match other ADC, Meddler noted:
"Something I'd like to avoid is turning Urgot into a standard ADC and a substantial AA range buff, with other adjustments to compensate, would push him pretty far down that road. Base mana buffs on the other hand are a possibility, though current inclination is to give him ways to regain mana instead or be rewarded more for building mana/regen."

When asked if he could remove the forced camera shift when Urgot uses his ultimate, Meddler noted:
"That seems worth experimenting with. Other Urgot players - what's your take on the camera reposition?"
Meddler also responded positively to a suggestion of being able to activate his W during ult:
"Hmm, being able to cast W mid ult seems pretty reasonable. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll throw that onto the list of possibilities to test for the second change list."

[ Continued ] Chat Systems Forecast

Riot Metasystem also returned to the Chat Systems Forecast thread to continue the discussion and respond to several summoner's ideas:
  • Chatrooms need to be variable in size. While a chatroom with 50 people just chatting with each other is spammed with lots of text, a chatroom to find people to play with (like the one we use in the LdG) could easily stand 500 people. Especially at peak hours, a limit to 200 members is just not enough for bigger communities. 
We can and will raise the channel caps over time, as requested here and by many others. We'll just have to make sure that any new tools and improvements are there to improve the usability - both for being a participant and a moderator. 
  • Chatrooms need basic moderation tools. The owner (and chosen moderators) has to be able to kick and ban people temporarily and permanently from the chatroom. These bans have to be revoceable. 
There's a couple of different ways we can approach this but generally the ability to control who stays and goes (or control who is allowed to join in the first place) is a very basic necessity. This is also where we get started on the improvements. Ban lists might not be the best or the only solution as they're easy enough to work around but the ease of community self-management is key.
  • It would be good to be able to decide whether a chatroom is open for everyone or just for people you invite. 
We quite agree. Having both in the end would be preferable." 
Metasystem continued:

  • Chat Room Visibility - In their current state, chat rooms are strictly word of mouth. Promote their use in various ways. A searchable list of chat rooms would be a good start, with one-click-buttons for joining or reading the chat room profile. You could also allow players to list their favorite chat rooms as part of their information on post game screens, as a sort of “guild tag”. 
Being able to discover chatrooms, and be discovered if you so choose does sound pretty important! We have some ideas about how we'd like to approach this but as it's not the first thing to be worked on we'll talk about the specifics a bit later. 
This is something that we quite want to get to as soon as we've first nailed the most essential functionality. Being able to discover, and be discovered 
  • Chat Room LFG - A LFG/private game creation tool. Allow users to create community games that are automatically broadcast in the chat room, with one-click-join functionality for other players. 
This is quite high on our own list of things to get to as well."

[ Continued ] @WizardCrab

WizardCrab has again returned to his @WizardCrab thread to answer questions!

When asked if there are any plans for ways that summoner's can drop lots of IP if they already own all the champions and runes, WizardCrab commented:
"We definitely haven't forgotten about you.

What recommendations do you have that we could provide as an outlet for your IP?"

WizardCrab also elaborated what exactly he does at Riot, saying:
"I help with setting prices and sales and bundles and that stuff. I do a lot of different things."

As for any sort of price changes to some of the older legendary skins such as Corporate Mundo or Blood Lord VladimirWizardCrab noted:
"I don't think you can expect any price changes or redefinitions regarding these skins anytime soon. We had that one big repricing in April of 2013, but in general we aren't going to be reevaluating prices constantly. And I'm sure if these champions get updated, the skins will be too. But I'm not sure about any updates for the champions you've mentioned."

When asked if we can expect another Extra Bonus RP event any time soon, WizardCrab replied:
"Yes, although we may have different definitions of 'soon.'"

As for a status update on the lifetime RP rewards, WizardCrab noted:
"That project still exists, but its current iteration looks a lot different than the original. I can't really give a lot of details though."

LoL eSports Spoiler free VODS hub!

Here's KatanaMordecai with info on the new spoiler-free LoL eSports VOD hub! 
"Miss a few games last week and looking to catch up? No problem; we've got you covered. Head on over to the newly-launched Match Videos on Demand page to check out the latest games. 
At, you'll quickly see all the most recently played games from every league, and can dig into a specific league to browse previous matches. Take a look, and be sure to leave us your feedback in the comments below! 
Oh, and it's all spoiler free so you can watch matches just like they were live. Happy viewing, Summoner!"
Janook added in:
"Hey guys! We're pumped to get this in your hands and hope it helps you find the games you're looking for. We've got our eyes out for feedback, so if something ain't right, say so!"

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