This Week in eSports - LCS Week 4 concludes, NA/EU dates swapped for Week 5, and more!

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Another week has past and we're back with your weekly eSports recap!
[Warning: There will be spoilers after the jump! Check here for spoiler free NA and EU posts!]

Continue reading for a recap of LCS week 4, the latest team news, and more!


  • [NA] The fourth week of NA LCS wrapped up earlier this evening and here's the standings: 
  • The NA LCS  returns for week 5 on THURSDAY, June 19th

  • [EU] The fourth week of EU LCS wrapped up Friday and here's the current standings
  • The EU LCS returns for week 5 on SATURDAY, June 21st! 

  • [NA CS] Here's how the current Challenger Series is shaping up for North America:
  • [EU CS] Here's how the current Challenger Series is shaping up for Europe:

  • [NA & EU ] The NA and EU LCS have switched days for Week 5! NA will play on Thursday / Friday while EU plays on Saturday  / Sunday at London's Wembley Arena!

Team News & Roster Changes

  • [China] World Elite picked up Actscene (former jungler for Jin Air Falcons) and Ninja (Mid for Prime Optimus)

  • [EU] Copenhagen Wolves were forced to forfeit their match against Roccat earlier this week due to player illness and management not officially signing their substitute players. 

  • [NA] Evil Genuises announced that they would be trying out Helios, the Korean jungler formerly of Najin Black Sword, instead of Snoopeh this week ( LCS week 4 ). Snoopeh will NOT be retiring but is looking for solutions for the team as a whole. 

  • [NA] Team Coast announced their new lineup as well as coach this week:
    • Top: Rhux
    • Jungle: Santorin
    • Mid: Goldenglue
    • ADC: DontMashMe
    • Support: Sheep
    • Coach: Chaox

  • [KR] Gunza was announced as Lustboy's replacement after his sudden departure from CJ Entus Blaze earlier this week. 

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