This Week in eSports - Fantasy LCS Beta & LCS Summer Split Start Next Week!

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The NA and EU LCS may be starting up next week but we still got plenty of eSports news to cover!
Continue reading for more information on upcoming events, the results of All-Star 2014 , a look at the new Fantasy LCS beta, and more!

Announcing Fantasy LCS Beta

Ever wondered what it would be like to have all of your favorite players on one team? Wonder no more with the new Fantasy LCS!

"With Fantasy LCS, you’re the team manager responsible for assembling a squad to decimate the opposition. You’ll draft a dream team of NA and EU LCS pros, fielding a starting line-up that competes head-to-head each week against your friends. 
Now’s the time to start scouting players for your team and get ready for that draft! The Fantasy LCS Beta launches soon. Click here to learn more about Fantasy LCS!"

Once the Fantasy LCS launches, you and your friends can create teams and draft players to create a powerhouse team that you control! Here's a rundown of all what we know so far:

  • You can have up to 4, 6, or 8 teams in a single drafting pool
  • You have ONE minute (real time) to select your picks, so be quick and thorough!
    • You MUST have a complete team (Top/Jungle/ADC/Mid/Support) in addition to:
      • 1 Flex player (any position)
      • 1 Team (Alliance, Cloud 9)
      • 3 Alternate players who can sub for a starter
  • Only supports NA/EU LCS at the moment
  • You choose who to play, drop, swap, or bench every week 
  • You win simply by procuring more points in your fantasy team than your opponents!

and here's how players and teams are scored:


  • [ REMINDER ] The NA and EU LCS Summer Split start up again next week and both regions will kick things off with a SUPER WEEK! Games begin for EU on May 20th and NA on May 23rd! Be sure to check out lolesports' for advance scheduling.
  • The 2014 All-Star Games in Paris, France ended last weekend. Check out the results below or this post for VoDs!
    • Regional Tournament
      • 1st - Korea - SK Telecom T1 K
      • 2nd - China - OMG
      • 3rd/4th - NA/EU - Cloud 9 and Fnatic
      • 5th - SEA - Taipei Assassins
    • Challenge Tournament
      • URF Mode - Team Fire
      • Hexakill - Team Ice
      • Pick 10 - Team Ice
      • 1v1/2v2 - Tied
      • Winner - Team Ice
  • The All-Star Music Playlist can be found here via twitter!

Team News & Roster Changes

  • [EU]
    • Ninjas in Pyjamas reforms, their new roster includes:
      • Alex Ich - Top
      • k0u - Jungle
      • Nukeduck - Mid
      • Freeze - ADC
      • Mithy - Support

    • Copenhagen Wolves announced their new lineup as well:
      • YoungBuck - Top
      • cowTard - Mid
      • Unlimited - Support
      • Woolite - ADC
      • Airwaks - Jungle

  • [NA]
    • Team Coast picks up Santorin (from EU Challenger Teams) while NintendudeX moves to a sub position

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