Red Post Collection: All-Star Ward and Summoner Icon Now Available, River Spirit Nami Teaser from BR, and more!

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Tonight's red post collection features an announcement that the All-Star 2014 ward skin and summoner icon are now available for purchase, a teaser from the BR LoL site for River Spirit Nami, and more!
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Commemorate the 2014 All-Stars - Ward Skin & Summoner Icon

Good news everyone - the All-Star 2014 ward skin and summoner icon are available for purchase between now and May 18th! 

"Pro teams from around the world have gathered in Paris this weekend for the 2014 All-Star Challenge and already the games have been sensational. Celebrate four days of epic League of Legends action with the 2014 All-Star ward skin and summoner icon! 
Snag the All-Star ward skin for 640 RP or the All-Star summoner icon for a hefty 1 IP through May 18."

Here's a better look at both the ward and icon:

All-Star 2014 Ward

( Click here for a video preview! )

All-Star Icon

River Spirit Nami Teaser on BR

As you may have seen in the 5/8 PBE update, a new "River Spirit Nami" skin is on the PBE and there is a special teaser for it up exclusively on the BR LoL site. 

Here's a fan translation of the Portuguese announcement:
"Our world is full of legends and fantastic stories... but how would you feel if something you heard as a myth became real right in front of you? 
This is only one of many stories that this happened.
In the forest, over the moon light...
led by river's song...
I couldn't believe what I saw.
But, it's too early to know what the protagonist of this story lived."

[Continued] Warwick Rework and VU

Following up on Morello's brief comments on the future Warwick rework, ZenonTheStoic popped to say:
"Hi! We have a strong direction on a Warwick kit--he's totally playable and tracking very well internally. However, the kit changes enough that we cannot ship it without new art: new animations, new particle effects, and new sounds. At this point we would be 90% to remaking the champion, and he really needs it. So the new Warwick kit will ship whenever we have the time to give Warwick a full visual update. I would hope that's some time late this year, but no promises."

Interested in the last tentative iteration of Warwick's rework we've been privy to? See this post for more information.

Journal of Justice and ( lack of ) Game Impact

ZenonTheStoic also dropped off a brief comment on in-game lore and the long time cancelled Journal of Justice, saying:
"I agree that lore is important, and I personally love it when we pull off lore well. However, I stopped reading the JoJ after just a few issues. It was just too much text with too little actual game impact. In the end of the day, the primary way in which 95% of our playerbase interacts with whatever we end up creating for Runeterra is by playing the game. That's why I think lore that ties directly into the game is so much cooler. The Freljord event and the three queens minigame (full disclosure: Meddler and I implemented the minigame, so I may be biased here) is much cooler. Or things like Lucian's login screen, Yasuo's pre-release story reveal, Jinx vandalizing Vi's champion page and so on. 
I understand you lore fiends want bigger chunks of text and fiction to sink your teeth into, but I think we can do deep, complex lore without requiring people to read something which then has little to no game impact. We're always exploring new ways to do this kind of thing, so stay tuned."

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