Patch 4.7 Notes

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Patch 4.7 is on it's way and the official patch notes have been posted!
Continue reading for a full set of notes, including changes for Kha'Zix, J4, Malphite, and many more champs, graphical updates to several summoner spells, changes to the Feral Flare line of items, safeguards to prevent players accidentally ignoring friends, updates to Team Builder, a preview of the skins coming in this patch, and more!

Here's good ole' Pwyff with the full patch notes:
"Hey Summoners, 
It's time for a new patch! We don't have a ton of changes today, but we're hitting a few high priority targets that are having a heavy impact on the health of the game. As an example, we're still concerned with high-damage junglers who are entering the mid-game with more gold and more experience than even the solo laners who had to scrap out their gains against another opponent. We're still exploring the possibilities here, but for now we're going to be reducing some of the power of Feral Flare so that it remains a unique item build without being a dominant strategy. 
So what else can you expect in this patch? We've got a few rework follow-ups in the form of Gragas and Kassadin, and we've been experimenting with Skarner on the interim. We know we mentioned Skarner in the 4.6 foreword, but we've got a stronger idea of where we can give back some of his old identity so we're making sure we get it right this time. 
We're also following up with our promised top lane buffs for Jarvan IV and Malphite. We're already seeing more diversity in top lane beyond Renekton, but we'll be keeping an eye on future candidates as the changes shake out. 
Finally, we're making some changes specifically targeted at competitive play in the form of reduced trinket start cooldowns, increased gold rewards for the Dragon, and additional tradeoffs for fast-push strategies. We don't expect these changes to have too much of an impact on regular play, but we're hoping to hit some dominant strategies we're seeing in the high-level competitive scene. 
And that's about it! On a closing note, you may notice this patch is a bit bigger than usual - we're shipping out files for a new audio engine in manageable chunks over the next several releases. We'll have more information to share with you closer to the end of the process, but you shouldn't notice any changes to the game until the new engine launches. 
You can check out the full scope of the patch below. See you next time!



Braum, the Heart of the Freljord, will be released a bit later during Patch 4.7.


Graggy and his barrels have hit the gym. Barrel Roll grants vision (don't ask how that relates to going to the gym), and Gragas can throw his Explosive Cask further.
Pre-update, Gragas liked his R and Q more for their target erasing potential than their utility and displacement. Now that Graggy isn't one-shotting entire teams with barrels, we can buff up his other strengths to emphasize his barrel-throwing play-making power.

Q - Barrel Roll

NEWUTILITYGrants vision after it reaches its destination
CLARITYReduced size of cast indicator to better represent the actual radius

W - Drunken Rage

BUGFIXBuff no longer consumed on hitting a ward

R - Explosive Cask

RANGE1050 ⇒ 1150
CLARITYReduced size of cast indicator to better represent the actual radius

Jarvan IV

Martial Cadence now deals more damage, but the cooldown starts out higher and scales down over time. Golden Aegis costs less mana and is a flat cost across all ranks.
In the foreword of patch 4.6 we spoke about the challenges of creating a healthy top lane, and one option we're pursuing is to make teamplay-oriented champions more competitive in the current landscape. Specifically for Jarvan IV: even if he's behind he can still provide a lot of value via Cataclysm, and this gives him more incentive to help out in fights rather than farming minions in isolation. These changes are to give him that extra bump he needs in the early game to keep up.

Passive - Martial Cadence

DAMAGE6/8/10% (at levels 1/7/13) ⇒ 10% at all levels
SAME-TARGET COOLDOWN6 seconds at all levels ⇒ 10/8/6 seconds (at levels 1/7/13)

W - Golden Aegis

COST45/50/55/60/65 mana ⇒ 30 mana at all ranks


Up front: We overshot the Kassadin buffs last patch. Specifically, making Kassadin's magic shield stronger ended up making him a little too stifling against a majority of mid lane champions which, in turn, amps up his already strong snowballing power. On that note, while the concept of a magic shield has a strong connection to Kassadin's thematic and strategic niche, we're still examining a way to balance between thematic cohesion and raw champion strength.

Q - Null Sphere

MAGIC SHIELD40/80/120/160/200 (+0.8 ability power) 40/70/100/130/160 (+0.3 ability power)


Targets now need to be further away from each other to be considered 'isolated' for Kha'Zix's damage amplification. Turrets now count as friendlies when it comes to preventing isolation. Kha'Zix now needs to wait a bit longer before re-entering stealth via his R.
As an assassin, Kha'Zix should be looking for windows of opportunity (or should be relying on his teammates to create those windows) to engage. Instead, Kha'Zix has so much raw power that he's simply forcing engagements and kills on his own. When assassins can start and end a fight without support, that typically points to an overall lack of tactical weaknesses (which champions need to have in order to maintain meaningful counterplay). These changes are to offer more windows of opportunity against Kha'Zix and should make him think twice before going all-in, but this will be an ongoing project as we examine Kha'Zix's core role and strengths.

Q - Taste Their Fear / Evolved Enlarged Claws

ISOLATION RADIUS350 units from nearest ally ⇒ 500 units from nearest ally
NEWGAMEPLAYTurrets now count as allies when determining whether a target is isolated

R - Void Assault / Evolved Active Camouflage

STEALTH RECAST1 second between stealth casts ⇒ 2 seconds between stealth casts


For Lissandra's birthday, we're giving her a more reliable Frozen Tomb!

R - Frozen Tomb

NEWUTILITYNow stops enemy champion's movement immediately on application of stun (dashes, jumps, etc will be halted)
BUGFIXNow goes on cooldown when it finishes casting, instead of when it begins casting


Granite Shield now recharges faster at later levels, and Brutal Strikes costs a low amount of mana at all levels.
We like how Malphite's Granite Shield works for the early laning phase, but it has trouble scaling into the rest of the game. Brutal Strikes was designed to help Malphite trade damage when he's in someone's face, but its higher mana costs weren't allowing it. Similar to Jarvan, Malphite offers a lot of unique team-focused wombo combo power even when he's behind, so we're also giving him some help to compete.

Passive - Granite Shield

RECHARGE RATE10 seconds at all levels ⇒ 10/8/6 seconds (at levels 1/7/13)

W - Brutal Strikes

COST50/55/60/65/70 mana ⇒ 25 mana

Miss Fortune

More like Mage Fortune amirite?
We saw a unique opportunity to support Miss Fortune's off-builds without impacting her game health and play patterns. This is a fancy way of saying we added AP ratios to Double Up.

Q - Double Up


Minor Changes & Bug Fixes


BUGFIXFixed a number of graphical issues affecting older video cards
BUGFIXFixed a bug where ward-jumping abilities (ex. Lee Sin's Safeguard) would sometimes go on cooldown when attempting (and failing) to jump over walls to wards outside the ability's max range


E - Playful / Trickster

BUGFIXFixed some cases where Fizz could be stunned or rooted while on his troll pole


R - Living Artillery

NEWUTILITYMana cost is now displayed on the cast icon (similar to Kassadin's Rift Walk)
BUGFIXTooltip corrected to display the actual range (1400/1700/2000 1200/1500/1800)


Passive - Staggering Blow

BUGFIXTooltip corrected to display the actual time between roots on the same target (12 seconds ⇒ 9 seconds)


Passive - Unseen Predator

BUGFIXUsing an empowered ability immediately after leveling the base ability for the first time no longer triggers the base ability's cooldown

Q - Savagery / Empowered Savagery

BUGFIXThe bonus damage now applies lifesteal

Bonetooth Necklace

BUGFIXFixed a bug where stack bonuses were being lost upon switching trinkets


R - Stand United

BUGFIXFixed a bug where Stand United would occasionally cancel itself


We're ironing out some minor issues in the wake of Twitch's VU. We're also reviewing Rat-a-tat-tat's interaction with structures as we work on its inability to target Inhibitors or the Nexus.


RECOMMENDED ITEMSNow includes a trinket
AUDIOFixed a few bugs preventing several VO interactions from working

Q - Ambush

BUGFIXFixed a display bug where Ambush's cooldown would appear to start when Twitch entered stealth but reset to its actual cooldown once the stealth effect ended.

R - Rat-Ta-Tat-Tat

BUGFIXFixed a bug where Rat-Ta-Tat-Tat could sometimes critically strike towers


W - Sanguine Pool

BUGFIXFixed some cases where Vladimir could be stunned or rooted while in his troll pool
BUGFIXTooltip corrected to indicate the actual heal amount (12.5% 15%)

Summoner Spells


When we added more utility to Heal, our focus was to create a spell that added depth to the summoner spell pool while also giving heal-focused supports an ability that let them remain effective against Ignite. On live, however, this wasn't the case as it was primarily being picked up by solo laners to circumvent burst-heavy aggressive play (particularly for champions whose abilities were affected by Grievous Wounds).

Graphical Updates

We're continuing along our goal of making gameplay more readable, satisfying, and visceral. Also awesome. And pretty.
  • Flash particles updated
  • Clarity particles and sound effect updated
  • Cleanse particles and sound effect updated
  • Exhaust particles and sound effect updated
  • Revive particles and sound effect updated
  • Screenshots in the spells tab of your profile have been updated according to recent changes


Feral Flare line

When we designed Feral Flare, we looked at 'carry' junglers who picked up Wriggle's Lantern and looked for ways to support that playstyle. Then we released Feral Flare and realized we may have gone too far.

While Feral Flare does deliver on its core goal of supporting carry junglers, it's also doing it at the expense of potentially several other players on the map. Because Feral Flare's power is essentially tied to how long junglers can ignore their team, the optimal strategy has been to hide away for as long as possible before making a first appearance as the strongest champion on the map - even in comparison to solo laners who have to scrap out their gold against equally matched opponents (we mentioned this in the foreword, but it's worth repeating here). Long-term, we still like the concept of 'carry' style junglers, but we're currently exploring ways to support them in a way that's healthy for the game.

Madred's Razors

MAIM PASSIVE+60 damage against monsters ⇒ +50 damage against monsters

Wriggle's Lantern

NEWUTILITYKills and Assists now count toward transforming into Feral Flare
MAIM PASSIVE+100 damage against monsters ⇒ +75 damage against monsters

Feral Flare

MAIM PASSIVE+100 damage against monsters ⇒ +75 damage against monsters
REMOVEDHEAL SCALINGBasic attack heal increases with stacks
REMOVEDTRANSFORM STAT BONUSGains Attack Damage + Attack Speed when transformed from Wriggle's Lantern
ATTACK SPEED+35% ⇒ +30%

Sunfire Cape

Sunfire Cape is an AoE damage aura item, but its current effect looks most like a a debuff on the wearer, even to the point of being confused with Red Buff's or Ignite's effects. This rework more clearly lines up Sunfire's visual with its gameplay.
VISUALSParticles updated

Aggro Display

To improve aggro awareness and reduce visual noise, we've removed all aggro outlines and added an animated icon above the health bars of minions and neutral monsters. Targeting an enemy or neutral should now be much clearer as an outline around a unit now only means you're targeting it. This approach more closely lines with the intent of the aggro indicator feature, which is to convey game mechanics, not player behavior. Time to work on that combat awareness!
MINION & MONSTER AGGRO DISPLAYOrange outline ⇒ Animated HP bar icon

Summoner's Rift

The below changes are aimed specifically at competitive play, and we can talk about them in that light. With the trinket change, we initially went with a longer starting cooldown so trinkets wouldn't have an impact on early game invades, but quickly saw the optimal strategy was to just all-in invade before swinging up (or down) to take out a few towers. Reducing the Trinket cooldown means they'll be incorporated into early game strategies and we're hoping they still allow for aggressive strategies to exist in the pre-laning phase. For the Dragon and Turret changes, we saw very few strategic tradeoffs when it came to fast-pushing lanes with multiple champions, so we're aiming to introduce some in the form of slightly higher rewards for Dragon and slightly higher penalties for teams trying to fast-push lanes. This also let us bring parity back to objectives across Summoner's Rift, as all outer towers now have the same Fortification buff. We'll be keeping a close eye on the fallout of these changes (particularly in competitive play).


STARTING COOLDOWN120 seconds ⇒ 30 seconds


GLOBAL GOLD REWARD125 gold ⇒ 145 gold


NEWFORTIFICATIONAll outer turrets now have Fortification (added to Bottom lane)
FORTIFICATION DURATION480 seconds ⇒ 420 seconds

Summoner's Rift & Twisted Treeline


BUGFIXFixed a bug where abilities that dealt damage based on maximum monster health were being calculated on base health instead of actual max health (this is a mid-lategame buff in all affected cases)

Crystal Scar


We gave Thresh some love on this map and it's helped him see more play (and a lot more success), but now he's just crazy. Like 400 armor Thresh with no armor items crazy.

Passive - Damnation

SOUL STACKS4 souls per unit ⇒ 2 souls per unit


This change is aimed at bringing the new Kassadin rework a little more in line with other maps.

R - Riftwalk

COOLDOWN9/8/7 seconds ⇒ 9/7/5 seconds

NEWSoul Anchor (Trinket)

It's finally here! With Revive being such a dominant Summoner Spell on Dominion, we realized we could take advantage of the unused Trinket slot to create more diversity while also balancing its use case.
CHARGE RATE+1 at levels 1/9/14
CHARGE CAP2 (level 14 charge will disappear if unstorable)
UTILITYGrants a short burst of Movement speed on revive
CATSSoul Anchor version of Rengar's Bonetooth Necklace added


We're continuing to update our AI features! Specifically, players have been asking for more Bot options in Custom Games, as well as bots that can Flash, so we addressed that.
  • Intermediate bots can now be added to custom games
  • All bots are available on Beginner difficulty in custom games
    • To maintain game-to-game consistency for newer players, the Co-op vs. AI Beginner roster is unchanged
  • Intermediate bots will now use Flash both offensively and defensively

LoL Client

Ignore feature

We've added a few safeguards to prevent players from accidentally ignoring their friends (so if your friend says this, it's now an excuse).
  • The end-of-game screen "Ignore User" button has been removed. Players can still ignore offensive individuals by right-clicking their summoner name and selecting "Ignore User" from the menu.
  • Added a confirmation prompt when ignoring players from the air client

Team Builder

  • Solo players can now see which role/position combinations are in high demand when deciding their spec
  • Estimated wait times for solo players are now more accurate
  • Team Builder matchmaking has been improved
  • "Play Again" has been added to the post-game screen, allowing Captains to automatically invite their friends from the same match to a new Team Builder lobby.
  • Team Builder invites are now labeled as "Team Builder" instead of "Classic"

Upcoming Skins

The following skins will be released at various times throughout Patch 4.7:

Additional Points of Interest in 4.7

Here's a brief look at a few of the new things included in patch 4.7, either mentioned above or previewed in the 4.7 PBE cycle.

( Warning: These images are taken off the last PBE build in the cycle but may not reflect exactly what makes it to live. Be aware these are NOT part of the official patch notes. )

New Champion - Braum

Braum, The Heart of the Freljord will be included in this patch and enabled sometime in the near future! Be on the lookout for a full coverage post from us once he is released.

Click here for more info from our PBE coverage or here for a video preview of his abilties )
Click here for screenshots from our PBE coverage or here for a video preview )

New Skins

While likely not right away, expect these skins to launch sometime after the patch is deployed. As usual, I'll have a full preview available once they are released.

Dragonslayer Pantheon

Click here for screenshots from our PBE coverage or here for a video preview )

Night Hunter Rengar

Click here for screenshots from our PBE coverage or here for a video preview )

Blade Queen Lissandra

( **NoteThis one is not included in the "Upcoming skins" section. ** )
Click here for screenshots from our PBE coverage or here for a video preview )

New Ward Skins

4.7 also includes two new ward skins! As with all other cosmetic content, expect these to be enabled sometime in the near future.

All-Star 2014 Ward

( Click here for a video preview )

Dragonslayer Ward

( Click here for a video preview )

Summoner Spell Updates


Click here for screenshots from our PBE coverage or here for a video preview ) 


Click here for screenshots from our PBE coverage or here for a video preview )


Click here for screenshots from our PBE coverage or here for a video preview )


Click here for screenshots from our PBE coverage or here for a video preview )

Odds and Ends

Lastly we have a few odds and ends included in the patch, including updated and returning VFX!

Updated Sunfire Cape VFX

( Sunfire Cape now has a pulsing fire aura instead of burning. Click here for a video preview from the PBE )

Surprise Party Fiddlesticks Party Hat fear returns

( Click here for a video preview )

All-Star 2014 Summoner icon

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