This Week in eSports 4/21 - 4/27

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The dust has settled and, with the completion of both the EU and NA Summer Promotion tournaments, we now have our line ups for the next LCS split!
(Warning: There are spoilers after the jump! For spoiler free info check out the playoff threads)

Continue reading for a look at next weeks LCS players and a recap the rest of this week's esports news!


  • [NA/EU] The 2014 Promotion Tournament has completed with two new team entering the LCS on NA and the three EU teams defending their LCS spots!
    • [NA]
      • Evil Genuises ( 3-1 Against Cloud 9 Tempest )
      • LMQ  ( 3-0 Against XDG )
      • Complexity.Black (3-1 against Coast 
    • [EU]
      • Supa Hot Crew ( 3-0 against Cloud 9 Eclipse )
      • Millenium ( 3-2 against Ninjas in Pyjamas )
      • Copenhagen Wolves ( 3-1 against Denial eSports )

  • [NA] and TeSPA have partnered up to bring us Lone Star Clash 3 in Austin, Texas! Check out their Indiegogo campaign here as well as all the details below!
    • Challenger team tournament
      • The invited teams include Curse Academy, Cloud 9 Tempest,  Team 8, and Complexity.Black
      • Double Elimination
    • IvyLol Collegiate Finals
    • $15,000 dollar prize pool
    • Hosted by Rachel Quirico
    • Casted by Scarra and OptimusTom
    • The games begin THIS WEEKEND! Check out their website updates! 

Team News & Roster Changes

  • [SEA] Winds leaves TPS and joins TPA. DinTer moves to a substitute position within TPA. Source

  • [NA] Nientonsoh announced his departure from CLG. Citing personal reasons combined with not feeling he is up to par with other top laners as the reason, he has benched himself with no team pressure. Check out the official announcement here.

"Xpecial was benched because of his attitude. After hearing feedback from the entire team, I made the decision to bench him. In this period of time, I hope that he will refocus and review his actions. League of legends is a team game; just because you have the best players on a team does not mean you have the best team.

I have always made my roster decisions based on the entire team's feedback and would never make a business decision because of personal reasons. I truly believe that everything I do is to benefit TSM.

  • [EU] SK Gaming Prime (SK Gaming's challenger team) has disbanded. Source

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