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This Week in eSports is back and chock-full of news! In addition to the results of this weeks NA / EU LCS, we also have a heads up on the All-Star voting and ticket availability, info on the SK vs Gambit Gaming Remake, several roster changes, and much more!
(Warning: There are spoilers after the jump! For spoiler free info check out the NA/EU threads)

Continue reading for a look at next weeks LCS and a recap of everything  from the past two weeks!


  • [NA] The last week, Week #11, of the  NA LCS will start up on Friday, April 4th and it is a super week - 16 games over 3 days!
    • Here's the standings as of the completion of Week 10:

  • [EU] The last week, Week #11, of the  EU LCS will start up on on Tuesday, April 1st and it's a super week - 16 games over 3 days!
    • Here's the standings as of the completion of Week 10:

  • [EU LCS] SK Gaming and Gambit Gaming Remake
    • This week's EU LCS  match between SK Gaming and Gambit Gaming was subject to a remake after an Aatrox bug reared it's ugly head. Here's a quick rundown:
      • Aatrox was picked by Gambit Gaming and, during the game, a bug was discovered that caused his W to proc every 2 hits instead of every 3.
      • There was a communication error between the referees and the players in regards to the rules
        • Riot expected the players to ask for a remake 
        • Players expected Riot to ask them to remake
      • In the end, they remade the entire game due to how early on the bug happened and it would be hard/impossible to determine the impact throughout the game
    • A follow up statement from Nick Allen on the situation and decision to remake can be found here.

  • [All] All Stars Information! 
    • Tickets and Schedule!
      • Tickets will be on sale starting TOMORROW - March 31st (Be sure to get some if you're gonna be in Paris on May 8th-11th!)
      • Full schedule can be found over on this post.
    • Voting is open!
      • Between March 30th and April 12th you can visit and vote for three players (from any team) to represent your region. Click here to vote now! 
      • Results will be posted after they're tallied and after they announce the results, they'll showcase the first of four challenge game modes.You will then vote on unique aspects of each game mode leading to the final day of all-stars.
      • Click here for more information!.
  • Here's a little message from the NA and EU All-Star candiates:

  • [EU/NA LCS] Challenger Results
    • Ninjas in Pyjamas won 1st in the EU CS
    • LMQ won 1st place in the NA CS
    • Be sure to keep up with for details about playoffs and relegation! 

Team News & Roster Changes

  • [EU] Millenium
    • Araneae announced he would be stepping down as jungler. You can check out Aranaea's facebook post for more details, but he stepped down due mostly to performance. 
    • The coach, Olly, left the team as well. 
    • KottenX joins as the starting jungler.

  • [OGN] SK Telecom T1 K
    • Poohmanduh rejoined SKT K this week. Tweet
    • (Recommendation) Check out  the VoDs of the OGN match between SKT K and KT Arrows. Not normally going to recommend games, but they were amazing. Also, they spawned this gif

  • [EU] Supa Hot Crew
    • moopz leaves the team, citing poor performance as the reason he was being replaced
    • Selfie joins the team as a replacement. 
    • Full Announcement. 

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