This Week in eSports 2/24 - 3/2

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Another week has passed and we have another round up of all the recent eSports news - including the results from LCS week 7 and a heads up that week 8 will be a super week!
(Warning: There will be spoilers after the jump! If you'd like a spoiler free LCS experience, check the original posts for NA / EU)

Continue reading for a look at the current LCS standings, team news, and roster changes!


  • [NA] Here's the current NA LCS standings after week 7:
  • The NA LCS returns on Friday, March 7th for the start of week 8. Reminder week 8 is also a super week with an entirely new schedule!

  • [EU] Here's the current EU LCS standings after week 7:
    • The EU LCS returns on Tuesday, March 4th for the start of week 8. Reminder week 8 is also a super week with a completely different schedule

    • [All] RiotNickAllen announced that you can now find contractual end dates for every player. This is in order to avoid issues with "poaching" for teams. Source.

    Team News & Roster Changes

    • [NA] Tons of roster changes with LCS and Challenger teams this week!
      • COGnitive Gaming disbanded, they forfeited their NACL and NA CS spot which resulted in Curse Academy getting a bye into the Round of 8. Source
      • In addition to dropping their competitive roster, COGnitive picked up i KeNNy u, Liquid Inori, nubbypoohbear, Flappy Bearfish, and 1onz
      • MeyeA (of compLexity) joined Cloud 9 as a sub support player. Source
      • XDG picked up a new support player, Sheep, and moved Xmithie back to the jungle and Zuna back to AD Carry.
      • Zekent joined Curse Academy

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