Red Post Collection: More on Dominion Revive Trinkets and Riot API at PAX East

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This morning's red post collection is short and sweet! It features ManWolfAxeBoss with more on his tentative Revive trinkets for Dominion , as well as Riot Sargonas chatting more about third party programs and how to get involved with Riot's API at this year's PAX East!
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    *Note: Due to problems during D1, the D2 schedule has changed around a bit!

[ Continued ] Dominion Revive Trinkets

ManWolfAxeBoss returned to the forums with an example of the DOMINION only Revive trinkets he mentioned a few days ago.

"Thanks for all the thought you guys put into this. Lots of great feedback and suggestions.

Sounds like most people are excited about this change and would prefer a "vanilla" trinket before we start adding all the passive stuff. So here is my plan at the moment:

Basic Revive Trinket
  • Start with a revive charge (Revive will be up for windmill fight)
  • Gain a revive charge at levels 9 and 14
  • Movement speed on revive remains as is
  • Maximum 2 charges (Use or lose)
  • No cooldown between uses
Future Possibilities
  • Address summoner spells as needed
  • Re-asses charge levels, cooldown, movement speed
  • Add revive trinkets with varying passive effects"

He continued:

I strongly believe that revive should not be available for the windmill fight. With revive available for the windmill fight, you get very strange and unintuitive incentives around trying to die in an staggered way, while avoiding killing enemies that are low. I feel like you'd get better gameplay out of just a straight up fight without revives. 
Other than that, the changes seem like a good start.
I'd be happy to try both out. I'll let everyone know when it's on PBE."

Third Party Applications & Riot Games API at PAX East

Following up on his earlier comments, Riot Sargonas returned to the forums to alleviate concerns summoners are having about using third party applications, such as Curse Voice, while Riot formulates their stance.
"To answer a common question in the thread, if (and heavy emphasis on "if", since as I said before we have no formal stance on this yet), IF we were to decide the use of a an app such as Curse Voice is both a TOS violation and one which we choose to enforce, we would do our best to provide a heads up before hand. It would be bad times all around for everyone involved if we suddenly handed out infractions to huge swaths of members of the community without any sort of warning.

As a side note, just to clarify something mentioned earlier in the thread about the validity of the response from Player Support vs. what I have said previously: My role within the community team is as the Developer Relations Manager for Riot, and my team's job is to manage our relationship with 3rd parties who utilize our API and work with us in other related ways. We work with everyone from big companies like Curse all the way down to little 2 man teams working out of a dorm room, and work to grow and encourage the developer community with all of them. A large part of the policy around the use of third party applications and how they are enforced comes in part from my team. When new issues like this pop up, it's quite common for there to be lots of discussion about this internally, however in this case the poster in question reached out to our Player Support team before I properly included them in the discussion. The mixed messaging was entirely unintentional on my part there. I guess in hind sight I should have communicated a bit more clearly about where I was coming from when I first jumped into this thread! :)"

Speaking of third party software, Riot Sargonas also posted on reddit encouraging summoners interested in Riot's API who also happen to be going to PAX East to stop by for a chat!
"Hey reddit! The Developer Relations team and I wanted to ask if any of you would be interested in meeting at PAX East to chat about the API we released into beta back in December, and the awesome you’ve made since then. For those not fully aware, the Riot Games API (available over at ) is how we provide relevant data to developers from the League of Legends community to help power some of the awesome and creative applications you've all created. Several members of our team plan to be at PAX East, and we would love to take time to talk about the API and your next great app. We also need your feedback on the system so far, and will try to answer any questions you might have. While we’re at it, we expect to be surprised with examples of the great stuff you've built with it. So we can get a general sense of just how many people are interested, let us know here if you’re coming and want to talk about the API so we can best plan something enjoyable for all! 
You don't have to be a current developer with the API to come, but we do want to keep this focused around developers, so if you just want to hang out with Rioters in general you might find this a tad boring. ;)"

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