This Week in eSports 2/4 - 2/9

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Another week of LCS has concluded and the standings are in! After this week's semi final matches, we also  have the finals of the NA/EU Challenger series to look forward too next week!
(Warning: There will be spoilers after the jump! If you'd like a spoiler free LCS experience, check the original posts for NA and EU. )

Continue reading for a look at the current LCS standings, updates on the latest team news, and more!


League of Legends Championship Series ( LCS ) 
  • [NA] Here's the current NA LCS standings after week 4:

  • The NA LCS returns on Satuday, February 15th for the start of week 5.

  • [EU] Here's the current EU LCS standings after week 4:
    • The EU LCS returns on Thursday, February 13th for the start of week 5. 
    • Day two of the EU LCS, Friday, February 14th, will start earlier than usual at  17:00 CET. More details here

    NA / EU Challenger Series 

    • [EU] Ninjas In Pyjamas defeated Tick Trick and Duck 2-0 and Cloud9 HyperX Eclipse defeated Meet Your Makers 2-0 in the EU Challenger Series Semifinals. . Check this post for VODs.
    • Tune in after the EU LCS on 2/14 to see NiP vs C9 Eclipse in the finals!

    • [NA] LMQ defeated Skyline 2-0 and Determined Gaming defeated Cognitive Gaming 2-0 in the NA Challenger Series Semifinals.  Check this post for VODs.
    •  Tune in after the NA LCS on 2/16 to see LMQ vs Determined Gaming in the finals!

    • [KR] The SK Telecom LTE-A LoL Masters 2014 (yes, that's the name) begins this week. Unfortunately the only details we have are that is starts on  February 13th, 2014 and continues every Thursday/Sunday. It will be casted by Montecristo and Chobra.

    Team News & Roster Changes

    • [KR] The spree of roster swaps and changes continue in Korea this week, here's a rundown of all the announcements:
      • Kakao was moved from KT Rolster Bullets to KT Rolster Arrows
      • Ganked by Mom joined the Jin Air Falcons.
      • Arrow joins KT Rolster Arrows 
      • Casper joins SK Telecom T1 K

    • No word yet on the team's future but Czaru has announced, via his facebook, he will likely not remain with the team. 

    • [NA]  In addition to the pickup of Skyline last week, compLexity has picked up Determined Gaming will now be known as "Col.Black". The full roster didn't change, but it includes:
      • Westrice (top)
      • Brokenshard (jungle)
      • pr0lly (Mid)
      • ROBERTxLEE (AD)
      • Bubbadub (Supp)

    As always, feel free to leave any eSports questions you may have for me in the comments below! 

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