This Week in eSports 2/17 - 2/23

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Another week has passed and we have another "This week in eSports" to round up the latest eSports news!
(Warning: There will be spoilers after the jump! If you'd like a spoiler free LCS experience, check the original posts for NA / EU)

Continue reading for a look at the current LCS standings, the results of the NACC finals, and more!


  • [NA] Here's the current NA LCS standings after week 6:

  • The NA LCS returns on Satuday, March 1st for the start of week 7.

  • [EU] Here's the current EU LCS standings after week 6:

    • The EU LCS returns on Thursday, February 27th for the start of week 7. 

    •  [NACC] 
      • The Blue Caster Minions (from University of Washington) were just crowned the champions of the first ever North American Collegiate Championship. Congrats to them!

    •  No new major leagues starting up this week, but these leagues are continuing:
      • EU/NA LCS
      • SKT LTE-A LoL Masters 2014 (OGN qualifiers wrap up on Febuary 26th)
      • LPL Spring
      • GPL

    Team News & Roster Changes

    • [China] More roster changes this week, no team is safe.
      • Yoe Flash Wolves formed a junior team consisting of Bobony, Maooo, Maple, Nobo, and Breeze. More information can be found via the Yoe website
      • OMG had a slew of roster changes summarized below:
        • Sicca and Ziv joined as substitutes
        • Xiyang is their new mid laner (Cool moved to sub)
        • LoveLin and bigpomelo switched roles (Support <-> Jungler)

    • [North America] Just a couple changes to XDG - Bloodwater AMA // XDG Owner AMA
      • XDG announced that Bloodwater would be retiring/leaving the team and that, subsequently,  their lineup be:
        • NickWu (Jungle)
        • Xmithie (ADC)
        • Zuna (Support)

    • [Europe] Just a slight change with NiP
      • Amin leaves Ninjas in Pyjamas because he is too young.  Source

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