This week in eSports 1/26 - 2/4

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It's a few days late but here's the latest edition of This Week in eSports for Jan 26th through Feb 4th!
(Warning: There will be spoilers after the jump! If you'd like a spoiler free LCS experience, check the original posts for NA and EU. )

Continue reading for a look at the current LCS standings, a peppering of  other eSports news, and more!


  • [NA] Here's the current NA LCS standings after week 3:
  • The NA LCS returns on Satuday, Febuary 8th for the start of week 4.

  • [EU] Here's the current EU LCS standings after week 3:
    • The EU LCS returns on Thursday, Febuary 6th for the start of week 4.

    • [All] IEM Sao Paulo wrapped up this week with these results:
      • 1st - Millenium
      • 2nd - paiN Gaming
      • 3rd - Seven Wars e-Sports and oceloteWorld

    Team News & Roster Changes

    • [KR] Lots of roster changes coming in this week, here's a detailed summary of what all has happened:
      • CptJack (formerly of CJ Blaze) joined the Jin Air Stealths.
      • Xenics released nearly the entire roster from both teams, essentially gutting the team. Only three members remain combined on both teams. 
      • Maknoon, Helios, and Ganked By Mom were released from CJ Frost
      • Poohmandu (Support for SK Telecom T1 K) announced he would be stepping down due to personal reasons. Currently unknown who will be his replacement. 

    • [KR] Just as I posted this, the Najin Sword/Shield teams rosters were revealed:
      • Najin Sword:
        • Limit (top)
        • Helios (jungle)
        • Nagne (mid)
        • PraY (AD)
        • Cain (support)
        • SSONG (sub)
        • Artscene (sub)
      • Najin Shield
        • Save (top)
        • Watch (jungle)
        • GGoong (mid)
        • Zefa (AD)
        • GorillA (Support)

    • [SEA] Lots of changes to the Taipei Assassins/Snipers this week:
      • Mistake (the shot caller on TPS) announced he would be leaving the team.
      • NeXabc announced he would be retiring from competative league
      • Sarsky announced he would be leaving TPA

    • [NA] The previous roster of the NACS team Skyline have been picked up by the organization compLexity and are a now called "CoL. Red". The full roster didn't change, but it includes:
      • Jezie (Top)
      • NK Inc (Jungle)
      • Goldenglue (Mid)
      • Impactful (AD)
      • Evaniskus (Support)

    • [NA] Nightblue3 and Megazero were selected as substitute members on the NA LCS team TSM

    As always, feel free to leave any eSports questions you may have for me in the comments below! 

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