Red Post Collection: Hexakill Enabled, Tweets on Galio and WW, LAN/LAS/BR "Masquerade Party" Event, and more!

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This morning's red post collection is a doozy! We have a reminder that HEXAKILL is now enabled until March 2nd, ricklessabandon  tweeting about the status of his Galio changes, ZenonTheStoic briefly discussing some early ideas for the Warwick rework,  a heads up that the recent PBE changes to Dragon are not planned for 4.3, info on a "Masquerade Party" event for LAS/LAN/BR, and more!
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Recent News

Hexakill mode enabled

Hexakill, a featured gameplay mode that increases the team sizes to 6v6, is enabled between now and March 2nd!
"Double kill… Triple kill… Quadra kill… Pentakill… HEXAKILL! 
Hexakill is live from now until March 2, learn more here."

If you've already jumped into a game of Hexakill and have been wondering what that white ring around your champion is, Brackhar commented:
"It's a small feature that we sometimes use in featured game modes to help give visibility to your champion. We put it in when we think something about the game mode makes picking your champ out more difficult (so we used it in One For All and Hexakill, but not for Showdown). It doesn't have any game mechanics associated with it."

ricklessabandon on Galio

When asked about the fate of his previously mentioned Galio changes now that Miss Fortune seems to be his focus, ricklessabandon tweeted out a few replies:
Tweet 1: "it's currently hard to find champion project time given my work load, which is why miss fortune has taken something like 4 patches."

Tweet 2: "galio is harder to work on in small pieces (miss fortune can be worked on more easily in that regard), so he's kind of just waiting"

Tweet 3: "learned some tricks from working on miss fortune though, so if i can't get someone to fully own galio, i think i can start soon"

Tweet 4: "but yeah… a very small percentage of my time can go toward champion changes at the moment, and galio is more of a 'passion' project"
When asked if there are any other champions he would like to spend some time on, he replied:
Tweet 5: "i have a wish list, but it'll be a few months before -i- could get to all of them. galio, cassi, sona, and ryze are some."

Tweet 6: "other people work on champions as their primary tasks though, so it's quite possible someone else would get to them first"

More Warwick Tweets

Following up on yesterday's dose of social media on the early prototypes for Warwick's rework, ZenonTheStoic tweeted out a few more interesting things.

Let's start off with the most important tweet:
Tweet 1:" This is your daily reminder that I'm experimenting with talking SUPER EARLY about Warwick. EVERYTHING MAY CHANGE."
He continued, mentioning Warwick's current W ( massive aoe attack speed boost ) will be replaced with something else:
Tweet 2: "W is totally in the trash can, no question about it. One of the worst spells in our game."  
To elaborate on why the W is such a bad offender from a gameplay perspective, he commented:
Tweet 8: "Best & most invisible & least amount of decision involved"

In response to someone asking if there was a place to try out the Warwick changes he's been discussing:
Tweet 3: "Nowhere yet. This may be months and months from PBE still."

As for ideas on what to do with Warwick's ult, he contemplated:
Tweet 4: "I might steal Hecarim's fear for WW ult. Jump on a dude, fear people around them. What do you think?"

When asked if Warwick will get a move to help him gank pre level 6, ZenonTheStoic replied:
Tweet 5: " He has a dual move block: Start at A, move to B, move back to A (one keypress). On the way BACK he stops at first enemy champ."
Tweet 6: "Did I mention he gets to cast his other basic abilities at any point during the boomerang move?"

 He also commented that this "boomerang" move is not Warwick's ult.
Tweet 7: "Nope, his R does not return. It just goes, stops at first champion, and ravages them."

Let's repeat that first tweet for good measure:
Tweet 1:" This is your daily reminder that I'm experimenting with talking SUPER EARLY about Warwick. EVERYTHING MAY CHANGE."

[PBE] Recent Dragon Changes not in 4.3 

Over on twitter, ricklessabandon commented that the recent Dragon PBE  changes  ( lower AD, applying healing reduction, no longer lowering attack speed ) are not intended for 4.3 and are prematurely added to the PBE.
"those changes aren't for 4.3 by the way—those are some things we'll be trying out in the 4.4 patch that were submitted prematurely."

[ PBE ] Update on Bot Behavior Updates

RoamingNumeral has shared a few additional changes to the Boy Behavior Updates that hit the PBE earlier this month.
"UPDATES for 02/20/2014:
The following changes should be on PBE or deployed tomorrow:
  • Bots will be a little less confident under their own towers (though still fell pretty safe)
  • Bots will be more likely to attack closer enemies (slightly more than even the last change)
  • A number of fighters will now be more determined when chasing
  • Bots now re-position between auto-attacks. This is not perfect, but ranged bots should kite, and melee bots should try to stick to their targets.
  • Bots will now avoid Zombies if there is no reason to continue fighting, and won't waste spells on them
  • Bots will now follow targets that break line of sight a bit more realistically
  • Trundle and Miss Fortune have been updated
  • Updated intermediate bots now have revised item builds
  • Updated beginner bots now follow the recommended items"

"Masquerade Party" - LAN/LAS/BR Event.

A new "Masquerade Party" promotional event has been announced for LAN, LAS, and BR servers. The event will begin on Feb 28th and feature community events, player voted sales each day, and the return of self- mystery gifting.

At this time there has been NO ANNOUNCEMENT of this event extending to NA/EU servers.

Rather than relying on Google translate, check out each servers announcement for more info in either Spanish or Portuguese

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