This Week in eSports 1/6 - 1/12

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Even though the LCS starts back NEXT WEEK for both EU and NA, we still have plenty of eSports news rolling in - including the results of  yesterday's EU LCS Replacement Play-In qualifier that has decided the 8th and last EU LCS team!
Warning: There will be spoilers after the jump! Continue reading for the latest on roster changes, reminders on upcoming events, and MORE!

Before we jump into the news, I want to mention the recent improvements to, Riot's dedicated esports website. The site has tons of new features and is now more catered towards a global audience. Check it out!


  • [NA/EU] The 2014 LCS season will start on January 14th for EU and January 17th for NA! (Keep in mind it is also super week!). 

  • [NA] Riot Jaws announced that Riot will be holding a collegiate tournament this year in conjunction with IvyLoL and NACL. The brackets registration is currently OPEN so be sure to form your team and sign up! More information can be found over on Reddit. Full details on lolesports

  • [KR] OGN Winter is approaching the grand final stage of the tournament. SK Telecom T1 K and Samsung Galaxy Ozone will be facing off for all the glory on January 25th. KT Bullets and Najin White Shield will be playing for third place on January 17th

  • [EU] Due to Lemondogs failing to produce proper paperwork, they have been ejected from EU LCS this season. More information on this and the accompanying LCS rule changes available here.

  • [EU] With the Lemondogs departure, a play-in was called for one of the three finalists who were relegated to have a second shot at LCS-  Ninjas in Pyjamas, Supa Hot Crew, and Meet Your Makers Unfortunately for NiP, they couldn't produce five players (one was patching) and were disqualified. After a 2-0 shut out, the 8th and final EU LCS spot goes to  SUPA HOT CREW XD. More info available here. 

  • [SEA] GPL Winter wrapped up this week, with Taipei Assassins coming in first, Taipei Snipers coming in second, and ahq e-Sports Club coming in third. 

  • [OCE] Oceania players and teams will have a direct path to 2014 Season World Finals this year! Full details along with handy dandy infographics can be found over on lolesports

Team News & Roster Changes

  • [NA] TSM dropped their title sponsorship with Qualcomm, and are back to their default name of Team SoloMid.

  • [NA] Team Coast announced that their new Coach/Analyst will be Alex Penn. Full announcement can be found over on Twitter

  • [NA] compLexity Gaming released their roster. MegaZero, Chuuper, and MeyeA are no longer on the team. Full announcement can be found over on compLexity's site

  • [NA] Curse Academy picked up two new players, Titours and Gleebglarbu.  Announcement can be found via Curse's site

  • [EU] ShLaYa announced he would be leaving the roster of Lemondogs. Announcement can be found via Twitter

  • [EU] nRated has joined SK Gaming as their new support player. Full announcement can be found over on SK Gaming's site

  • [EU] hyrqBot announced he would be leaving Ninjas in Pyjamas. Subsequently he announced he would be retiring from the competitive scene. Full announcement can be found over on Facebook

  • [KR] RapidStar (from CJ Frost) announced his retirement. Video can be found over on Facebook

As always, feel free to leave any eSports questions you may have for me in the comments below! 

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