Red Post Collection: Yorick Rework still a ways off, Notes on Xerath's Rework, Yasuo Movie Posters, and more!

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Tonight's red post collection features Xelnath with a couple of comments on Yorick's future rework, ZenonTheStoic with a small update on the Xerath rework, a note on tickets to the 2014 EU LCS now being available, and look at some fan created Yasuo movie posters from EU!
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Recent News

Yorick Rework still a while off

After a long silence, Xelnath jumped into the "Let's Talk About Yorick"  thread - a several month old thread discussing Yorick's future ability rework - to give a small update and lock the thread for the time being.
"Alright, I want to thank everyone for their contributions to this thread, but I am locking it for the time being.

After some discussion, I'm handing off the Yorick rework prototype to RiotScruffy (who did a great job on Skarner as you'll see very soon) - and we've reordered the reworks we're doing. Yorick will likely get a larger rework than Xerath, but this means we need substantially more time to do it right.

Thank you for all of your input."

Update on Xerath Rework

If you remember from a few weeks ago, Xelnath started that Xerath's rework is still cooking and will be hitting the PBE after Skarner's rework has completed testing.

ZenonTheStoic popped up on reddit to confirm this and share a few more points on the state of Xerath's rework, reiterating the team is still messing around with his new ultimate but other than that are about settled on the new kit :
That's correct! Xerath is in a pretty good place I feel; we're not really doing much in terms of gameplay changes on him anymore. We're tweaking exactly how the ultimate's best use case looks like: we experimented with an execute and are currently trying an isolation mechanic akin to Karthus Q. That's basically the one big outstanding question for me: how does a player know he used Xerath ultimate well. 
I can't wait to hear your feedback when we put him back on PBE and you guys get to check out the new ult particles. Our particle artist did an outstanding job I feel."
When asked why Xerath needed a rework in the first place, Zenon replied:
"Short answer: super unpopular and his best case scenario (100-0 a dude from fog of war) is about the most unhealthy gameplay experience for the enemy--you have zero agency and your only hope is that Xerath messes up. If he doesn't, you just die and there's nothing you can do. This doesn't happen very often because only very few people choose to master Xerath (again, his playing-as play pattern is extremely dull, so even with the obscene amount of power in his kit, he is severely underplayed), but if Xerath were to become more popular to the point where we'd see this 100-0 a squishie from fog of war pattern more often, we'd need to give him the Olaf treatment--purposefully undertune him to where he's barely viable until his remake is ready. I'd hate for that to happen. Happy to say his remake is pretty much done though (see my other post in this thread.)"

Continuing on the topic of reworks,  ZenonTheStoic also chatted a bit about the upcoming Skarner work:
"Wait until you play him live :) My secondary role in ranked is jungle (I main support) (badly) and I LOVE the Skarner rework. We removed some of the more obnoxious power from him, particularly his permaslow, which freed up room on the kit to add power elsewhere. This is precisely what SmashGizmo did with his very cool Olaf rework: removed your ability to slow a dude for days with axes, thereby buying himself some room for other cool stuff, like the E cooldown chunking."

Brush & Fog of War Discussion

Now that it's rolling out to the PBE, Yakaru has posted an update to the "Do You see what I see? ( Brush & Fog of War) " thread he's been maintaining to track and communicate vision problems.
"The first version of vision rework is on the PBE now; It's explicitly in a sort of 'compatibility' mode which means that many quirks of vision remain as is, but now we should be able to start rolling out improvements to the system at a more reasonable pace since the backend is so much cleaner.

I'm also spending the holiday investigating the fog of war exit bug; I know we've had other engineers look at it before but sometimes a fresh set of eyes helps. I'm almost 100% certain it's a networking issue but I can't say much more till I have more data. No promises, I don't know how much spare time I'll have this week to look at it but I'd really love to fix it :) " 

2014 EU LCS Tickets now on sale!

Tickets for the first several EU LCS dates are now on sale! Tickets to attend the LCS live in person at the EU LCS studio in Cologne, Germany are now available for about €10 each !

Click here for more info or click here for details on 2014 NA LCS tickets!

Yasuo Fan Art / Winners of Yasuo Movie Poster Contest

Riot has also posted up a sizeable chunk of Yasuo fan art, composed of the winners of the EU "Yasuo Movie Poster" contest!
"The latest champion to make his way to the battlefields of League of Legends, Yasuo takes center stage in movie posters dreamed up by European players. Explore a gallery of fan-made film fantasies by Anonymous, dz√Ęka, Huryel, meteorskies, Nachtotter, Raverthia, SergioFX, StillSlashing, touchedbyred, and Turkuaz D Double."

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