Red Post Collection: Scruffy on Reworks, SR Art Feedback, Lunar Revel Icon Crediting Method up on PBE, small Quinn QoL change, and more!

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This morning's red post collection features Riot Scruffy discussing preserving champion feel and combating toxicity with reworks, RiotForScience discussion player feedback on Summoner's Rift's art style, details on the Lunar Revel icon's crediting method that's now up on the PBE for testing, ricklessabandon sharing his upcoming Quinn QoL changes, a look at some tentative new names for Xerath's reworked abilities, and more!
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Preserving Champion Feel and Combating Toxicity with Reworks

If the Rengar rework thread wasn't enough for you, Riot Scruffy also commented on how important it is to retain a characters idenity and reduce their toxicity when doing reworks:
"Good questions. "Feels like the existing champion" is a very important part of our approach to a rework or visual update. The end goal is"how can we make this champion the most fun and realized version that they can be while preserving their identity."

When it comes to "toxic enough," we don't really have a hard threshold but there are 2 ways that we approach this issue:

- We try to tackle champions that have more negative effects on the game as a whole first (more toxic you might say). 
- Whenever we make any change, whether it's focused on lowering toxicity or not, we ask if the benefits of the changes outweigh the costs of changing something. And we definitely understand that there are many costs associated with changing a character that people have gotten familiar with and grown to like."

Summoner's Rift Detailed Art Feedback - the Community's feedback

RiotForScience, a Senior Enviroment Artist,  has returned to the Summoner's Rift art feedback thread with a list of the most common SR feedback summoner's have provided:
"Hey folks, This thread has been around for a while and I wanted to do a summary of the feedback I am hearing here. So I re-read the entire thread and made a note of each point of feedback that was given. I also noticed several highly repeated points of feedback, which I assume are the issues that are the primary areas of improvement. 
Most common feedback 
Minions, Monsters and Gameplay objects need a VU
The map needs to retain a lighthearted feel
The creep camps need to make sense for the monsters that live there
The river needs to make sense and feel like a river
Trees and bushes should not be so uniform, Need to be proportional to the Champions
Make Summoner’s Rift fit it’s lore; or make the lore fit SR.
SR should be themed for conflict.
Music should be upgraded
The map needs lots of ambient life.
SR needs to be performant on low end machines
The map gets battle scars during the match
Balance the map by rotating it 45 degrees

If there is anything that you feel is important that wasn't on this list feel free to post it here. I read everything on this thread. I am going to make several posts breaking down into deeper detail some of this feedback"
He continued, elaborating on the "battle scars" and "rotating the map" comments:
"I wanted to go into a little more detail about these 2 ideas. 
The idea of Environmental Battle damage is really fun! But it could impact gamplay in unexpected ways and is more of an "Icing on the cake" feature than the core of what would be required for a VU. This type of feature is also less compatible with some of the technology and techniques we are using.

Rotating the map is frequently discussed and was even prototyped internally. We abandoned the idea for several reasons, but primarily because the map did not feel as much like SR when we did it. We are in development on various things to accomplish the goal that rotating the map is trying to solve."

RiotForScience also created a new forum thread encouraging summoner's to submit and discuss their favorite map skin ideas!
"I think it is time for there to be a place where people can suggest Map skin ideas.
Some of the ideas I have seen posted elsewhere include 
an Underwater Version of SR
A Piltover Skin for SR
Winter SR
Harrowing SR
Lava SR

What else could we do with our maps that would make really interesting skins?"

Lunar Revel icon crediting method now on PBE

The crediting method for the upcoming Lunar Revel icons is now up on the PBE for testing.

Here's BlueFire with more info:
"DISCLAIMER! Icons and rules WILL change based on region when this feature is live. (Oceania and Latin America regions will have a different set of rules) 
Help me find any issues with this system. I welcome both feedback and bugs. I hope this to run from now through the end of the event on the live servers. Direct your friends here on PBE to help test. Also feel free to add me on the PBE and I may be able to respond there as well in certain circumstances. 
Summoner Icon Rewards 
How do I earn the summoner icon rewards? 

There are four icons to earn during the Lunar Revel: 
The Year of the Horse Icon: To earn this icon, you must play and win a game in a matchmade queue. Custom games do not count, but you do not have to play with friends to earn the Year of the Horse Icon. Games against AI or “bot” opponents will not count. 
Icon of Lunar Goddess Diana: To earn this icon, you must enter a matchmade queue (not a custom game) with at least one friend and finish two games on Twisted Treeline or the Crystal Scar (Dominion game-mode). Games against AI or “bot” opponents will not count. 
Icon of Dragonblade Riven: To earn this icon, you must enter a matchmade queue (not a custom game) with at least one friend and finish two games on Howling Abyss. Games against AI or “bot” opponents will not count. 
Icon of Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere: To earn this icon, you must enter a matchmade queue (not a custom game) with at least one friend and finish two games on Summoner’s Rift. Games against AI or “bot” opponents will not count. 
When do I get my icons? The summoner icons are added by script, so they may not be available on your account immediately after you unlock them. You should receive your icons no later than three days after the event ends. For the PBE please let me know if you do not receive them within 6 hours. 
Do bot or custom games count? No, you will have to enter queue with friends.
How many allies (friends) have to join me in the games? If you play with at least one friend, it will count towards the icon. 
Do I have to earn them in a particular order? No, feel free to earn them in any order."

For reference, her are the four Lunar Revel Icons - The Year of the Horse Icon, Icon of Lunar Goddess Diana, Icon of Dragonblade Riven, and Icon Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere.

Upcoming Quinn Quality of Life Change on PBE & Note on MF PBE Changes

Over on his twitter, ricklessabandon noted that a small, quality of life change to Quinn's passive is headed to the PBE.
"put in a quality of life change for quinn—should be included in the next pbe update—small change (like ashe's) that adds a timer for harrier"
He continued on the forums, saying:
"i was able to make time today to look into this—i just submitted a change for testing (internal tests and pbe) that will put harrier on cooldown when valor is unable to mark a target as vulnerable. this includes a timer for the earliest time valor will select a target.

feel free to send feedback my way. curious to know if/how this alters standard quinn play. thanks!"

He also briefly commented on his promised Miss Fortune PBE changes, saying:
"hi! sorry for the brief silence on this. current plan is to submit some changes tomorrow night if everything works out smoothly. that would mean that she would be playable on the pbe on friday (at the earliest) based on the deploy schedule for pbe patches. i'll post 'patch notes' for the changes once i do submit the changes, so there might be detailed information as early as tomorrow night."

New Names for Xerath's Reworked Abilities

Following a small rant on the inaccurate information some data miners are publishing , ZenonTheStoic shared screenshots of Xerath's reworked abilities. In addition to being an example of the latest rework iteration, you can also see his abilities have had some ( tentative ) names updates!
"So re: the data-mining conversation I've been having, I'll pre-empt it for Xerath and post his kit again. Here goes: "
Passive - Mana Surge ( formerly Overhelming Power ) 
Q - Arcanopulse
W - Eye of Destruction ( formerly Locus of Destruction )
E - Shocking Orb ( formerly Stasis Orb )
R - Rite of the Arcane ( formerly Ascension )
He followed up by reminding commenting:
"(wording and numbers may change, overall game pattern should be pretty much locked)"

OCE Launch Skin

As you may already know, Riot typically releases skins to celebrate new regional servers and localizations ( for example,  Bear Calvary Sejuani was made to celebrate the launch of the RU servers ).

Here's Riot Sephyre with a few comments on the still missing OCE release skin:
"I wish I could provide a more meaningful update than 'soon' but the truth is the status is the same as last time - it's something that we are actively working on but it takes a long time. 
It's not something that has been forgotten and we have regular meetings with the skins team, it's just something that will take a long time to develop.
The Soon™ reference is accurate because I can't give an accurate ETA :(" 

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