[ Leak ] Rumored New Champion - "Velkoz"

Posted on at 3:31 PM by Moobeat
(  Warning: This is a potential LEAK of unconfirmed information.  Riot has not confirmed or endorsed these images in any way, speculate at your own discretion)

Update 2/2 - There is some weird stuff popping up on youtube. 

Originating from reddit and 4chan, a few images of a alleged new champion called "Velkoz" have started to circulate and spread through the community. The images are high quality and feature a eyeball looking champion with a nasty set of void inspired particles and abilities.
You may also noticed a strange looking minion behind these images.
Aside from the quality and the level of detail in the images, communities' supporting evidence for the legitimacy of the leak comes from :
"I'm a little sad it's premature to start hinting at the next champ. I've been eyeballing some amazing puns for when the time is right. Since you guys will read way too much into everything I say, I'll try to remember that silence is golden and all of the cake in this post is a lie."

( As with any leak, treat this information as UNCONFIRMED AND SPECULATIVE . It has not been confirmed by Riot. )

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