This Week in eSports 12/16 - 12/22

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Ready to catch up on the results from this weekend's Battle of the Atlantic and 2014 NA LCS Spring Promotion tourney?
Warning: There will be spoilers after the jump! If you'd like to view VODs for this weekends games, you can find them here spoiler free  - Otherwise, continue reading for more information!


  • [NA/EU] The Battle of the Atlantic has ended!
    • Final Standing
      • NA - 5 pts
      • EU - 4 pts
    • Here's the results from the BotA this weekend!
      • Counter Logic Gaming vs. Team Alternate - 1 point for EU
      • XDG vs. Gambit BenQ - 2 points for EU
      • Cloud 9 vs. Fnatic - 3 points for NA
    • For VoDs and more information check out this post
    • Also, in case you were wondering - Pastrytime (who casts the SEA tournaments with Papasmithy) was the one casting with the awesome Australian accent!

  • [NA] The North American Promotion Tournament wrapped up this weekend! Here are your final three North American LCS teams:
    • Evil Geniuses
    • Team Coast
    • Curse

  • [NA/EU] The 2014 LCS season will start on Jan 14th for EU and Jan 17th for NA!

  •  [NA/EU] Riot announced their structure for the 2014 Challenger Series. Some of the key points include:
    • 3/5ths rule still applies (must have 3/5ths of the original roster to retain the spot)
    • $160,000 in prizes (over the two splits)
    • No exclusivity, challenger teams are free to participate in other leagues
    • Games are played directly after LCS wraps up
    • Top 3 teams will move onto Promotion Tournament (no more random qualifiers) 
    • Circuit points!
    • More information can be found on the announcement page!

  • [NA] Riot Jaws announced that they will be holding a collegiate tournament this year in conjunction with IvyLoL and NACL. The brackets registration opens January 6th so be sure to form your team and sign up! More information can be found over on Reddit

  • [KR] OGN Winter round of 16 wrapped up this weekend. The eight finalists are:
    • SK Telecom T1 K 
    • CJ Entus Blaze
    • KT Rolster Bullets 
    • Samsung Galaxy Blue
    • Samsung Galaxy Ozone
    • NaJin White Shield
    • Xenics Storm
    • CJ Entus Frost
    • Be sure to check out OGN this week for the quarterfinals! ( P.S ) Don't forget about the new OGN Winter summoner icons !

  • [NA] The North American Challenger League wrapped up last week w/ Coast beating compLexity 3-1. 

Team News & Roster Changes

  • [China] Misaya (from WE) announced his retirement on his stream. Reddit post can be found here

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