Red Post Collection: Update on Xerath rework, Riven PBE Changes discussion, more on LG Diana, and MORE!

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Tonight's red post collection features a status update on the Xerath rework, more discussion on Lunar Goddess Diana, Scarizard chatting about the recent Riven changes on the PBE, Yakaru revealing some "deep technical changes" that should eventually fix up vision/fog of war related bugs, and MORE!
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Recent News

Update on Xerath Rework

After it's disappearance from PBE testing many updates ago, Xelnath has returned to the forums with some news on Xerath's rework!
"Hey guys, I should lock down this thread pretty soon. 
We had a meeting last week where we discussed: "Who should we ship first? Xerath or Skarner?" 
After some discussion, we decided that due to the timing, we want to ship Skarner first to give some extra jungle love. After Skarner ships, I would expect to see Xerath come back to PBE.

That said, I hope you guys understand now just how *long* a champion rework can take. I started this thread when I was still trying to understand how Xerath players felt about the champion and it's now been 8 months, with a 3-4 month break while preseason crunch was on. 
The results are: 
* We have all new VFX & Sound.
* Every skin has its own unique VFX.
* We have 3 new or heavily modified skills. 
What we still need:
* Final design team agreement on the health of Xerath's ultimate
* Competitive level testing (D1 players, etc)
* Final balance

* New VO Hookups ( ... did I spoil your surprise, JayWatford?"
If you are curious about the last known iteration of the Skarner rework - click here.

Continued Lunar Goddess Diana Discussion

In response to the small updates seen in today's PBE patch, IronStylus swooped back into the forums to note that the texture on the PBE is not the correct texture and more work has been done.
"That's not the correct texture. Looks like an in progress version was thrown up. We changed the head dress a bit and rebalanced colors. There's also been a bit of change to her bracers, a bit to her chest, editing of her feet, and a few other touch ups. As I said, time and resources dictate what we can do, but some polish points have been hit. Personally, I'm very satisfied within the context and theme of the skin. I think it's an elegant treatment.

But, if it's still not something everyone loves, believe me, there are many good ideas for Diana that we can try next"
He continued,
"Well, hey, I'm just trying to be up front and honest because I'm passionate about the character. Do I realize that not everyone is going to be in love with every single piece of content we make? Absolutely. Do I understand frustration about this being her only post release skin since launch? Totally. There is no one who's salivating for more Diana skins than myself. Believe me. That's why I'm happy to finally have something coming out for her so we can get rolling on more! I very much realize the reference the skin is based on is of specific cultural reference. That has it's advantages and drawbacks. Still, within this niche, I'm looking forward to playing this skin."

Regarding the 12/17 Riven PBE Changes

Scarizard popped up on reddit to give some context and confirm the proper ratios for Riven's recent PBE changes.
"I know this isn't necessarily the best place to speak on this, but because there isn't a set 'Riven discussion' i'll confirm that while the numbers you see here are not final (hint: we tinker with numbers considerably through testing, so Riven will take a few tries to find where we'd like it to be), the intent is for her to have a scaling Total AD Ratio on Broken Wings. 
File scrapes of this nature almost never catch anything, so in the interest of fairness (and not having everyone discuss the wrong information) the numbers we're at currently are .4/.45/.5/.55/.6 per rank of Q. This change to riven is intended for her to be cut down in her early game power, while catching right back up as she moves into lategame. 
Comments in this thread/on twitter feel like they've been pretty disparate in terms of what information folks had, so i figured i'd spell it out here."
He continued:
"I think you've hit it right on the head - While Riven doesn't possess the explosive early game she has on Live with these changes, the goal is one of a more even Riven overall. RiotChun (Former Challenger player, and the Designer overseeing these specific changes) playtested her earlier today, going 1/3/0 Toplane after being camped heavily. Snowballed, this became 1/5/0 - but through dilligent farming he was able to come back and carry the game from a deficit. 
Granted, #thingschundoes are not necessarily indicative of a majority of players, but the fact remains. Total AD as a scaling statistic is also helpful because unlike Bonus AD (Which requires you to spend gold to hardscale with items), every level you get increases the damage of the skill due to every champion gaining AD/Lvl. This also serves the 'comeback' nature of Total AD in that as you fall behind in lane, you're still gaining damage per level instead of requiring that gold advantage to slingshot yourself forward with something like a Brutalizer or BF sword pickup. 
Hopefully i'm making sense, but TL;DR i think your first sentence is correct."

Future Soraka Rework?

Meddler left a few comments in a thread discussing Soraka, noting that the team hasn't yet started a "proper Soraka rework" yet and asking for any feedback or ideas summoners may have for one.

"We haven't started work proper on a Soraka rework, so no details to discuss yet. The direction of the preseason changes (stronger in combat effects/healing, weaker out of combat top up) is where we'll continue to look though for what it's worth. This is a purely gameplay driven rework, so the intent's not to change Soraka's core thematics/personality/appearance etc. Healing/sustain can be problematic in a game like LoL, there are certainly some ways to do it in an interesting, healthy way though (Wish for example's a really well designed spell, offering a real cost via its CD, potential to develop mastery of use and a strong, clear, high moment).

Feedback/ideas for a rework are definitely appreciated. It'll probably be a while before we're discussing anything concrete or looking at her in detail though (got some other champs we want to work on first, particularly those like Sion who could really do with some love)."

Now on PBE: Vision Rework

Here is Yakaru with news of rework for how vision works on a technical level, which should lead the team to fixing a number of vision bugs!
"Hey everyone, 
We wanted to let you know that the bug where "while playing a game with bots you would occasionally see the model of the champion on fog of war" should be fixed with the deploy from this morning (Noon PST, Dec 17). We are fairly confident in this fix and have, so far, noted no new reports of it since that time. :) 
The bug was caused by deep technical changes to the vision and fog of war systems. These changes will give us more control over how vision works in the game, allowing us to fix a number of vision bugs (invisible skill shots, inconsistent reveals, etc.) and create new features that never would have been possible in the old system. 
If you experience an issue with vision you have not experienced outside PBE, please let us know immediately. 
The new tech changes won't fix all outstanding vision issues with this patch, but shortly afterwards we should be able to roll those changes out in an orderly manner through the start of the 2014 season. 
Personally let me thank everyone who helped out at Riot with this, such as vLemon and RiotAfic who did some amazing QA work both before the deploy to PBE and helping wrangle the bugs that slipped through. And a thanks to all you PBE players who helped find, report, and even diagnose the bugs. 
You guys have a great Snowdown Showdown! Yakaru"
He also commented on reddit, saying:
"Heads up: This is talking about deep technical fixes to vision, not the new ward mechanics/trinkets/etc :) 
Hey guys, since I know many of you aren't on the PBE I thought I'd make a thread here on Reddit to talk with you about some changes I've written that will be out soon -- the vision rework. You can find details here:
These changes will help us both clean up current bugs and write new features, I'm really looking forward to everyone seeing them when the next patch goes live. 
As I state in the thread, not a lot of changes will be immediately noticeable at first; but a few things will. Here are two examples:
  • When Lux casts her Lucent Singularity the vision it grants will travel with the projectile; instead of immediately granting vision at the target location.
  • The vision system in general will be a bit snappier and more responsive. Skill shots over walls and through brush should be far more reliable so you won't get as many Nidalee spear surprises."

As for the champion / mini map bug - where champions pop out of the fog of war location A even though they are in location B - we've all come to know and love, he commented:
"Sadly it won't -- all signs point to that being a networking issue of some kind. I'm hoping to actually work on this issue now that the rework is done; we had an engineer a while back who thought he had diagnosed it and I need to circle back and see if he ever confirmed his suspicions or not. I'll get you guys an update if I find anything :)"

When asked about the problem with vision wards in brush, he commented:
"Not in this patch, but yes one of my goals is to change brush from a line of sight rule to a patch rule. That is, vision is granted for brush #423 if you are in that brush, and so if anything in 423 is in your range and not blocked by a wall you can see it. I don't have an ETA for you yet, though."

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