Red Post Collection: Update on Preseason Rune Changes, Ryze's viability, context on Annie PBE changes, and more!

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Tonight's red post collection features an update on the Preseason rune changes we've heard about but not seen yet, ricklessabandon sharing this thoughts on Ryze, a heads up on some 2014 Season Start tests currently headed to the PBE, context on the tentative Annie passive and R changes from today's PBE update, and more!
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Recent News

Where are the Preseason Rune Changes?

When asked when we'll be hearing more about the preseason changes to runes, ricklessabandon commented:
"runes are the pretty much the last major thing to change for the new season, so things have been quiet on that front while we shore up the initial batch of changes already on live. currently most of my time is dedicated to helping do just that (specifically doing item work right now) so runes haven't hit pbe yet. 
once we're ready to put runes out on the pbe, there will be plenty of time to talk. :3"
Continuing on, he replied to a summoner concerned that any changes would "ruin existing rune pages"
"that isn't a goal at all (and i'm really sensitive to the that apprehension) but if we do end up doing something like delete/refund mana marks, and those are the only marks you have, then it's going to ruin your rune pages and force you to either buy new marks or play without any. i'd really like to avoid as much disruption to players as possible though, so hopefully scenarios like that are rare (and made to be as comfortable as possible to transition out of when they do happen).

if you're worried about a nerf to armor seals forcing you to buy new seals, then i think it's safe to stay your apprehension. the changes are aimed at making it such that taking something other than armor seals doesn't completely screw you and your teammates over, not to try to make people stop using armor seals. that said, i think it's much better to talk about specifics after we've posted pbe patch notes."
He also commented on any other preseason changes we might of heard about, such as summoner spell changes:
"any other changes we intend to ship as part of the 'changes for the start of the 2014 season' are in the same boat as runes—we pretty much have a 'part one' and 'part two' setup, and we want to make sure that the initial changes (which are the most disruptive overall) are shored up before we integrate the remaining changes."

Ryze's Viability

ricklessabandon also shared his thoughts on Ryze's viability and what can be done to improve it:
"just some quick thoughts on this: 
- ryze is one of the more difficult champions to learn in the game—his skill ceiling is pretty high compared to his skill floor, and it's often not obvious what players need to do to get better with him.
- ryze's strength 'at his best' seems to be in an okay spot, but it's hard to talk much about it since his picks in competitive are infrequent (making the sample size small).

what those points lead me to believe is that ryze needs changes that better support his different spell rotations, and make it clear when you would want to do things one way or another. to be more plain about it: we'll probably do ryze buffs that look like miniature ability reworks instead of just making specific numbers larger/smaller, and those buffs will likely help out novice and intermediate ryze players more than expert ryze players."

2014 Season Start PBE Test - Non ranked Queues disabled until ~12/13

Here's Riot Socrates with more info on the upcoming "2014 Season Start" PBE test!
"Hey everybody, we’re going to be performing the test run for the 2014 season start in the near future on PBE. In order to ensure that everything is working properly we’re turning off all non-ranked queues so we have a healthy number of users playing ranked. If you could give us a hand by playing a few games to get seeded for the current season it will help us to ensure everything is working correctly once we perform the switch. We expect that we will reopen all queues Monday 12-23. 
Thanks, Riot Socrates"
Riot Feithen added:
"When we make the switch to the new season, a ton of things happen under the hood to player data. We are going to make that switch on PBE in the near future but some players here don't actually play ranked. We want as much data as possible to ensure things will go smoothly when we switch on the new season on Live. 
For now, you shouldn't see any changes. Play a few games for us, get placed, and we'll post again when we've actually started the new season."

Context on Annie changes in Today's PBE Update

In the most recent PBE UpdateAnnie's passive's stun duration was changed to 1.25/1.5/1.75 sec from 1.75 sec and Annie's R cooldown was lowered to  120/100/80 from 120 at all ranks in today's update.

Here's Meddler with a few comments on these tentative Annie Changes,
"We're currently testing 1.25/1.5/1.75s (increasing at levels 1/6/11). That's a nerf to Annie's early game and one that affects duo lane Annie a bit more than solo lane Annie, since she'll be leveling slower. The ult CD reduction is intended to add power to the later part of her power curve, in recognition that the early part's getting reduced."

LoL Swag for the Holidays

Earlier today, Riot posted up a few links where savvy summoners can pick up some League of Legends merch just in time for the holidays. Click here for more info, including where to find shirts & branded ASTRO headsets, limited time deals, and more! 

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