Red Post Collection: LCS Player Stream Restrictions, Info on "that yordle jungler", 12/4 Major PBE issues, and more!

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This evening's red post collection features Riot Magus commenting on the 2014 LCS contract's stipulation on what games LCS players can not stream, a few comments on the Showdown rule set, a few comments on that yordle jungle we heard about last year, ricklessabandon with a reminder his Galio changes are still on the way, and a heads up on some major issues currently plaguing the PBE.
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LCS Players & Stream Restrictions

Earlier today, news broke that the 2014 LCS contract stipulates that LCS players can not play certain games on their own streams , including Hearthstone, WoW, DotA 2, and several others.

Here's Riot Magus with a few comments on the restrictions:
"We say this all the time: we want League of Legends to be a legitimate sport. There are some cool things that come from that (salaried professional athletes, legitimate revenue streams, visas, Staples Center), but there’s also a lot of structural work that needs to be done to ensure a true professional setting. 
We recognize there may be some differences of opinion in the perception of pro players’ streams. In the past, pro gamers only had to worry about their personal brands when streaming and, at most, may have had to worry about not using the wrong brand of keyboard to keep their sponsor happy. Now, however, these guys are professionals contracted to a professional sports league. When they’re streaming to 50,000 fans, they’re also representing the sport itself. 
I can’t stress enough how these guys in the LCS are on the road to being real, legitimate athletes. This is new territory for a lot of teams (especially in esports), because the transition goes from being a group of talented individuals to being real icons of a sport and a league. Similarly, you probably wouldn’t see an NFL player promoting Arena Football or a Nike-sponsored player wearing Reebok on camera. Pro players are free to play whatever games they want – we’re simply asking them to keep in mind that, on-stream, they’re the face of competitive League of Legends."

Showdown Rules

Following the announcement that Showdown, an upcoming featured gameplay mode, is now available for PBE testing, BuffMePlz made a few additional comments on the mode and some of the rule set choices.

Regarding the amount of time between picking your champion and when the game starts, he commented:
"Yeah, we made the decision to reveal the champion you will be playing after you've locked in to allow you to change runes/masteries/Summoner Spells accordingly. We've set that time to 60 seconds, but it might be a bit long, especially in 1v1 - we'll look into shortening this."
When suggested that creep score be added to the tab scoreboard, he replied:
"That's a pretty good idea. It probably won't make it in for this release, but we'll definitely add it to the backlog for the next time we cycle in this mode!"

Jungle Yordle

Meddler commented on the mysterious jungle yordle that was mentioned to be in development last year:
"As far as the Yordle jungler that Ezreal mentioned early this year goes that was a concept that, while it sounded cool on paper, didn't work out when prototyped in game. We do have a couple of Yordle ideas we're exploring for next year, too early to make any promises on them though - there's potential there, but nothing guaranteed yet. We'd certainly like to do another Yordle sooner rather than later, it's been a while since Lulu after all, that's dependent on the right idea (or ideas) coming together though."
He continued:
"Role wise the character was a fighter with a gameplay hook that proved much more difficult to make satisfying than we'd predicted/hoped. Apologies for the vagueness, we still really like the art/theme for said Yordle though so will almost certainly give it another shot some day."
He also commented on the desire for more monstery champions:
"Agreed, monsters/less humanoid champs have a lot of potential and we haven't tapped into that much recently. We're looking at a number of creature possibilities for next right now, at least one of which we haven't previously mentioned that you'll definitely be seeing at some point."

Update on Galio Changes

When asked about his previously mentioned plans for Galio, ricklessabandon commented:
"he's kind of somewhere in between. a large part of the current 'nothingness' is that working on galio clashed with working on the preseason changes, so he was put on a temporary hold (this happened with a few reworks/updates by the way, not just galio). now that the initial batch of changes are out, we can get those kit changes back into production.

that's all i've got for now, but hopefully that should change soon enough."

12/4 Major PBE Issues

There is currently some serious PBE problems brewing on the PBE, resulting in the SR, TTL, and HA queues being disabled.

Here's RiotSeb with more info:
"Hey summoners, 
As many of you have noticed, the latest update to the PBE introduced some serious issues into many game modes. Any map with inhibitors will always end in a crash, which makes game loop testing impossible. Our teams are working on a fix or reversion, but in the mean time, we will be shutting down queues for maps with inhibitors (Summoner’s Rift, Twisted Treeline, Howling Abyss including Showdown) until this issue is resolved. Our goal is to have this fixed within the next couple of hours. 
Queues for Dominion will remain enabled, and all modes (excluding Showdown) will remain selectable in custom games. You'll still be able to test new skins, champion interactions, Yasuo, and other things even though most game modes aren’t functioning (again, you should expect that your game will crash if you launch a custom match on any of the affected maps). Though the majority of queues are down, we would love continued feedback on controls, tooltips, animations etc. Once we develop and deploy a fix, we'll re-enable the broken queues. 
  • Summoner’s Rift, Twisted Treeline, Howling Abyss (including Showdown) queues disabled due to nearly 100% crash rate.
  • Dominion queues remain enabled.
  • All live modes are still available in custom games (but not Showdown).
  • After the fix is deployed, all queues, Showdown, and new player testing will resume."

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